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Suspected hitman caught on camera counting PPP money used in murder of TSA agent


A man allegedly hired to assassinate a TSA agent has been filmed counting the money he likely received as payment for the crime.

On Wednesday, the Florida State’s Attorney’s Office released video showing 29-year-old Javon Carter counting several hundred-dollar bills. Investigators believe the money Carter can see counting was money he received for the alleged murder of 24-year-old Le’Shonte Jones, according to WPLG.

The money allegedly came into Carter’s possession through Jasmine Martinez, 33, as part of a fraudulent loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, officers said. Martinez, WPLG reports, took out a $15,000 loan under the government program designed to help small businesses in April. Psychology Today says, “The masterminds of murder-for-hire can be richer than sin or poorer than dirt. They can be husbands, wives, exes, in-laws, business partners, or friends; their victims too.”

Authorities have released video of a suspected hitman counting money he allegedly received for the hire-for-hire plot of a TSA agent in Miami, Florida. Above is a wad of US dollar bills ($1), US, circa 1985.
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About $10,000 of the relief funds, detectives said, was used by Martinez as payment to Carter for the May 3 murder of Jones.

Jones, who was with her 3-year-old daughter at the time, was fatally shot just outside her apartment in southern Miami-Dade County. WPLG reported that the child was injured but did not provide details of his condition.

In the 35-second video, which WPLG reports officers found on Carter’s phone, he can be heard saying, “Another day at the office.”

The video was released on Wednesday, WPLG reports, because the alleged hitman, Carter, has been in jail since Feb. 3.

He faces several counts related to the crime, including first degree murder, first degree murder with a deadly weapon as well as two counts of tampering with a witness and two additional counts of possession of a weapon. by a criminal.

However, Carter is not the only person detained in connection with Jones’ murder. Since February 21, Martinez has been in prison. She, says WPLG, faces charges of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, two counts of tampering with a witness as well as intercepting communication.

Court records show Martinez and Jones had a violent history. In 2016, Martinez was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly punching Jones. However, the charges against Martinez were later dropped.

Then, two years later, Martinez was arrested again for an attack on Jones. Fast forward two years to 2020, Martinez’s ex-boyfriend was also arrested for a reported attack on Jones.

A third person, Romiel Robinson, 35, is also in custody for his connection to Jones’ murder. According to the police, Robinson acted as an intermediary between Carter and Martinez.

It comes after a 14-year-old girl in Louisiana allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

The girl, according to police, apparently visited “rentahitman.com, a satirical website, to fulfill her request. Someone with the website contacted police and she was arrested. And a 52-year-old woman was arrested for using the same website in November last year to kill her ex-husband.

In response to Newsweekthe state’s attorney’s office said, “As this is currently an ongoing criminal prosecution, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”