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AAA: Drivers face $600 car repair costs after pothole — compare your financing options


Pothole damage cost drivers $26.5 billion in 2021 alone, AAA reports. If you’re stuck with an unexpected bill, compare your auto repair financing options. (iStock)

According to a recent study from AAA. Potholes caused $26.5 billion in damage in 2021, leaving about 1 in 10 drivers to face an average repair cost of $600.

“When a vehicle hits a pothole with any type of force, the tires, wheels and suspension take the brunt of the impact and repairing any of these items is expensive” , said AAA director Greg Brannon.

While potholes are often impossible to avoid, AAA offers tips for protecting your car (and your wallet) from the impact of potholes:

  • Check your tires. Regularly monitor your tire pressure and tread depth to minimize the impact of uneven roads. You should also keep an eye on your alignment, making sure to follow routine maintenance.
  • Scan the road for potholes. It is important to note that potholes can be obscured by standing water and puddles. Reduce your speed safely, as running over a pothole at higher speeds increases the chance of more serious damage.
  • Pay attention to the warning signs. After hitting a pothole, listen for any new noise and feel your direction for any unusual vibrations. Take your car to a trusted mechanic to determine if you need repairs.

If you’re faced with unexpected repair expenses after a pothole or other type of collision, keep reading to learn more about your financing options. You can also visit Credible to compare a variety of financial products, from 0% APR credit cards to emergency personal loans.


How to pay for unexpected car repairs

Potholes can damage your bumper and your wallet. When you’re faced with unexpected auto repairs, paying cash is ideal. This ensures that you won’t have to pay interest charges or late fees, which can increase the overall repair cost.

Yet only about a third (36%) of Americans could cover an emergency expense of $400 in cash, according to the Federal Reserve. More than a quarter (27%) would need to borrow money, either by using a credit card, taking out a bank loan or asking a friend or relative for help.

If you’re stuck with an auto repair bill you can’t afford, here are three financing options to consider.


Search buy now, pay later

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) financing lets you break large expenses down into smaller installments that you pay back over time. Some BNPL providers offer zero rate options, but read the entire finance agreement to fully understand any interest charges or late fees that may be charged.

Call several auto repair shops in your area to see if any of them partner with BNPL companies like Affirm. Some mechanics may offer low-interest or interest-free financing through a credit card like Synchrony Car Care. Just be sure to stick to the payment agreement to avoid accruing deferred interest charges.


Use a 0% APR credit card

Some credit card companies offer promotional introductory financing at 0% APR that can last up to 21 months after you apply for a new card. This can effectively give cardholders the ability to pay for auto repairs without paying interest, as long as the bill is paid in full within the promotional period. If not, you will be charged the regular purchase APR on the remaining balance.

Keep in mind that zero rate credit card offers are generally reserved for applicants with very good to excellent credit, as defined by the FICO model such as a credit score of 740 or higher. You should also be aware of the annual fees and late fees that come with the card.

You can visit Credible to compare 0% APR credit cards for free without affecting your credit score.


Borrow a fixed rate personal loan

A personal loan is a type of unsecured lump sum loan that you repay in predictable monthly installments at a fixed interest rate. Since these loans don’t require collateral, you can use the financing however you see fit, including financing car repairs.

Personal loans offer quick funding and lenders can deposit the amount directly into your bank account within one business day of loan approval. But keep in mind that you will pay interest, which will add to the overall cost of borrowing. Yet personal loans generally offer lower interest rates than credit cards, Fed data shows.

It is important to note that borrowers with good credit will see more favorable loan offers than applicants with bad credit. You can browse the current interest rates in the table below and use Credible’s personal loan calculator to estimate your repayment terms.


Do you have a financial question, but you don’t know who to contact? Email the Credible Money Expert at [email protected] and your question might be answered by Credible in our Money Expert column.

Young hockey fan, the perfect PA announcer for Kids Takeover


Charlie Cook loves hockey.

Not really. He loves hockey.

“I’m not talking about anything else,” said the excitable and enthusiastic 12-year-old boy.

The young Blue Jackets fan loves hockey so much that he plays the sport too, and he has a nickname on his team given to him by one of the coaches.

“So I just have to warn you, it’s already out,” he said of the nickname. “But I’m the Secret Weapon. So I’m telling you, it’s even better known. The word is going to spread all over the country.”

All of this, of course, is normal for 12-year-olds in central Ohio. But that’s not entirely normal for a child who suffered a stroke in utero and had to live with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance. and posture, not to mention the most common motor disability in childhood.

In some ways, it’s a miracle that Charlie is still alive. It’s even more of a miracle that he can walk. And the fact that he can play hockey?

“It’s amazing,” said her mother, Valerie. “It’s more than you can ask for. It’s a bit overwhelming, actually.”

Blue Jackets fans met Charlie two winters ago when he was celebrated as part of the team’s Hockey Is For Everyone night. He took to the ice for the starting lineup that night in a CBJ jersey and lined up with team captain Nick Foligno.

Video: [email protected]: Blue Jackets host, hockey is for everyone

Today, he’s back in a much different capacity for Kids Takeover Day. Charlie has been selected to be the public announcer for the day – move on, Greg Murray – and will present the starting lineups for the game as well as other updates throughout the game.

Will there be nerves?

“Not too much,” said Charlie, who also takes part in local theater productions. “I can be on camera.”

Tweet from @PA4CBJ: Charlie has this one…#CBJ pic.twitter.com/repTg6Yver

Valerie added: “He loves whenever he can be in front of an audience. That’s honestly where he shines. It’s just a great opportunity and a great way to keep him excited, especially because he doesn’t there haven’t been a lot of acting opportunities through COVID and everything That’s one of the things that’s really caught the eye is his community theater He’s starting to get back to it a bit, but coming to do something like that is super fun, especially at the end of it all.

It may not be playing hockey, which Charlie would prefer, but it will still be a fun day for the Cook family around the sport. He came into the game because he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brother Robbie, goalkeeper for the Olentangy Liberty high school team, and there was never a time when he didn’t see himself as someone who could practice the sport despite his physical limitations. .

Video: Charlie’s Story

He got his start on the ice with the Columbus Blades sledge hockey team, but that wasn’t where he wanted to stop

“He’s been talking about it since he was young. I want to play hockey like everyone else,” said Valérie. “When he was very young and he wasn’t even walking yet, someone approached us and said, ‘Do you know there’s a sledge hockey team? So we took him out and we put him on a sled and we asked him, “What do you think? It can finally be something you can do with your big brother.” And he said, ‘No, I think I want to play standing hockey.'”

Now Charlie can not only walk but skate. He first took to the ice in a gait trainer, a metal tool he could strap onto that allowed him to skate but kept him upright if he lost his balance. Now he skates sans and is a member of the CCYHA Special Hockey Program; earlier this month he skated at the USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Pittsburgh and scored one goal in two games.

“It’s so fun to see him there, to see all the progress he’s made to be able to be there, and not just traveling with the team, but being able to skate with his team is exciting,” said said Valerie. “It seems like a quick thing, but he’s put in so much work in 12 years to be able to do what he sees as the best thing you can do with other people.”

But for today, Cook is in the press box as the PA announcer. How excited is he to be back in the Nationwide Arena?

“Amazingly,” Charlie said. “It’s the best event ever! »

Coaching staff ‘pay attention’ to 2023 4 stars


On the UNC basketball recruiting track, it looks like a 4-star forward from the Class of 2023 has caught the Tar Heels’ attention.

UNC’s basketball recruiting track is hot as the program’s coaching staff has been scouting for high school prospects who could be potential candidates for Chapel Hill.

This weekend, the Adidas 3SSB event was held in Spartanburg, South Carolina. At the event, there was a player from the Class of 2023 who seemed to really interest the Tar Heels coaching staff.

Dennis Parker hasn’t been a name much associated with the UNC basketball program, but it seems that has changed recently. According to Rivals’ David Sisk, the North Carolina coaching staff seemed to be paying a lot of attention to Parker during this weekend’s event.

Parker is a 6-foot-6 forward from Richmond, Va. (in case you forgot, the Tar Heels have had success with players from that area). Currently, high school junior John Marshall is ranked by 247 Sports Composite as the 87th overall player in his class while also being considered Virginia State’s third-best prospect.

