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Which Golden Knights players should you get a jersey from?


One of the worst feelings of a sports fan is seeing a fan-favorite player leave your team. Owen Krepps High School cried when Phil Kessel was traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What hurts even more is having memories attached to that specific player that you can no longer appreciate without being reminded that the player is gone, and nothing is worse than player shirts.

I learned the hard way growing up buying Brandon Sutter, Jarome Iginla, Brooks Orpik, Matt Cooke, Matt Murray and Marc-André Fleury t-shirts instead of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin or Kris Letang. .

But Golden Knights fans, I’m here to be your buying guide this offseason so you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past! The Golden Knights have slick jerseys (I like them more than most), but they shouldn’t be ruined by a former player’s name strapped to the back!

If the rumors are true that the Golden Knights are making gold jerseys their permanent homes and the team is adding new alternate third jerseys, this assignment is more relevant than ever.

Here’s a mini-guide to the Golden Knights jerseys you should get this offseason.

Safe bets

Let’s start with names Golden Knights fans can safely choose. Just based on length of contracts at a time Alex Pietrangelo and mark the stone are here to stay. They both have no-move clauses and have five years left on their contracts. They are an integral part of the core of the Golden Knight and are going nowhere.

Jack Eichel also just arrived here as the team’s new frontline center and still has four years left on his contract. Jonathan Marchessault There are only two years left, but as the original Golden Knight and leader of every major offensive stat category in team history, I can see Marchy retiring as a Golden Knight.

Speaking of original Golden Knights, Shea Theodore is another safe bet. He has three years left on his contract, which contains no clauses. However, it would take a serious shakeup for Kelly McCrimmon to get rid of what can be considered his best defender.

Buying one of these player jerseys is a safe bet as it could last you up to a decade. If you already own one of these players’ shirts, then you know what I mean.

somewhat sure

A slightly less obvious name is Chandler Stephenson, which has two more years in its $2,750,000 market. The only reason I took him out of the safe bet category is that he is dramatically underpaid. In two years, he’ll want a heck of a raise and God knows what the Golden Knight cap situation will look like then.

I have Alec Martinez here too. He also has two years left on his contract. But unlike Stephenson, he has an amended no-trade clause. With the Golden Knight locked in defense, Martinez could be moved to free up cap space before his contract expires in 2024-25.

I don’t see any of these players moving next season. But if you’re buying a jersey, you want it to last, and these two might not be with the Golden Knights long term.

Risky business

I’m not saying that all those players will be gone soon. But with the current Golden Knight caps tightening, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of those names go. Max Pacioretty is a free agent next summer and at 33 and in the state he is in with his health, VGK could move on for some extra cap relief.

Reilly Smith is underway this offseason and the Golden Knights will have to do some salary cap gymnastics to keep Smith from leaving. We’ve seen the Golden Knights try and trade before Yevgeny Dadonov at the trade deadline, which could hint that McCrimmon would try again in the offseason.

I feel like William Karlson could go either way. He’s a far cry from the player he was in the Golden Knight’s inaugural season and his decline could lead to his departure from the organization. But with an amended no-trade clause and five years remaining on his contract, it will be difficult to swap Karlsson’s contract.

Finally, the Golden Knights have another goaltending controversy and by Robin Lehner the job could be on the line with the emergence of Logan Thompson. Laurent Brossoit and all the other names I haven’t mentioned all fall into this category too.

If I go out and spend over $200 on a jersey, I don’t pick any of those players if I’m a Golden Knights fan.


I understand the desire not to be yet another fan wearing the traditional Stone or Theodore jerseys. You want to differentiate yourself and stand out. So, this next batch of names features underrated players who are always safe bets for jersey purchases.

This season we have seen defenders Brayden McNabb, Ben Huttonand Zach Whitecloud all ink extensions with the Golden Knights. McNabb is an original misfit at heart and soul, Whitecloud a promising two-way D, and Hutton a steady veteran defender.

At Nicolas Roy’s entry-level contract ends this summer with the Golden Knights. But the team can’t afford to lose one of their most reliable secondary scorers and will almost certainly put him in overtime.

Finally, the stars align to Logan Thompson to emerge as a bare minimum as a backup goaltender for the Golden Knight and eventually take over as a starter for VGK.

Ancient Gold Knights/Memes

I wanted to include one last category for miscellaneous jerseys. In truth, there are no jersey police at hockey games waiting to say “Hey Alex Tuch isn’t playing for the Golden Knights anymore.”

The Golden Knights are a young franchise and don’t have the luxury of sure bets that Edmonton Oilers fans have when they show up to a game wearing a Wayne Gretzky jersey.

My personal rule is that once a player retires, I think it’s safe to wear his jersey if he’s been traded away from your favorite team. I waited until Chris Kunitz’s stint with the Lightning and Blackhawks was over before I eliminated my old no. 14 jersey.

So for the golden knights, Marc-Andre Fleury may have to wait. Again, I’m not telling you what you can and can’t wear. I just think it’s a little taboo when fans wear the jerseys of former players, especially when they’re still active in the NHL.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, can I offer a Yevgeny Dadonov Anaheim Ducks Jersey, Deryk Engelland jersey or a Vadim Shipatchov swimsuit to really spice things up?

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