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World Championships time trial: Ellen van Dijk roars to rainbow second jersey


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Ellen van Dijk completed a dominant lap to win her second world time trial title on Monday.

Van Dijk spent much of the day in the hot seat after setting an extremely fast time at the start of the race and had to endure a tense wait as Marlen Reusser (Switzerland) and Annemiek van Vleuten (the Netherlands) came close reverse its mark.

Reusser was unable to repeat his recent European Championship victory over van Dijk and finished second, while van Vleuten scored a Dutch one-three on the podium.

The victory was van Dijk’s second world title after also winning in 2013. The 34-year-old Trek-Segafredo rider had a stellar end to the summer, winning the European road racing title and placing second behind Reusser in the Euros TT.

“It’s so moving, it’s a dream for so long to get this world title again,” said van Dijk.

“Everything was so good this year, but there was Marlen Reusser, so strong, so strong. I knew I had a very good level, but I also knew that she was super strong. For the past two weeks she (Reusser) has beaten me in every time trial and I knew it would be very difficult to win – I would have to race the best time trial ever.

Today, with 32 individual and team time trial victories over a span of 15 seasons, van Dijk is undoubtedly one of the leading female time trial players of her generation.

“It’s my discipline, and it was a really good class for me, and I put it all in,” she said. “It really is a dream come true.

Van Dijk set an incredibly fast mark towards the start of the day and was the first runner to complete the 30km course at a speed of over 50 km / h. Van Dijk was two minutes past compatriot Riejanne Markus’ first run in the hotseat, and his place at the top of the scoresheet was undisturbed for some time afterwards.

Van Dijk’s weather seemed unstoppable until the last wave of riders hit the ramp at Knokke-Heist. Veteran American Amber Neben was in the last five starters and had a solid first half of the course and held firm throughout the final to record a time that left her in fourth place at the end of the day.

As expected, Reusser was the first serious threat to van Dijk’s gold medal and went a little faster than the Dutchwoman in the first section of the course. Van Vleuten followed shortly after Reusser but was 16 seconds behind her Swiss rival after the 14 km time control.

Reusser kept her form throughout the final stretch of the course, but couldn’t match van Dijk’s scorching finish, crossing the line 11 seconds later than the Dutchwoman to finish second.

Like Reusser, van Vleuten could not reach van Dijk’s final speed and finished third, 24 seconds behind. Van Dijk broke down in tears when her compatriot arrived at the finish realizing she had scored her second rainbow jersey after an excruciatingly long wait in the race leader’s chair.

Californian rider Leah Thomas was part of the first batch of starters and posted a strong race that left her in 14th place overall. She will now recover and refocus on the road race on Saturday.

Defending champion Anna van der Breggen and 2019 rainbow jersey Chloé Dygert did not run.

WE World Championships – ITT Results

Against the watch
Rank name Team Time
1 VAN DIJK Ellen Netherlands 36:05
2 SUCCEED Marlen Switzerland 0:10
3 VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek Netherlands 0:24
4 Amber NEBEN United States 1:24
5 BRENNAUER Lisa Germany 1:29
6 LABOUS Juliet France 1:47
7 KLEIN Lisa Germany 1:52
8 LOWDEN Joscelin Britain 1:59
9 MARKUS Riejanne Netherlands 1:59
ten AMIALIUSIK Alena Belarus 2:19
11 Lea KIRCHMANN Canada 2:34
12 NORSGAARD ​​Emma Denmark 2:43
13 CANUEL Karol-Ann Canada 2:48
14 THOMAS Lea United States 2:50
15 KONONENKO Valeria Ukraine 2:50
16 CORDON-RAGOT Audrey France 2:56
17 KIESENHOFER Anna Austria 2:56
18 EKLUND Nathalie Sweden 2:57
19 BUJAK Eugenie Slovenia 2:59
20 KARASIEWICZ Karolina Poland 3:04
21 JASKULSKA Marta Poland 3:06
22 VAN DE VELDE Julie Belgium 3:07
23 SHAPIRA Omer Israel 3:15
24 GUAZZINI Vittoria Italy 3:17
25 GEORGI Pfeiffer Britain 3:18
26 SOLOVEI Ganna Ukraine 3:30 p.m.
27 AALERUD Katrine Norway 3:31
28 ROŽLAPA Dana Latvia 3:38
29 PIRRONE Elena Italy 4:08
30 VAN DE VEL Sara Belgium 4:08
31 KOERNER Rebecca Denmark 4:08
32 GAFINOVITZ Rotem Israel 4:19
33 DRONOVA-BALABOLINA Tamara Russia 4:22
34 HERNÁNDEZ Lina Marcela Colombia 4:22
35 ISASI Ziortza Spain 4:31
36 YAPURA Fernanda Argentina 4:33
37 BJORNSDÓTTIR Agusta Edda Iceland 4:54
38 JANSE VAN RENSBURG Françoise South Africa 5:16
39 KUSKOVA Yanina Uzbekistan 5:19
40 PREEN Hayley South Africa 5:36
41 CAMPOS Daniela Portugal 5:47
42 COLMENARES Yeny Lorena Colombia 6:15
43 SOMRAT Phetdarine Thailand 6:44
44 GUNNARSDÓTTIR Bríet Kristý Iceland 7:07
45 ROLAND Luciana Argentina 7:39
46 TESFALEM Adyam Eritrea 8:43
47 INGABIRE Diane Rwanda 9:12
48 MALIK Kanza Pakistan 14:49
49 Jan Asma Pakistan 15:44

Results provided by ProCyclingStats.


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