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Roger Maris Cancer Center doctor gives Yankees jersey to visiting Roger Maris fan


Dr. Michael Bouton, who specializes in breast cancer surgery at Roger Maris Cancer Center, saw it as a way to raise awareness and raise funds for the cancer center.

“If you lived in New York City, you were pretty much a Yankees fan,” Bouton said.

He represented his ties to New York City by wearing a Yankee-style Roger Maris striped swimsuit at All Star Week events. The jersey caught the attention of author and well-known Roger Maris authority, Andy Strasberg.

Strasberg has attended Fargo Maris fundraisers summer after summer.

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“The design is simplistic and beautifully inspired by the New York Yankees, meaning pinstripe. It has the number on the back: 61, ”Strasberg said. “And that’s when I turned to Fran Maris, and I said, ‘Dude, I’d like to get one of these jerseys. “”

Strasberg saw the jersey on Bouton at 701 Eateries in Fargo. They spoke briefly, and it turns out Button has a family connection to the Yankees. His father’s cousin, Jim Bouton, played with Roger Maris for the Yankees in the early 1960s.

As Bouton was leaving the restaurant that evening, he gave Strasberg the pinstripe Maris swimsuit.

“I had a t-shirt under that shirt and I was like, ‘This shirt will mean something to him,’” Bouton said. “I loved having him, but it would mean something to him that would be exponentially bigger to me.”

Andy Strasberg said he got emotional that night while holding the jersey, but after telling the stories to others he was told, “This is how we run things here.”

“There are things you should be doing in life because it’s the right thing to do and you don’t expect anything in return,” Bouton said. “That’s what I learned from my father.”

As Strasberg pointed out in a social media post, “Over the years, I have often been the recipient of Fargo’s kindness and generosity. ‘How Fargo from you’ is like a mitzvah.”


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