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Penguins stock up on ‘Snoop Dogg’ with new alternative jersey


After last season’s ‘retro inverted’ jersey saw the famous and popular diagonal jersey brought back by the Penguins, many wondered if the team would simply bring back the old jersey model in its entirety. That wish was granted when the team announced this season’s alternate jersey, which removes the inverted (white) aspects and brings back the full diagonal jersey in all its 1990s glory.

(insert required photo of Snoop Dogg from ‘Gin n Juice’ video here)

Now that is settled, this jersey takes it back to the ’90s, where the Penguins used it from 1992 to 1997 in various roles in their pullover arsenal. Depending on your age, but given the blogging settings, there’s a good chance this jersey is a nice little reminder of your childhood in hockey. I know this is the case for me.

The pens have announced that they will be available from Pens Gear starting December 11, and then in other stores from December 16. (Just in time for Christmas, how nice and coincidentally).

The team have announced which games they will wear These Bad Boys for this season, and they are the following:

Third jersey schedule

December 11 vs. Anaheim

December 17 vs. Buffalo

January 2 vs. San José

January 23 vs. Winnipeg

January 28 vs. Detroit

February 26 against NY Rangers

March 11 vs. Vegas

March 13 against Caroline

March 27 vs. Detroit

April 9 against Washington

April 12 against Columbus

April 21 vs. Boston

Lately, and somewhat surprisingly, a vocal part of the fan base has been calling for the return of the “RoboPen” design for some reason. Even though the logo was introduced in 1992 and the Stanley Cup streak was cut short, so I couldn’t figure out why the (ugly) design has fans, but it does. One of the reasons the team didn’t bring this back is referenced indirectly by the team in their post.

The predominantly black homecoming jersey will feature diagonal yellow ‘PITTSBURGH’ text centered on the chest and includes the skating penguin without the traditional triangle on each shoulder.

The Skating Penguin logo on the shoulder (as seen in last year’s inverted white retro jersey) is the current logo and branding associated with the team. In the old jerseys (see photo of Mario in the header) they had the triangular logo, another sign that the ‘RoboPen’ is not so high on the team’s bring back priority list. right now.

For marketing and #branding purposes, the team will want to emphasize this as much as possible, and not deflect or confuse the issue by wearing a completely different logo. It’s also why it’s been over a decade since the team introduced an alternative jersey that hasn’t been the traditional colors (black, yellow, white) and likely won’t revert to blue anytime soon. Especially since the team announced today:

Pittsburgh will be wearing this unique homecoming uniform for at least the next three seasons.

It might give a reason and stamina to go out and buy one, as they’ll be on the ice for a little while. Also, as a PSA, if you are hesitant to purchase a jersey, keep in mind that this is the last year before the NHL has added a chest advertisement for the jersey. So that might make you want to get one now before they’re down to adidas and the team’s brand, assuming the jerseys sold to fans are like European soccer jerseys which tend to keep their sponsors on it.