Rivals rated Parker even higher, as he is currently listed as their No. 56 overall prospect in the class. Interestingly, Parker has dropped seven places since his last ranking was published.

It seems Parker caught the attention of the Tar Heels coaching staff. Although no official offers have arrived yet, it is possible that this will change in the near future.

Currently, North Carolina has New Jersey Simeon Wilcher as its only commitment from the Class of 2023. That could change next week, as GG Jackson is set to announce his commitment Wednesday night.

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England beat Ireland in Women’s Six Nations


England reclaimed top spot in the TikTok Women’s Six Nations following a 69-0 win over Ireland.

A record crowd of 15,836 at Mattioli Woods Welford Road in Leicester were given 11 tries as exhausted Ireland were overwhelmed.

England, who gave Emily Scarratt a guard of honor as she took to the pitch for her 100th cap, scored the first try in two minutes by knocking down Lark Davies.

Abbie Ward scored a try for a forward pass but Sarah Bern found a gap to break Ireland’s resistance for the second after 16 minutes.

Ireland should have gone on the scoreboard midway through the first half, but Nicole Cronin sliced ​​a horribly wide penalty past the posts.

It had been a scrappy first half for the hosts but they started the second eager to make amends with Marlie Packer showing her pace to score from the opening minute.

Scarratt landed his first conversion and kicked his second after Davies once again shoved his way through.

Emily Scarratt has won her 100th cap (Mike Egerton/PA)

Poppy Cleall came off the bench to advance to try number six and another rolling maul dispatched fellow substitute Hannah Botterman.

Cleall grabbed his second and Ellie Kildunne zigzagged before Ireland were reduced to 14 when Sene Naoupu saw red for a dangerous tackle.

Kildunne evaded two Irish defenders to knock the ball down one-handed for his second try and Thompson completed the scoring.

NFL and WWE fans unite as rare photo of John Cena in legendary QB jersey goes viral


Champion John Cena never ceases to amaze his fans. Whether it’s a wrestling ring or a grilling ground, John Cena earns the respect of fans. Not only did John Cena mark his identity in the sports industry but also, when he moved to Hollywood, he sailed through the people.


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The 16-time world champion in his wrestling debut with WWE has been billed as the “Doctor of Thuganomics” gimmick.


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This Cena gimmick featured him as a rapper with an oversized sports singlet and a huge chain medallion around his neck. On John Cena’s birthday, let’s remember that a few years ago The Doctor of Thuganomics came to WWE programming to impress NFL and WWE fans.

How did John Cena impress NFL and WWE fans?

John Cena entered the ring with Michael Dwyane Vick, aka the number 7 jersey of legendary Virginia Tech quarterback Mike Vick.

Michael Vick is a retired American professional footballer. He was also one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL when he signed with the Atlanta Falcons. But Mike Vikbefore becoming an NFL legend, began his football career in college football with Virginia Technical University.

Watch this story: WWE Superstars with most WrestleMania matches

When Vick played for his varsity, he received All-American honors. The Atlanta Falcons welcomed the achievement and selected him first overall in the 2001 NFL Draft.

Michael Vick’s performance at Virginia Tech Football inspired the 16-time world champion. So much so that John Cena retired Vick’s number 7 jersey during his match. This move by Cena can definitely trigger some magic in the eyes of WWE and NFL Fans.

Will The Champ return to WWE to become 17-time World Champion?

The DC comic-based character Peacemaker makes a ton of money in the film industry. John Cena deserves credit for making the Peacemaker series a hit, among many. However, it has been a long time since Cena returned to WWE. The last time Cena returned to the squared circle was to humiliate the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Cena was on a mission to defeat Roman Reigns and add a 17-time world champion tag to his wrestling resume. But, The Tribal Chief sent The Champ back to Hollywood and retained his Universal title at SummerSlam 2021.

Recently, Ring News reported that John Cena was in talks for The Most Stupendous WrestleMania 38. Cena was retained as a replacement for this year’s WrestleMania if either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns wouldn’t pull through in extreme situations.


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The same reports suggest the Peacemaker star could return for SummerSlam this year. However, the company has not shared details of Cena’s status for June’s premium live event.

Even though John Cena is busy with his Hollywood schedule, he is still under contract with WWE. As a result, The Champ is still one call away from Vince McMahon’s call.


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WATCH: Fans in disbelief as John Cena slaps the taste of Brock Lesnar

3 days ago

Do you think John Cena will return to SummerSlam 2022 to continue his journey to become 17-time world champion?

Bokondji Imama makes NHL debut as Coyotes lose 9th straight


With the Coyotes playing the remaining regular season game streak and Friday was a week away from their final at the Gila River Arena, there isn’t much intrigue beyond whether they’ll finish with the lowest point total in the NHL and will improve their chances at the No. 1 overall draft this offseason.

But there was something worth seeing on Friday night, aside from the large crowd that lined up early to shoot a Jakob Chychrun bobblehead. It was the NHL debut of forward Bokondji Imama, who after nearly five AHL seasons with the Ontario Reign and Tucson Roadrunners got his chance when he was recalled from the Roadrunners earlier Friday.

The Coyotes (22-50-6) held off against the playoff-seeking Capitals, but fell 2-0 for their ninth straight loss. Conor Sheary scored a rebound and a deflection in the first period, and John Carlson scored an empty net in the final minute for Washington.

Imama isn’t a highly touted prospect, but he’s a player who paid his underage dues and overcame incidents of racism throughout his youth, juniors and professional career. The Montreal native had 12 points in 54 games with a whopping 178 penalty minutes – he takes on the enforcer role – and the Coyotes lost five forwards on Friday, with Clayton Keller and Lawson Crouse out for the season, Christian Fischer trying still to return due to injury and Nick Ritchie and Jay Beagle withdrew due to injury.

Imama didn’t play much, just 4 minutes and 4 seconds, but he became the 11th player to make his NHL debut with the Coyotes this season. He also did what he does well, delivering five hits even though he didn’t play in the third period.

The game was delayed a few minutes by an on-ice ceremony in honor of Coyotes forward Andrew Ladd’s 1,000th career NHL game, which took place on Wednesday. Ladd received a silver stick, a watch from his teammates and a framed jersey for reaching the milestone and celebrated it with his wife and children, all watching a video in which former teammates congratulated him.

Jack McBain hit the post with a shot and nearly pushed the puck behind Washington goalie Vitek Vanecek moments later in the first period.

Karel Vejmelka made 26 saves for the Coyotes, who managed just 19 shots on goal.


The Coyotes host the St. Louis Blues in the playoffs Saturday night in the second of straight games. Arizona is 5-11 in the second straight game this season.

Contact Jose Romero at [email protected] Find him on Twitter at @RomeroJoseM.

Towson appoints Laura Harper as new women’s basketball head coach – The Towerlight


By: Morgan Cuthbertson, Contributing Author
Photo by: Luke Burkitt / The tower of light

Towson University introduced Laura Harper as the new women’s basketball head coach at a press conference on Thursday, April 21 at SECU Arena.

“We are thrilled and excited to begin a new era of Towson women’s basketball,” said Steven Eigenbrot, athletic director at Towson.

Eigenbrot said Towson is hoping to find someone high-energy who knows the Towson area and has experience coaching middle and senior levels of college women’s basketball. With Harper, Towson “found someone who has that, and more.”

Harper is the 11th head coach of Towson’s women’s basketball program. She will replace Diane Richardson, who recently accepted the head coaching position at Temple University.

“I don’t think anything could have prepared me to accept my dream job here at Towson,” Harper said. “I felt at home as soon as I walked onto campus. I felt like I was meant to be here. I felt like I belonged here. »

Prior to accepting her new role at Towson, Harper served as head coach at Coppin State University for two years where she was named Middle East Conference Coach of the Year for the 2021-22 season, leading the Eagles in their first winning season since 2014.

Prior to her stint with the Eagles, Harper served as head coach at Montverde Academy where she led her team to an 18-game winning season.

Harper has experience as an assistant coach for women’s basketball programs at the University of Florida, George Washington University, High Point University, Loyola University of Maryland and American University.

