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Why does Chelsea have a 3 on their shirt?


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Chelsea may have been one of the wealthiest clubs for a long time, but their situation has changed since Roman Abramovich’s assets were frozen by the government. Find out here why the Blues continue to have sponsor Three in their shirt.

Three Chelsea shirt sponsors.
© David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty ImagesThree Chelsea shirt sponsors.

When it comes to the richest clubs in world football, chelsea was perhaps one of the first teams to come to mind – until now. The Blues enjoyed a long period of wealth under the billionaire owner Roman Abramovichbut the outlook was different over the past few weeks.

Things have changed for the premier league club following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the British government sanctioned Abramovich in freeze his assets because of its links with Vladimir Poutine.

This move inevitably had an impact on Chelsea’s finances as well, as sponsors have tried to distance themselves from the Blues and their owners’ ties to the Russian government. Jersey Sponsor Three not only decided to suspend payments, but also asked to be deleted from the jerseys. But why do Chelsea continue to play with a 3 in their shirt?

The reason Chelsea wear 3 on their shirts

For those who need context, Three is a telecommunications company that sponsors Chelsea shirts in an agreement which, according to Goalbrings about $52 million per season to the club’s finances.

Like many sponsors, however, Three have decided to suspend payments as the club’s current owners are linked to Putin’s government. But Chelsea continue to wear 3 in their shirt as they don’t have the funds to change all of their uniforms.

The club is currently in a very delicate financial situation. he should prioritize spending on things that cannot be overlooked. So, although they don’t receive money for wearing the Three logo on their shirts, they can’t afford to take it off their shirts right now.