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The Hillsdale County Fair hosted a concert for all ages on opening day.


HILLSDALE – Rocking into the stands on Sunday night, the Hillsdale County Fair hosted a concert for all ages with both a Billboard charter group and a touring group on opening day.

A crowd first filled the stands with music from Adrian’s Brennan Griffith, followed by the touring group “10 Talents” at 7:00 p.m. and then “We are Messengers” at 8:00 p.m.

Singing in a T-shirt emblazoned with his “Getting used to the difference” theme, Griffith said that in a world so broken up, why would anyone want to be like the world.

“Let’s hear it to be different tonight,” Griffith told the crowd, shouting approval.

Then “10 Talents” took to the stage with members who all have local roots. Brothers Eric and Ryan Wagler grew up in Jerome, and Eric’s wife, Cortney, is from Jonesville. Other members are also from neighboring towns: Tyler Moore (Quincy) and Isaiah Ramos and Drake Ely (Adrian).

Eric Wagler said this was the third year in a row that a similar concert had taken place at the Hillsdale County Fair and each year the event grew. Three years ago, 10 Talents were headlining the concert, the following year “Sanctus Real” was headlining a “drive-in” concert.

In 2019, around 250 people attended the concert and in 2020, Wagler estimates that 500 people attended, although he said it was difficult to tell with everyone in the cars.

This year, “We Are Messengers” joined “10 Talents”, coming from Ireland to rock the stands in front of a large crowd. They are from Monaghan, Ireland, and have traveled the world regularly since 2016.

The group has released numerous singles in the charts, and their song “Maybe It’s Ok” has just reached over 220 million streams. Darren Mulligan is the lead singer of the Christian music group.

Also share a message of resilience and hope with today’s youth. “10 Talents” now plays over 100 shows a year.

Eric Wagler said his first show over 20 years ago was at the Hillsdale County Fair as part of a talent competition.

“It’s almost complete coming back and sharing the stage with a band like ‘We are Messengers’,” Wagler said. “And, to do it at the Hillsdale County Fair in the stands where it all began!”


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