“I realize more than anything that my goal is to coach and empower,” Harper said. “Towson is a championship-caliber program and everyone would be honored to lead what the student-athletes have in store.”

As a student, Harper performed at the University of Maryland where she was coached by Brenda Frese.

Harper helped the Terrapins win the 2006 national championship after being named NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player. Harper finished his college career at Maryland with 1,407 points, 873 rebounds and 198 blocks. His No. 15 jersey now hangs up in the rafters at the Xfinity Center.

After her college career at College Park, Harper became the 10th overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft. Harper played for the Sacramento Monarchs for two seasons before moving overseas to play in Italy, Turkey and in Russia. Harper was also a member of the U18 and U21 national team where she led the United States to gold medals in 2004 and 2007.

“Winning takes work and I know I’m here to work,” Harper said. “I can’t wait and I want to be here. Everyone here is going to have my best picture, every day. It’s who I am.

Harper commented on her relationship with the team’s former head coach and how she seeks to continue Richardson’s success with the program.

“Coach Rich coached me for a year in Maryland,” Harper said. “I’m so grateful for what she’s done here for Towson women’s basketball. I wouldn’t be in this position today without her. I know that hopefully I will continue to make her proud of what is here.

With the Tigers entering the NCAA Tournament in 2019 and breaking a 24-8 record last season, Harper plans to live up to the hype and continue the Tiger’s success.

“The first goal is to get to the NCAA Tournament,” Harper said. “That’s goal number one. That’s what’s going to drive me every day. Obviously when you go to the NCAA tournament, you’re also a CAA champion, you’re a champion of the regular season, and I’d like to tick all three boxes.

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Where the Bengals rank in new NFL revenue projections
April 20, 2022 via Biz Journal
The Cincinnati Bengals are expected to make a big jump in revenue over the next few years on the heels of their AFC championship and Super Bowl appearance last season, according to a new projection.

MLB and MLBPA rack up legal victory in ‘vexatious’ momentum supplement case
April 20, 2022 via Sportico – Law (subscription may be required)
MLB and MLBPA sometimes disagree on legal issues, but both agree on one thing: They’re tired of being sued by a former minor league pitcher who claims he illegally ruined his business. .

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Team on the History of Nike Sneaker Man Sonny Vaccaro
April 20, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are reuniting once again, writes ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, this time for the true story of former Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro in a feature film project to come from Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports, which are in progress. to finalize their agreement.

Adidas NHL Jersey Lawsuit claims ‘authentic’ is anything but
April 20, 2022 via Sportico – Law (subscription may be required)
What counts as an “authentic” jersey is at the heart of a new lawsuit filed by a Florida man. David Inouye argues that Adidas relied on “omissions, ambiguities, half-truths” and other “misleading representations” to sell authentic NHL jerseys that are neither identical nor substantially similar to those worn by the NHL.

Goodell prevails over angsty Browns fan in Super Bowl lawsuit
April 16, 2022 via Sportico – Law (subscription may be required)
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been criticized in court over the years, but a federal appeals court agrees with Goodell on one point: He’s right to let the AFC champions and the NFC to face off in the Super Bowl.

MAC asks NCAA for clarification on sports betting rules as offers loom
April 15, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
The Mid-American Conference has asked the NCAA for clarification on the governing body’s sports betting restrictions, a request that could usher in a new era for betting in college sports.

Warriors and Nets have advertisers digging deep for NBA playoff spots
April 15, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
LeBron James is out of the NBA playoffs for just the fourth time since joining the league as the first overall pick in the 2003 draft.

SPACs face clock expiration as billionaires pull IPO plans
April 14, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
Two years ago, DraftKings went public by a special-purpose acquisition company and seemingly single-handedly sparked a wave of sports-related SPACs. After DraftKings’ SPAC shares have risen more than 600% since the deal was announced, 162 sports-related SPACs have formed, according to data from Sportico.

music industry

Five Music secures $100 million from GoDigital Media Group – will use the funding to buy music rights, both masters and publishing, and to continue its international expansion
April 20, 2022 via PRWeb
GoDigital Media Group, a media and technology holding company focused on intellectual property rights management, has infused Los Angeles-based music distributor, label and publisher Cinq Music with $100 million in Series D funding. L he announcement was made by GoDigital President and CEO Jason Peterson.

Simon Cowell joins Canada’s Got Talent for the spectacular live season finale, May 17 on Citytv
April 20, 2022 via Yahoo Finance – Top Stories
Rogers Sports & Media – Entertainment mogul Simon Cowell joins #CGT judges Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Trish Stratus and Kardinal Offishall in person for the final, live from Niagara Falls.

BMAT Music Innovators and Audible Magic Partner to Provide Global Music Rights Administration Services to the Metaverse
April 19, 2022 via AZ Central
BMAT Music Innovators will partner with Audible Magic to provide a world-class rights and royalty administration service to digital service providers (DSPs).

Here’s Why Snoop Dogg Says He’s Pulled Death Row’s Catalog From Streaming
April 19, 2022 via Billboard
Snoop Dogg’s first plan of action after buying the Death Row Records brand and catalog in February was apparently to pull the entire catalog from streaming services – he’s now explained why.

Music Industry on the Move: Danielle Price Joins Republic Records as Executive Vice President; Stem raises $20 million
April 18, 2022 via Greenwich Mean Time
Thania Garcia provided by named Danielle Price Executive Vice President, based at the brand’s headquarters in New York. In this new role, Price will contribute to overall strategy, business development and brand expansion, while serving as part of the leadership team.

The ‘Copyright Is Hard’ Defense is the Biggest Joke Surrounding the Pandora Lawsuits
April 18, 2022 via Above the Law
Music streaming services dominate the listening landscape because they deliver content using mind-reading algorithms that constantly destroy the illusion of individuality and reveal that customers are exactly as basic as we are. all know.

COURT OUT Bitter showbiz rows that ended in court after DJ Calvin Harris was accused of ripping off a song
April 15, 2022 via Scottish Sun
Superstar DJ Calvin Harris is facing a legal battle after being accused of pirating a song by an unknown French artist.

Cinema and television

Fox Sports consults Big Ten in media rights negotiations
April 19, 2022 via Biz Journal
A curious situation unfolded this year during the Big Ten media rights negotiations, which caused a lot of worries for the heads of the television and digital networks.

Amazon, Reliance and Sony vying for cricket broadcasting rights in India
April 19, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
Amazon.com Inc., The Walt Disney Co. and Reliance Industries Ltd., run by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, are among those who have signaled their intention to bid for the Indian Premier League, or IPL, broadcast rights, according to people familiar with the material, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

With Fox reaching an extension with the Big Ten, what now for ESPN and other possible rights contenders?
April 18, 2022 via Horrific Announcement
John Ourand of the “Sports Business Journal” dropped a bombshell that, largely due to the timing of the scoop, flew under the radar of fans and media nerds alike. Ourand’s article focused primarily on the bizarre setup of the Big Ten’s rights negotiation process.

‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson Signs First Development Deal With Paramount
April 18, 2022 via Deadline
Tattoo artist Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson, best known for starring in Black Ink Crew: Chicago on VH1, has signed a first development and executive production contract with Paramount.

Amazon sees a bright future in free TV (with lots of ads)
April 18, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
Amazon sees a big opportunity in ad-supported free TV. But first… today’s must-haves: Roll over, Pluto Next week, Amazon.com Inc. will change the name of its free IMDb TV streaming app to Freevee.

The reach of Warner Bros. Discovery can speed up sports rights auctions
April 18, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
Once its merger is complete, expect new Warner Brothers Discovery to become an even more aggressive bidder for top live sports rights in the coming months.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

Musicology creates a stunning investment opportunity by creating the ultimate NFT marketplace for all things music
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Music company NFT is invested in a blockchain music ecosystem for the people, by the people. Music remains food for the soul that gives pleasure to the listener.

Eric Paslay talks about his new country album, his UK tour and NFT releases
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Grammy-nominated country singer-songwriter Eric Paslay talked about his new album “Even If It Breaks Your Barefoot Friday Night”, his UK tour and his NFT releases.

Marsha Raven® joins the NFT world with “swansong”, the unique NFT collection
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Marsha Raven® is the company of artist Marsha Raven that distributes her art via digital music, CDs and NFTs. Recently, she released her NFT collection which was named “Swansong Marsha Raven”.

