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Washington Nationals Set New Sales Record With City Connect Cherry Blossom Jersey


The rebuilding Washington Nationals may have a tough season this year, but off the field they are more beloved than ever. The proof comes from jersey sales.

On Wednesday, the Nationals released a stunning Cherry Blossom jersey design. The jersey set a new MLB City Connect Day 1 sales record, surpassing the previous seven teams that participated last year. These markets include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Phoenix.

The news was first reported by Darren Rovell.

Rovell wrote on Twitter:

The @Nationals set day one sales records for City Connect jerseys from any MLB team with the unveiling of their Cherry Blossom jersey.

Yesterday was the highest first day of sales for any City Connect jersey, beating the second best day of sales for a team by 58%.

The MLB store offered blank and Juan Soto jerseys online. The replicas went for $159 while the authentic ones sold for nearly $500. All sizes of the Soto Cherry Blossom adult replica jersey are sold out at midnight on the first day, except for XXL. Adult sizes of Nationals Cherry Blossom jerseys are now completely sold out although there are youth, toddler and preschool sizes available.

A representative for the Fanatics told RMNB that it is “difficult to give a definitive answer” on whether there will be future MLB store restocks of Nationals cherry blossom jerseys from Nike.

The Nationals also physically sold cherry blossom jerseys at their team store in Nats Park. They held a coming out party on Wednesday which included Clydesdale horses. The Nationals team store had other players available on cherry blossom jerseys, including Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg and Josh Bell.

Popular cherry blossom items still available online include fitted, flexible and adjustable hats. While the Soto jerseys have disappeared, a cherry blossom shirsey The Sporting Soto name and number 22 are available in plus sizes, XL and XXL. The are also cherry blossom hoodies, shirts and socks.

You can see what’s left of the Cherry Blossom merchandise in the MLB Shop’s online store here.

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