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Who is Barbie Ferreira? – Fun facts about Barbie Ferreira


You might recognize Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez on HBO’s hit show Euphoria, but the 25-year-old star has done so much more. For example, you probably didn’t know that Barbie had quite a large following on Tumblr when she was a teenager (and if you did, then you’ve definitely been a stan since day one). Her modeling career also took off before joining the cast of Euphoriaand she was in other movies and TV shows outside of teen drama. Ahead, find out more fun facts about Barbie Ferreira and how she became one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

She’s a Sagittarius

Barbie’s birthday is December 14, which means her sun sign is Sagittarius.

Barbie gained a following on Tumblr in 2013

If you, too, spent countless hours reblogging aesthetic posts to your Tumblr feed in the early to mid-2010s, then you probably followed Barbie or saw some of her posts. As a teenager, the New Jersey native had a pretty popular Tumblr account where she posted under the nickname Barbie Nox and shared tons of selfies. Eventually, she received a private message recruiting her for an American Apparel casting and she became a model for the brand. In case you missed Barbie’s Tumblr era, fan account @bestoferreira posted snaps on Twitter for the ~mems.~

She has modeled for brands like Aerie, H&M and Target

After Barbie modeled for American Apparel, she went viral with one of the first unretouched #AerieReal campaigns in 2016. By IMDBshe has also modeled for brands like H&M, Target, ASOS, Adidas and Forever 21, among others.

Barbie is Brazilian

According to Barbie IMDB bio, she was born in Queens, New York and raised by her Brazilian mother and grandmother in Maywood, New Jersey. Her mother works as a chef and she appeared in a teen vogue video with Barbie where they cooked the Brazilian dish, Bobó de Camarão.

She doesn’t like the “plus size” label

In a 2016 interview with O, Barbie admitted that she wasn’t too fond of the “plus-size” label. “I don’t really like it. I think they have that term because people like to put everything in little boxes. Plus-size modeling, I think, is a useless term,” she told the point of sale. “We’re going to get the jobs that we’re going to get that we usually wouldn’t get in the near future. At some point, I think it’s just going to be modeling.”

Barbie was an ambassador for Becca Cosmetics

In January 2020, Barbie became the very first spokesperson for Becca Cosmetics. The brand has collaborated with Chrissy Teigen and Jaclyn Hill in the past, but their partnership with Barbie is more than just a limited-edition product launch. “It’s my dream to collaborate on this level with a makeup brand,” said Barbie Byrdie. “And Becca makes such iconic, high-quality products. I don’t think anyone else compares to that.”

She has been in movies and TV shows other than Euphoria

While most of us know Barbie for her role as Kat Hernandez on HBO Euphoriait wasn’t his first acting gig with the network. In 2018, she played Ella in the second season of Divorced, an HBO comedy-drama starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. After landing her breakout role as Kat, Barbie went on to play Bailey in the HBO Max movie, Pregnant next to Haley Lu Richardson in 2020 and has since appeared in projects like the after party and Jordan Peele’s next film, Nope.

Barbie drove a car without a driver’s license for a movie

In Pregnant, Barbie’s character, Bailey, helps her ex-best friend Veronica on a cross-country road trip to get an abortion because their home state of Missouri has restrictive reproductive rights laws. The role involved Barbie driving a 1979 Trans Am for a few scenes, but the actress – who was 23 at the time – said cinema mix that she only had her learner’s permit at the time of filming the film.

“It was both scary and exciting because I thought the car was really cool and the way it drove was different from the way [Toyota] Camry that I had driven in my life,” Barbie told the outlet. She even compared herself to cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, who was never able to pass a driving test in the Nickelodeon show. “I can pass the written exam, I could do this. I know the concept and theory of driving, but the road test itself, I can’t do it,” she said.

She is dating musician Elle Puckett

In a 2019 interview with Outside, Barbie has publicly admitted that she is queer. “In my private life, it’s been going on for a long time. Obviously, I don’t really identify as a straight woman in my life, but I feel like now I’m really into my homosexuality,” she said. declared.

She had a romantic relationship with a musician Elle Puckett since December 2019 and constantly posts photos with her on Instagram.