The “Wild West” era of NFT demands new standards for the crypto industry
April 14, 2022 via Sportico – Business (subscription may be required)
Today’s guest columnist is Todd Cooper, CEO and co-founder of NuArca Labs. Several weeks ago, Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox canceled his high-profile NFT project, “Swipa The Fox,” leaving 3,000 bitter and bewildered fans holding the now worthless NFTs.

PHOTOS: As Jersey steps out, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput step out for a coffee date


Shahid Kapoor’s shirt was released in theaters today after repeated delays. Starring Shahid and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles, Jersey is the Hindi remake of the Telugu original which starred Nani. Upon the film’s release, Shahid’s wife, Mira Rajput, had nothing but praise for her husband and the film.

On Friday night, Shahid and Mira looked smart and laid back as they stepped out for a coffee date. The couple were photographed at a popular restaurant in the suburbs of Mumbai. Stepping out in their casual attire, Shahid opted for a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He also completed his look with a stylish pair of sneakers.

Meanwhile, Mira Rajput arrived in a fun blue mini dress. The lovebirds posed for the paparazzi before heading inside. Take a look at photos of Shahid and Mira below:


Praising her husband Shahid, Mira took to Instagram to write a heartfelt note. She wrote: “Jersey of Dreams Memories that made the dream come true; we all lived it and loved it. Thank you @amanthegill for making us feel at home every day, and now you’ve basically taken over my house in exchange. All the best to the hardest working and dedicated team.”

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Hugo Boss will offer a resale service in Fresh Boost for second-hand fashion

By Joshua Kirby

Hugo Boss AG presented plans for new resale and repair services on Thursday in a bid to boost circularity and meet its sustainability goals, becoming the latest clothing company to weigh in on the growing fashion segment second hand.

German high-end fashion company Hugo Boss Pre-Loved’s resale platform will allow customers to return used items in exchange for credit. These items, initially clothing, with accessories to be added to the service later, will then be sold as part of a curated second-hand range, the company said.

Hugo Boss Pre-Loved will launch in the third quarter of this year and will be operated by French resale provider Faume. Available via the Hugo Boss website, it will launch first in France, with plans to expand into the company’s home market in Germany, as well as the UK and US, in 2025.

Second-hand clothing is a growing share of the fashion industry, growing 9% in 2020 to reach double-digit penetration in the overall market, according to a report by Bain & Co. Second-hand fashion is particularly popular among younger consumers, according to the report. mentioned.

Hugo Boss is not the first brand to create its own resale platform. Last year, German sportswear giant Adidas AG launched a partnership with the ThredUp platform on a service called Choose to Give Back, in which customers can send used clothes from any brand to Adidas for resell or reuse them.

“Clothing brands are gradually overcoming fears that second-hand goods will eat away at sales of first-hand goods, and so are poised to better control this resale channel,” Bryan Garnier analysts said in a research note. following the announcement of the Adidas merger. The segment’s financial attractiveness was demonstrated when London-based resale app Depop was sold for $1.63 billion to US e-commerce company Etsy in a deal disclosed in June of the year. last year.

Introducing its new service, Hugo Boss highlighted resale sustainability credentials, noting its benefits in reducing clothing waste and reducing emissions associated with purchasing new items. The platform will help the company achieve its sustainability goals, which include eight out of 10 elements to be circular by 2030, he said.

Alongside the resale service, the company is also launching a maintenance and repair service in selected stores in Germany from next year. The service will cover the repair of suits, jeans, shoes, jersey products and leather goods and will be extended to other markets, Hugo Boss said.

“The high quality of our products allows them to have multiple lives, and our entry into the growing resale market is a natural step for us as a company,” said Heiko Schaefer, CEO of Hugo. Boss.

Meanwhile, the company said it plans to outline a more detailed circular product policy by the end of the month. The policy “will create even more transparency around this topic,” Hugo Boss said.

Write to Joshua Kirby at [email protected]; @joshualeokirby

Earth Day 2022 events in, around Montclair


Montclairians can participate in a variety of events around town marking Earth Day, Friday, April 22.

Among the events, which will be held over the next few days, including Earth Day:


Religious leaders at the Bnai Keshet Synagogue in Montclair will join their peers from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths in and around the Newark area for a public action to demand that Chase Bank and Wells Fargo end their investments in the fossil fuels and invest in clean and green energy jobs. As faith communities celebrate Passover, Ramadan and Easter, they will act in partnership with more than 20 similar efforts across the country supported by Greenfaith and Dayenu.

“This event, co-sponsored by the Newark Green Team, brings together believers and local climate justice advocates who call for an end to polluting facilities in Newark and investment in local climate solutions that generate green jobs, especially for black, brown, and low-income communities,” organizers said in an announcement of the events.

Participants will meet Thursday, April 21 at 4:30 p.m. outside the Chase and Wells Fargo branches at 550 Broad Street in downtown Newark. Attendees will enter branches to sing, pray, deliver letters to CEOs and share personal testimonies of the impact of the climate crisis.


Montclair Community Farms will honor Earth Day with a hands-on gardening workshop for youth recycling an indoor kitchen herb garden, a sale of ephemeral plants and activities for all community members to learn more about the composting, pollinators and beekeeping on Friday, April 22, 11 a.m. to noon at 16 Miller St. The event will also include an interactive, community-based PhotoVoice project, as well as games, arts and crafts, and a raffle. $4 youth in advance, $5 at the door, adults free. Young people must be accompanied by an adult. Rain or shine. More information: montclaircommunityfarms.org, click on “register & store.”


The Montclair Public Library is offering Celebrate Earth Day Every Day on Friday, April 22, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. The community is invited to stop in the main library plaza to plant seeds to start a home garden and pick up crafts made from recycled materials.
For all ages.


To celebrate Earth Day, the Montclair Area League of Women Voters is hosting its first “We Love Eagle Rock Reservation” program, a clean-up hike to prepare the reservation for the spring and summer seasons, the Saturday April 23, at 9 o’clock. The League’s partners in the event are the Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and the New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club. The community is invited to participate and gather at the 9/11 Memorial. More information: Ron Pate, [email protected]


The Northeast Earth Coalition invites the community to join in its celebration of Earth Day 2022 on Saturday April 23, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Crane Park Demonstration Garden, corner of Glenridge Avenue and Lackawanna Plaza. There will be environmental exhibits and the planting of native species. More than 120 volunteers from Montclair and surrounding communities will perform cleanups in nearby parks. There will also be an exhibition of the 2022 Toyota electric car prototype and music from three local bands. Community groups will have tables and NEEC will honor Councilors Bob Russo and Peter Yacobellis; Tom Mulligan, NEEC Board Member; and the Community Outreach Program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. US Representative Donald Payne Jr., D-10, will be a special guest. More information: www.neearth.org.


Bike&Walk Montclair and Montclair Climate Action will be offering their first Climate Action bike ride on Sunday April 24, at 13h. On the mostly flat 8-mile course, riders will visit climate-related locations around town, including rooftop solar panels, the Drive Electric Earth Day event at Lackawanna Plaza, and Montclair Community Farms to learn about composting. The journey will begin and end at Walnut Street Station. Please make sure your tires are inflated; bring your helmet and water. More information: [email protected]


A Drive Electric Earth Day event will take place on Sunday April 24, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lackawanna Plaza parking lot. The community is invited to meet Montclair residents who have electric vehicles, check out their cars and learn about the benefits of going electric. There will be a variety of makes and models, including Tesla, Ford, Chevy, Audi, Hyundai, VW, Cooper-Mini and more, as well as e-bikes. For the kids there will be an ice cream truck for the treats and a fire truck for the exam. Sponsored by Montclair Climate Action, the Sierra Club and GreenFaith. More information: [email protected].

Giro d’Italia point jersey dedicated to the “Made in Italy” message


Exporting ‘Made in Italy’ to the world has always been one of the goals of the Giro d’Italia. This year, the Maglia Ciclamino (points jersey) will be a partner of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICE agency and its “be.IT” brand.

The Giro 2022 runs from May 6 to 29 – starting in Budapest and ending in Verona.

