Secured home loan, worth doing one?

Or a loan with a guarantee of property can be a good alternative for you to look for credit with lower interest rate s.

But, of course, before touring guarantee the property with Loan is a necessary possibilities b study on all accounts in the pen ‘s tip. Or loan with a collateral is a popular modality of credit and it has a small interest rate.

The rates are reduced since there is a real estate guarantee in case of incapacity of the loan payment.


How does it work or borrow with real estate guarantee?

How does it work or borrow with real estate guarantee?

So as other modalities, we borrow you to use collateral, ie get or credit with real estate guarantee, or well must be removed.

Or property used in this type of operation can be commercial or residential. But, different from other types of loans with collateral, or still can be sold. Of course, the process differs in some factors from a traditional real estate band.

  • Or the buyer must be advised that part of the value of the sale of the property will be used to remove life;
  • Or bank needs to write off on chat mortgage, ie claim that or debit was paid in a 30-day period;
  • It is important that you look for help from an advocate to ensure that all processes are complied with.

Unlike many think, even using collateral or even, proof of income is necessary. It is because for a financial institution it is more advantageous to receive or value it is worthwhile to take or imvevel the devout.

Once a bank becomes the property owner, it will assume tax responsibilities, such as IPVA.

It is necessary to point out that a same property will not be able to be used as a guarantee again, and also, that the property used may belong to other people, since it is completely in accordance with and sign or contract.


What is the difference between mortgage and mortgage guarantee?

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Mortgage is a guarantee of payment of a living, a financing or loan, through an offer of a good, usually a property, as collateral.

Case or devourer does not comply with his obligations correctly, or if he is mortgaged he may be credited for a short time.

If I am only, or borrowed with a collateral of property, I am receiving advantages in relation to a mortgage, since there is a bureaucracy for taking of the impoverishment of the borrower in the case of a mortgage, or that makes it difficult for me. to recover the money and is shown by two banks in case of default.

In that case, the mortgage is a guarantee of real estate have several similarities, so that in both cases or borrower it offers a real estate guarantee.

That is, unlike that, or borrowed as a guarantor of real estate counts with asset of chattel mortgage, which becomes or process of transferring well from the debtor to sell faster, cheap and less bureaucratic.  


Is it worth making a loan with a guarantee?

home loan with a guarantee?

As a resource that can carry out lives, making a loan demands a lot of financial organization.

Some necessary care for what you are thinking about in a loan with a guarantee of property:

  • It is or borrowed not for payment within the deadline, to financial institution can auction or property to receive or money that I was entrepreneurs;
  • The value of the loan may not be maximum 60% of the value of the loan. The price assessment is made by a third party company.

For which he seeks a loan to pay for living, a guarantee of property can be a resource. You are going to get a cheaper credit, with a lower jury tax, replacing the tax for your work.

In a general way, loans should only be hired in the latter case, and not borrowed as a guarantee of specific tax, there is or risk of losing ownership of property in case of inadmissibility.