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‘Ted Lasso’ shirts on Etsy to show your love of AFC Richmond


If you are a Ted lasso fan, there’s a good chance you love the feel-good comedy drama with all of its adorable characters and heartwarming, hilarious moments that you’ve seen the show at least a few times. While Season 3 of the hit Apple TV + is not expected to air until 2022, you can still show your support by donning a shirt or jersey that Ted Lasso or Roy Kent would “believe” in. If you need help choosing the perfect part for your OOTD, check out these Ted lasso shirts on Etsy for inspiration.

Etsy is the go-to place to find customizable and unique products for fans, whether it’s certain Ted lasso birthday cards for your best friend’s big day or wall art for your dorm room. You might even want to grab comfortable cups for your hot brown water (aka tea). However, toggle a Ted lasso shirt might be one of the easiest ways to show you’re part of the AFC Richmond fandom. There are inspirational quote t-shirts that will make you feel like you’re giving a Ted Lasso pep talk every time you wear them, as well as AFC Richmond jerseys that will make you feel like you are part of it. of the team. You can also wear a Roy Kent shirt with your favorite leather jacket or a Ted Lasso tee with aviators for some fall-inspired #OOTD snaps on the ‘Gram.

You can even stock up on Ted lasso shirts on Etsy to rock when visiting the show’s actual filming locations in London. The possibilities are endless, so don’t forget to add the one Ted lasso tee shirt you like in your shopping cart ASAP.

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This shirt is more than fine

Between his F-bombs and his grunts, Roy Kent actually has some very wise words to share on Ted Lasso, like when he told Rebecca to never “settle for good” after their double date in season 2. You should also aim for more than good when choosing a new shirt to wear. This design by Roy Kent not only has your favorite character on the front, but also features his encouraging words.


This shirt with “Believe” lettering will inspire your “fits”

The “believe” sign hanging in the AFC Richmond locker room is a constant reminder to do things the “Ted Lasso way”. So, why not get yourself a “believe” t-shirt that does the same for you? Pair it with your favorite denim for a positively soft fall look. The shirt is even available in an assortment of colors for you to choose from, such as navy blue, pink, gold, and purple.


This Roy Kent jersey will help you cheer on AFC Richmond

Even though AFC Richmond is a fictional football team, you can still show your support by wearing a team jersey. This Roy Kent jersey is perfect if your favorite character is the rude player turned coach. Etsy also has the new season 2 jersey ($ 18) with the bantr logo on the front if that’s more your style.


This Ted Lasso t-shirt is Fan-tache-tic

Ted Lasso wouldn’t be Ted Lasso without his signature mustache. This shirt has a more minimalist design, but you can still tell it’s Ted because of the stache, the aviator sunglasses, and the white visor. This shirt is also available in a variety of colors like gray, red, peach and mint.


This “Be a goldfish” t-shirt will make you the happiest

According to Ted Lasso, “the happiest animal on Earth” is the goldfish. So every time you wear this “Be a Goldfish” t-shirt, you will remember being happy. Pair it with your favorite jeans or denim skirt for a fit that really brings you joy.


This “Be curious” shirt is a good reminder

In Season 1, Ted involves Rupert in a game of darts. In his speech, he quotes Walt Whitman who once said “be curious, don’t judge”. Just like this quote stuck with Ted, you can keep it with you whenever you wear this tee with a design of Ted thumbing up on the front.


This Roy Kent shirt is perfect

Roy Kent is the King of the Curse. Even Brett Goldstein’s acceptance speech at the 2021 Emmy Awards had a few F-bombs dropped here and there, and this Roy Kent shirt from Etsy is just perfect. It gets right to the point and comes in a variety of colors like Irish Green, Daisy, and Orange.


This Crown and Anchor Shirt is for Real Football Stans

Throughout the series, you can see the same football fans supporting AFC Richmond from The Crown & Anchor bar. The pub Ted and Coach Beard frequent may be fictional, but this Crown & Anchor shirt will make you feel like you’re ready for a pint at the bar after work. Only true fans of the series will know the difference.


This Roy Kent shirt is full of Rom-communism

Rom-com fans spent a day in the field spotting the various romantic comedy references in Season 2, Episode 5. One of Rom-Communist’s greatest moments happened when Roy Kent decided to travel to the AFC Richmond game to join the coaching staff. That’s when he delivered this iconic line referencing Jerry Maguire. If you are a fan of romantic comedies and Ted Lasso, this shirt is like the best of both worlds.


This “Futbol Is Life” t-shirt is intended for football fans

If you became a football fan thanks to Ted Lasso, you might want to get yourself this Dani Rojas t-shirt. It presents its memorable line “Fútbol is life” on the front. It’s cute, sweet, and sure to help with any “oops” you might come across.


This AFC Richmond jersey is Fur True Cute

Show your support for the AFC Richmond team with this simple royal blue t-shirt. It features their logo with a greyhound – the team’s mascot – on the front. It’s also cute and subtle enough that anyone who doesn’t watch the show just thinks you’re a huge soccer fan.


This Roy Kent shirt is for all those who fall for the adorable grumpy

What’s not to love about Roy Kent? Sure, he has an intimidating scowl and loves to swear, but behind that rough exterior, he’s a sweet heart of gold. He’s a great boyfriend for Keeley, a great coach for his team, and a wonderful uncle for Phoebe.

If you are in love with Roy Kent, it makes sense that you want this “I Love Roy Kent” t-shirt. Pair it with your favorite fall cardigan or a leather jacket to match the coach’s bad boy style.


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