This year, the Maglia Ciclamino will seek to promote Italy to the world. The jersey is produced with SITIP garments and designed by Castelli.

Carlo Ferro, President of the ICE agency, said: “The ICE agency is proud to sponsor the Maglia Ciclamino to increase awareness of the production districts, covered by the Giro, which make Made in Italy famous around the world. by combining territory, culture and product .

“For each stage we will talk about two industrial districts between tradition and innovation, agriculture, crafts and industry. The t-shirt will feature the logo of our national brand campaign, be.IT.

“With be.IT and its communication hub ‘MadeinItaly.gov.it’, we promote worldwide – also through major sporting events such as the Giro d’Italia – the identity and excellence of Made in Italy.”

Urbano Cairo, president of RCS Mediagroup, organizer of the Giro d’Italia, said: “The Maglia Ciclamino, a jersey that distinguishes the points classification, is one of the highlights of the Giro d’Italia.

“It is one of the most iconic cycling jerseys, recognized worldwide. Exporting Made in Italy is one of Corsa Rosa’s objectives and we could not have had a more effective partner than ICE – which promotes Italian companies abroad.

“The television images – this year produced directly by us and the media coverage in 200 countries on five continents – will be fundamental for the visibility of all our partners as well as of course for a race that promises to be very open and uncertain until the last day.”

Since 1967, the leader of the points classification has worn the distinctive jersey. In the years 1967, 1968 and 1969 this jersey was red, then it became cyclamen until 2009. From 2010 to 2016 the jersey was still red, so from 2017, on the occasion of the 100th Giro, the cyclamen is revenue.

Two great rivals of the 70s and 80s, Francesco Moser and Giuseppe Saronni, with four Maglia Ciclamino each, top the list for the most victories in the overall points classification. Moser and Saronni are the only riders to have won three consecutive points classifications: Moser in the years 1976-1978 and Saronni in the next three (1979-1981).

The domination of the two ended with another victory for Moser in 1982 and Saronni in 1983; The general classification / points classification was made by Gianni Motta (1966), Eddy Merckx (1968 and 1973), Giuseppe Saronni (1979 and 1983), Gianni Bugno (1990), Tony Rominger (1995), Gilberto Simoni (2003) , Danilo Di Luca (2007), Denis Menchov (2009) and Michèle Scarponi (2011).


B2B funding platform Recur Club raises $30 million


B2B FinTech Platform Recurring club raised $30 million in seed funding, the Indian company announcement on its website on Tuesday, April 19.

“We are opening a bottle of champagne here with all of our ‘Club’ members and we invite you all to join us!” wrote co-founder Abhinav Sherwal.

The funding round – a combination of equity and debt allocation – was led by InfoEdge Venture, Village Global and Titan Capital. Sherwal said this will allow his company “to scale our platform to unlock fast, flexible and hassle-free growth capital without dilution.”

According to Money Control reports, the round is one of the biggest seed rounds in India at a time when investment in Indian startups has slowed after a busy 2021. The report says the funding also shows investor interest in B2B startups that make things easier. for companies to access debt and capital.

“As the number of recurring revenue companies (especially SaaS) grows rapidly, Recur Club provides them with an alternative funding platform that complements venture capital and offers rapid turnover with attractive rates while creating a new asset class for investors seeking fixed income returns,” said Amit Behl, Partner at InfoEdge Ventures.

Founded last year by Sherwal and Eklavya Gupta, Recur Club helps companies trade future discounted customer revenue to receive initial capital within 48 hours.

Read more: Indian lender Kinara raises $50m in capital

On Tuesday, Indian lender Kinara Capital also announced a $50 million funding round, along with plans to disburse $1 billion in loans to small businesses over the next three years.

Kinara offers its customers the use of an application and services in more than 110 branches. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the company’s app can guide applicants from loan decision to disbursement within 24 hours by offering loans ranging from $1,000 to $30,000.



Plastiq - The Future Of Business Payables Innovation: How New B2B Payment Options Can Transform The SMB Back Office - April 2022 - Find out how all-in-one payment solutions can help businesses streamline B2B transactions and eliminate transaction friction. AP and AR management

On: While more than half of SMBs believe an all-in-one payment platform can save them time and improve cash flow visibility, 56% believe the solution could be difficult to integrate with AP systems and existing ARs. The Future Of Business Payables innovation report, a collaboration between PYMNTS and Plastiq, surveyed 500 SMBs with revenues between $500,000 and $100 million to explore how all-in-one solutions can exceed customer expectations. SMEs and help sustain their activities.

Capitals’ ‘Screaming Eagle’ logo to return in 2022-23 – SportsLogos.Net News


The Washington Capitals will bring back their “Screaming Eagle” Logo next season, according to a Twitter account with a history of correctly reporting Capitals uniform news well in advance.

The oft-forgotten logo from nearly 30 years ago would return through a black version of the Caps mid to late 1990s uniform set, to be worn as the club’s Reverse Retro option during the 2022-23 season. This news is courtesy of the graphic designer Lucas Daitchman, who tweeted (and confirmed) it according to one of his “Capitals sources”. The report follows a Youtube video from February saying the eagle would return, but had no color information at the time.

Normally we wouldn’t put much stock into an otherwise unverifiable source string (and please note that SportsLogos.Net hasn’t been able to confirm the report yet) but Daitchman has a good track record with this stuff. He had previously correctly predicted the general design of the Caps reverse mirrors in 2020-21 and again with their navy blue alternate “W” uniforms, both prior to their release, and both courtesy of that same unnamed Washington Capitals source. It is certainly plausible that what is reported here could end up being accurate.

The future design that is being reported is believed to be a hybrid of the Capitals’ alternate (later road) white and black uniforms of the late 1990s and early 2000s. the soaring eagle of the house whites mixed with the black (and tan?) color scheme of road/alternative blacks. The black uniforms of the time placed Caps secondary Capitol Dome logo on chest and were worn as a full-time home uniform during Alex Ovechkin’s rookie season.

LINK: Washington Capitals logo and uniform history

The NHL and Adidas are set to bring back the Reverse Retro uniform program for a second season this fall, it made his debut in the pandemic-shortened 2020-21 campaign before taking a year off (we’ll assume due to “global supply chain” issues) for the current 2021-22 season.

Hansen, List of promising young coaches for 2022


Brookdale Men’s Soccer Assistant Coach and Alumni Connor HansenHowell, NJ, continues to make a name for himself in the soccer world and was recently named to the prestigious Elite Development Program (EDP) Young Promising Coaches List for 2022.

“EDP Soccer is proud to have these coaches in its leagues and tournaments. Their ability to develop players and be role models for young players on and off the pitch is special to see. We look forward to seeing each of these coaches continue to grow as coaches and people, and we are thrilled to have them in the EDP family.– Alan Shilling, President of EDP Soccer

Hansen, received an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Brookdale. He played two seasons as a defender for the Jersey Blues in 2017-18, serving as captain both years before transferring to Stockton University. In 2018, as a centre-back, Hansen led the Jersey Blues backline to an unbeaten 10-0-1 GSAC record. He allowed only two goals in total and nine games were shut out. Hansen also recorded four goals, three match-winners and four assists; all from set pieces.

Hansen’s accolades at Brookdale include All-Conference First Team and All-Region First Team in 2017. In 2018, he was an NSCAA All-American selection as well as Region XIX Tournament Defensive MVP. Hansen was also recognized as the team’s MVP in 2017 and 2018.

Hansen has coached and coached Soccer Specific Training since 2018 and was head coach of Ocean Strikers 2011 and Wall Elite Ajax 2013. A current Jackson Lions player, Hansen was part of the team that won the 2019 State Cup and recently led the U23 team to a USASA Region 1 Finals. Hansen has joined Brookdale’s soccer coaching staff for the 2021 season.

Founded in 1999, Elite Development Program Soccer (EDP) is one of the largest organizers of youth soccer leagues and tournaments in the United States. EDP ​​runs youth leagues for boys and girls ages 9-19, runs a Futures program for players ages 7-11, and runs U20/23 men’s and women’s leagues.

See the article featuring Connor below!


‘Men’s uniforms have been sewn up for women players’: Former BCCI Board of Trustees Chairman Vinod Rai


Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Vinod Rai, has expressed regret over the situation of women’s cricket in India in a recent interview with The Week. Mr. Rai made late headlines because of his book “Not just a night watchman”in which he wrote about his tenure and stint in cricket administration.

Speaking about women’s cricket in India, Mr Rai said he had to call kit makers Nike to ask them to design women’s shirts separately because previously men’s shirts were ‘cut and sewn’ for women .

“I don’t think women’s cricket has been given the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, women’s cricketers weren’t taken seriously until around 2006 when Mr. [Sharad] Pawar took the initiative to merge the men’s association with the women’s association. I was appalled to know that the men’s uniforms were cut and sewn for the female players. I had to call Nike and tell them that was not the case and that their design would be different.

“I sincerely believe that the girls deserved much better [when it came to] training, practice facilities, cricket equipment, travel facilities and finally match fees and deposits. It was missing and we tried to fix it,” Rai said.

He also added that women’s cricket caught the eye after India reached the final of the 2017 ICC World Cup, in which Harmanpreet Kaur played a 171-pitch shot to propel India to victory. final.


“It’s an alibi for not doing things. Unless you support them, how are they going to win a trophy? If they couldn’t win in Australia or England, [then] the main thing was mental conditioning. Every team has these mental trainers and sports psychologists.

“My regret was that I had not given due attention to women’s cricket until the match in which Harmanpreet [Kaur] scored 171* at the 2017 Women’s World Cup [against Australia]. She said to me, “Sir, I had cramps, so I had to do sixes because I couldn’t run much!” They were told at the hotel that they couldn’t get the food they were supposed to have, so they had samosas for breakfast that morning!” Mr Rai added.

Topics discussed in this article

Brazil-based hockey fan creates football kits for every NHL team


NHL jerseys have been reimagined by fans in baseball and basketball jerseys before, but now a hockey fan from Brazil has decided to explore what the teams would look like on football kits.

Gabriel, 22, is a Blues fan who lives in southern Brazil near Uruguay. A programmer currently learning how to create video games, Gabriel began experimenting with design after being inspired by a YouTube show called message to message.

“There are reactions from a lot of concept jerseys and there were videos with things like ‘what if these were baseball teams’ or ‘what if NHL teams had football helmets’ and as As a Brazilian, I thought of football because of course! Since I couldn’t find anything, I started making them.

Gabriel used an online website called FIFA Kit Creator and went through patterns to make the uniforms.

“I tried to do something different for almost all the shirts so they didn’t look boring,” he said.

On the left side of each kit, NHL jersey partner adidas sits on the shoulder while the team logo sits on the right. Because football jerseys usually have a corporate sponsor on the chest, Gabriel used the NHL helmet sponsor for almost every team to replicate this. For teams like the Avalanche and Flyers, he brought in the company that got the naming rights to the team’s arena.

“The feedback has been pretty good for something so different, especially because football doesn’t seem like a big thing in the United States,” Gabriel said.

Here is what he found.

Anaheim Ducks

Arizona Coyotes

Boston Bruins

bison sabers

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

Detroit Red Wings

Florida Panthers

Los Angeles Kings

Minnesota Wild

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

Seattle Kraken

St. Louis Blues

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Vegas Golden Knights

Washington Capitals

Winnipeg Jets

Green Bests White, 10-7, in the annual Spring Football game


All attendees were first greeted in the atrium of the George Gervin GameAbove Center, where Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Operations, Ben Hermann, and his team, hosted their biannual adidas gear sale. From hats to shirts, game-worn jerseys, and more, hundreds of fans walked out equipped to show their EMU pride.

Inside the stadium, the festivities continued as area food trucks joined in the evening of community entertainment to provide plenty of refreshment options for attendees.

Of course, the Kids Club was open for action as bouncy houses, photo ops and free Easter eggs filled with candy and other items were available.

Then, of course, there was football.

Divided into two separate teams, the green team won 10-7. The game, which featured 12-minute running quarters (as opposed to the standard 15-minute quarters in regulation games), saw the white team make a comeback, but ultimately fell short.

How did it happen
It was Team Green who came out shooting as they walked quickly down the field before connecting on a 53-yard deep field goal off the leg of Jesus Gomez (Puebla, Mexico-Prepa Tec Puebla). This put the green team ahead, 3-0. Later in the first half it was junior Samson Evans (Crystal Lake, Illinois-Prairie Ridge, Iowa) who found the ground paid as he struck it just outside the goal line. This score put the green team into a 10-0 halftime lead.

After the break, both defenses showed great adaptation. The white team came up to the board via a Tanner Knue (Mason, Ohio-Mason) touchdown strike in the third quarter. The junior scored the only score of the second half. Despite walking down the field with just seconds on the clock in the fourth quarter, the white team was unable to connect on an equalizing goal and the green team celebrated the win.

Game Notes
Team Green dominated the first half, taking a 10-0 lead at halftime intermission. Overall, the team’s offense rushed 17 plays for 116, averaging 6.8 yards per play.
Defensively, Team Green was also solid in the first half, limiting Team White to eight plays for 28 yards.
Despite the halftime differentials, the game ended very close in many statistical categories, including first downs (Green – 8, White – 7), yards per carry (Green – 3.9, White – 3.1), pass completions (five each on 10 and 11 attempts, respectively) and yards (White – 176, Green – 129).

The Eagles will enjoy some downtime before starting summer training sessions and finally preparing for the start of fall football camp and the 2022 regular season in early August. For the most up-to-date information on the UEM football program, keep visiting EMUEagles.com and @EMUFB on social media.

Dave Scarborough hired as Point Park WBB head coach


VSN (admin) Posted on Friday, April 15, 2022 – 5:30 PM

PITTSBURGH – Point Park University athletic director John Ashaolu is pleased to announce the hiring of Dave Scarborough as the next women’s basketball head coach for the Pioneers.

Scarborough, a Pittsburgh native, has spent the past nine years as an assistant coach in women’s basketball at the NCAA Division I level. His college basketball career spanned the past 14 years in total, 13 of which were in NCAA Division I.

“After conducting a nationwide search that attracted applicants from the highest levels of college basketball, I’m very excited to welcome Dave to the city of Pittsburgh as our next Women’s Basketball Head Coach,” Ashulu said. “Dave is a person of character who is dedicated to academic and competitive excellence as well as the overall development of the student-athlete.

“Dave’s coaching experience has allowed him to be successful at the highest levels. He has been an integral part of teams that have won conference championships and entered the NCAA Tournament as recently as last season at Mount St. Mary’s University. Dave has been successful in recruiting in the area and has deep relationships in the area. I believe her ability to cultivate relationships and develop talent along with her keen coaching acumen will position our women’s basketball program at the top echelon of the River States Conference in the very near future.”

“I am extremely grateful to return to Pittsburgh and have the privilege of coaching, mentoring and developing female student-athletes as a head coach at Point Park University,” said Scarborough. “A huge thank you to Point Park Athletic Director John Ashaolu, President Dr. Don Green, Vice President Keith Paylo, the current women’s team and the entire recruiting committee for entrusting me with this opportunity.

“I also want to thank the Mount St. Mary basketball program, especially head coach Antoine White for giving me the platform, the confidence and the voice to sit in this seat. My wife Amanda and I are excited to begin this journey with the Pioneer community!”

“Having met and worked with the current roster, I am excited about the potential of our program for this coming season,” added Scarborough. “My team and I will continue to work on player development throughout the spring/summer and look to add key recruits.”

Scarborough replaces Tony Grenek, who resigned after 11 years and a 206-101 record in 10 full seasons. Scarborough is the 17th head coach in Point Park women’s basketball history, a program that was established in 1978-79.

Scarborough helped Mount St. Mary’s to the NCAA Tournament in 2021-22 as top assistant coach. This was his first year on staff at the NCAA Division I school located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Mount won the Northeastern Conference title to secure their March Madness bid.

In the previous five years, Scarborough served as an assistant coach at NCAA Division I Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut from 2018 to 2021. The last three years of this stint were as a coach – associate chief. Sacred Heart had a 46-27 record in the NEC over those five years and made two WNIT appearances.

From 2013 to 2016, Scarborough was an assistant women’s basketball coach at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, NJ. His three seasons there included the last two as an associate head coach. Scarborough was part of the Peacocks’ first MAAC Tournament win in eight seasons.

Prior to beginning her nine-run run as an assistant women’s basketball coach, Scarborough served as director of basketball operations for University of Pittsburgh women’s basketball for two years from 2011-2013 and the same position for basketball from Robert Morris University for two years from 2009 to 2011. .

Scarborough made his college basketball coaching debut as a men’s basketball assistant at La Roche College for the 2008-09 season.

Scarborough received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of California, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Sports Management) in 2009 and a Master of Science in Intercollegiate Sports Administration in 2012.

Scarborough grew up in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Fox Chapel High School. He resides in Edgewood.

Point Park Athletics engaged Rising Coaches Staffing to help with the search and hiring process.

Point Park University Women’s Basketball River States Conference Staff

Juventus unveil new 2021-22 fourth kit with dazzling geometric design


They may have just six games left of the Serie A season, but Juventus have now chosen the perfect time to release a new fourth kit for 2021-22.

As is often the case with the club’s shirts in recent years, this new offer is likely to divide the opinion of the club’s supporters.

The multicolored geometric design is created in collaboration with Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra.

Kobra’s colorful, psychedelic tributes are inspired by folk heroes and cultural icons such as David Bowie and Martin Luther King Jr., and he uses his works to convey uplifting social messages.

Juve’s new shirt – modeled by stars such as Alvaro Morata, Martina Rosucci and Moise Kean – also drips in the Sao Paulo-based artist’s signature style, with the club’s traditional colors replaced by a bold mosaic of blues , white and golden yellow.

According to the manufacturer Adidas, the collaboration “celebrates a more diverse and inclusive world” and “carries a powerful and unified message that helps bring the most authentic side of football to life”.

Kobra said: “What we say and how we do it speaks to who we are. We can’t be our best version if we don’t embrace diversity. Our differences are what make us unique, that’s what makes us unique. is why adidas and Juventus have been such perfect partners to work with on this special project.I hope it resonates with people as much as I enjoyed creating the artwork for it.

Juve have really gone wild with their alternative stripes in recent years, with Kobra’s design adding to a wardrobe that includes some of the weirdest (and loudest) football shirts ever – which were not to everyone’s taste.

After all, who can forget the day-glo orange acid wash splatter that was the third shirt of 2020-21?

It’s not even the club’s first try at a blue and yellow polygon this season, with Juve’s third kit also making waves when it was released last summer.

And think about it, we are only a few months away from seeing what Juve will wear next season…

Retail sales c. Rampant inflation, Stimulus Miracle March and the meteoric transition to services


It’s tough out there in multiple ways.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

Retail sales, released today by the Commerce Department, are just sales of goods, not services. But services account for nearly two-thirds of what consumers spend and include rent, plane tickets, hotel reservations, streaming services, insurance, concert tickets, and more. There has been an increase in consumer spending on services in recent months as consumers revert to pre-pandemic spending patterns and shift their spending towards services, which had collapsed. Spending on services was up 12.4% from a year earlier in February, easily outpacing inflation. So this shift from goods to services – that is, from retail – has happened.

Retail sales in March rose 0.5% from February, seasonally adjustedand 16.8% not seasonally adjustedto $677 billion, up 7.0% from last year’s Stimulus Miracle March, when stimulus checks were spent, sending retail sales to a dizzying spike.

Stimulus Miracle March 2021 has been a very tough month to beat. But the Americans missed it. What they haven’t done is blow off the inflation that is now raging.

Soaring retail inflation.

Retail sales inflation means retail inflation durable goods such as cars, furniture, electronics and tools; and in non-durable goods such as food, household supplies and gasoline.

Durable goods inflation cooled somewhat in March, due to a sharp decline in used vehicle prices after huge spikes, and the CPI for durable goods fell 0.9% in March compared to February. But it was still up 17.4% year-over-year (red in the chart below). Non-durable goods prices rose 3.8% in March from February and 13.1% year-on-year (purple).

Thus, retail sales increased by 0.5% in March. Prices for durable goods fell 0.9%, which account for the majority of retail sales. But prices for non-durable goods rose 3.8%. And the result of retail sales in March, after inflation, is “mixed”.

On a yearly basis, there is nothing mixed about this, with durable goods inflation up 17.4% and non-durable goods inflation up 13.1% from the increase 7.0% of retail sales.

Sales at dealerships of new and used vehicles and parts, the largest category of retailers, fell 1.9% in March compared to February seasonally adjusted (red line), on the stagnation of the prices of new vehicles and the fall in the prices of used vehicles. But not seasonally adjustedsales jumped to $145 billion, nearly matching the all-time high of March 2021, which had been the last month before auto dealers began to run out of inventory (purple line).

The year-over-year matching of the record was accomplished by huge year-over-year price increases, which offset the 15% drop in the number of used vehicles sold and the 25.9% drop in the number of new vehicles sold. .

E-commerce sales and other “non-store retailers” the second-largest category, fell 6.4% seasonally adjusted in March from February, the second straight month of declines, to $90 billion, and rose just 1.8% from year over year versus Stimulus Miracle March:

Food and Beverage Stores: Sales rose 1.0% for the month, seasonally adjusted, to $79 billion, and jumped 8.4% year-over-year, fueled by price increases:

Food services and drinking places: Sales jumped 1.0% for the seasonally adjusted month to a record $75 billion, and 19.4% year-over-year. It’s over two and a half times CPI inflation rate for out-of-home food (6.9%):

General Merchandise Stores: Sales rose 6.6% for the month to a record $62 billion, seasonally adjusted, and were up 4.8% from March 2021’s Stimulus Miracle. Walmart and Costco are in that category, but not the department stores.

service stations, oh my, no surprises here: sales rose 8.9% for the month to a record $64 billion, seasonally adjusted, and 37% year-over-year, entirely due to soaring gasoline prices.

Stores of building materials, supplies and garden equipment: Sales rose 0.5% for the month to a record $43.6 billion, posting a year-over-year gain of 0.6% from Stimulus Miracle March:

Clothing and accessories stores: Sales jumped 2.6% for the month and 7.3% year over year to $27 billion, seasonally adjusted:

Miscellaneous in-store retailers (including cannabis stores): Sales rose 0.8% for the month to a record $15.6 billion (seasonally adjusted), up 13% from a year ago. This category tracks specialty stores, including cannabis stores, beer brewing supplies, telescopes, art supplies, and more.

Department stores: sales fell 0.3% for the month to $12 billion, but rose 7.4% from Stimulus Miracle March. Compared to the peak in 2000, sales have fallen 39% as Americans have abandoned this type of retailer, causing the closure of thousands of stores and numerous bankruptcies:

Furniture and home furnishings stores: Sales increased 0.7% for the month (seasonally adjusted) and 3.6% year over year to $13 billion:

Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores: Sales jumped 3.3% for the month to $9.4 billion (seasonally adjusted), but were down 5.1% from Stimulus Miracle March:

Electronics and appliance stores: Sales rose 3.3% for the month to $7.5 billion, seasonally adjusted, but were down 9.7% from Stimulus Miracle March. This category covers specialty stores, such as Best Buy. Sales of consumer electronics and appliances are huge, but they’re spread across many types of stores, such as General Merchandise (above). And a big part of it went to e-commerce.

Do you like to read WOLF STREET and want to support it? You use ad blockers – I completely understand why – but you want to support the site? You can donate. I greatly appreciate it. Click on the mug of beer and iced tea to find out how:

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Could Pelé’s Brazil have won the World Cup with stripes, hoops or even a belt? A new exhibition tells the story of football through design


Looking back at the sheer entertainment and drama that the game of football as we know it has provided for over 150 years, the role design and innovation have played in the sport cannot be understated.

If it hadn’t been for the constant modernization of all aspects of the game, we’d still be watching teams clad in burlap knickerbockers whipping heavy, rain-soaked pigskin balls around the pitches. closer to plowed fields than the pristine hybrid turf of the 21st century. Thankfully, the sport has come a long way from such humble beginnings and these incredible advancements are showcased in a new exhibition at the Design Museum in London.

‘Designing the Beautiful Game’, which runs until the end of August, explores the pivotal role design has played in transforming gaming from a serious Victorian pastime into the stylish global industry of gaming. today – from kits and boots to the architecture of modern super-stadiums.

The installation was curated in partnership with the National Football Museum in Manchester, who provided a treasure trove of historically significant artefacts with back stories linking them to luminaries such as Lionel Messi, George Best, Pelé and Diego Maradona .

These prized artifacts sit alongside a host of contemporary design projects involving many of the sportswear brands responsible for revolutionizing football clothing over the years, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Hummel and Umbro.

The show is divided into five sections covering the different aspects in which design and technology have influenced association football around the world: Performance, Identity, Crowds, Spectacle and Game.

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Beginning with the basic fundamentals, the Performance section examines how the relentless global pursuit of top athleticism has advanced football in tactics, training and the various clothing and equipment used to play the game. shifting from rugged natural materials to near-weightless synthetics has only helped to improve performance, even as it puts into context the extraordinary talent of all those legendary players who scored goals through hateful and stunned crowds in the past.

Indeed, one of the most exceptional memorabilia on display in the Performance area is a pair of vintage leather boots worn by none other than Manchester United legend George Best. Although heavy and lumpy compared to today’s thin boots worn at elite level, Best was able to float across the grass and zip past defenders at full throttle as he played for United and Northern Ireland in the 1960s. Additionally, the boots are also hand-stamped with the names of the teams Best scored against while wearing them during his teenage years – which oddly seems to include the fictional Melchester Rovers side, made famous by the comic strip” King of the Rovers”. undress.


The Identity section of the exhibition focuses on the graphic design used by leading clubs and organizations throughout their history, from crests and badges to fanzines and banners.

There is also a range of classic shirts on display which demonstrate the lineage between their original use – a direct sign of the team you played for – and the cutting-edge modern designs with replicas worn in the millions by fans all over the world. Indeed, the contrast between the plain, simple Brazilian shirt worn by Pelé in the 1958 World Cup and the grim, light designs of current kits is particularly striking.

We are also treated to a portfolio of hand drawn designs for a new Brazil international kit by artist Aldyr Garcia Schlee in 1953. The Seleçao wanted to ditch the white kit worn in their shock World Cup final defeat to neighbors Uruguay at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro three years earlier in favor of a more patriotic palette using yellow, green and national flag blue. As well as offering a window into the design process involved in changing a national team’s entire visual identity, the charming sketches also reveal how Brazil have come to play with stripes, hoops and even a diagonal belt! But it was one of Schlee’s other designs that was chosen, and Brazil won the 1958 World Cup wearing their now iconic Camisa Canarinho.

Italian giants Juventus swapped their famous club crest for a modern, clean logo in 2017, which club president Andrea Agnelli touted as a “symbol of the Juventus way of life”. So it’s interesting to look at the timeline of the badges used by Juventus over the years, as it traces the journey from ornate heraldry to sleek, clean and minimalist graphics.

Fan-generated iconography is also highlighted, in particular the famous ‘Scouse Bayeux Tapestry’ – a moving commemorative banner created by Liverpool supporter Peter Carney following the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, as well as the second drawing he produced in collaboration with Christine Waygood on the occasion of the 20th anniversary in 2009.


Here’s a history of the incredible technical feats that went into building some of the best football stadiums in the world, plus the groundbreaking work that went into giving modern match fans the best experience possible. From infrastructure to acoustics, this section focuses on the architectural feats that have given rise to a number of the greatest sports arenas in the game.

This includes fascinating scale models of Chelsea’s home at Stamford Bridge and the Estadio Municipal de Braga, home to Portuguese club SC Braga, which was built facing a disused quarry using a ingenious cantilever system that continues to keep the adjacent stands in the air.

There’s also a stunning photographic tribute to Borussia Dortmund’s famous ‘yellow wall’. The impressive 328 x 131ft Sudtribune Stand at Signal Iduna Park accommodates almost 25,000 fans on a single tier, making it one of the most atmospheric and revered terraces in world football.


Football has long been the most popular spectator sport in the world, and although the rules of the game played on the pitch have not changed much in the past 100 or so years, the way we consume the game is almost unrecognizable.

The arc begins with the official setting of tournaments and competitions in the early 20th century, exemplified by a fine gallery of official World Cup posters and the lavish artwork of the era that was used as promotional material for each.

Also on display are several stellar examples of the elaborate and coveted trophies that have been contested at the highest levels of the game, including the original 1911 FA Cup (which has been housed in the National Football Museum since 2005) and the current Women’s FA Cup. .

With the ever-changing nature of football fandom, a light is also shed on the effects that technological advancements in television, games and social media have all simultaneously had on the way we interact with the game in the age in line.


The fifth and final part of the exhibition celebrates the many ways in which people from all walks of life engage with football outside of the sport itself, from memorabilia collecting and online gaming to ownership by fans of clubs and community projects.

While ‘Sensible Soccer’, ‘Football Manager’ and the ‘FIFA’ series have seen football video games grow into a massive multi-billion dollar industry since the 1990s, football-based games are not a new phenomenon. as venerable followers of tabletop classics such as “Blow Football” and “Subbuteo” will duly attest to this.

The latter is duly celebrated in a nostalgia-soaked art installation by Julian Germain, who took a series of classic “Subbuteo” action figures and repainted them to look like blockbuster superheroes such as Captain America and Spider-Man.

Coast Salish artist raises awareness of Canadian history with new pro soccer jersey design


Victoria’s professional football team is sporting a new kit this week, featuring designs by Coast Salish artist Maynard Johnny Jr.

Johnny hopes his bold designs, printed in black on a white shirt, will spark conversations among viewers.

“I think somehow they’re going to be told the significance of the shirt,” he said. All points west host Robyn Burns.

The design features salmon, which Johnny says isn’t the fiercest creature. However, he says the salmon are incredibly resilient, as are the native peoples.

Coast Salish artist Maynard Johnny Jr. designed Pacific FC’s new alternate uniforms. (Pacific FC photographer Sheldon Mack)

“The fact that the Indian Act was created, the fact that the residential school was created, the fact that the potluck ban happened, the fact that the Sixties Scoop happened,” said he said.

“Anything else that could have happened in history to oppress us, to kill us. We are resilient, just like the salmon. We have come this far.”

A child is also depicted, representing the commitment to creating a better future for the next generation of Indigenous children.

“The Pacific FC Alternate Macron 2022 Shirt is an incredibly meaningful design this season,” the team said in a match report on Monday, the day the shirts were unveiled. The team said they were honored to wear the design and say it is a reminder that much more needs to be done for truth and reconciliation.

Johnny hopes that when the team hits the road, people in other cities will wonder about the jerseys and from there learn the meaning of the design.

“Sometimes you have to acknowledge and realize the deep and dark history of Canada and its Indigenous peoples,” he said. “That’s the beauty of art – it raises the questions and lets you feel comfortable enough to ask questions or find out how you can get the answers yourself.”

As Pacific FC visits other communities for games this season, artist Maynard Johnny Jr. hopes spectators will take notice of the new jerseys, leading them to discover the inspiration behind them and, ultimately, the treatment story. Indigenous peoples in Canada. (Pacific FC photographer Sheldon Mack)

And a lot of people will see the jerseys. The club sold out the first run and had to set up pre-orders for the second.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these Johnny-designed sweaters and scarves will be shared between Hope and Health and the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, two organizations dear to the artist.

Johnny’s parents and grandparents attended residential school, and he now has his own grandchildren whom he hopes will have a brighter future, beginning with meaningful acts of truth and reconciliation.

“Canadians must be the change,” he said. “Canada as a whole must come to terms with the history of what Canada has inflicted on Indigenous peoples.”

Tuesday Sports in Brief | The state



SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Alyssa Nakken made major league history as the first female coach on the court in a regular season game when she took over for the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night against San Diego.

Nakken came on to coach first base for the Giants in the third inning after Antoan Richardson was ejected.

When she was announced as Richardson’s replacement, Nakken received a warm ovation from the crowd at Oracle Park and a congratulatory handshake from Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer.

Nakken, 31, ran into the field four days after Rachel Balkovec became the first woman to lead a minor league affiliate of a Major League Baseball team. She guided the Tampa Class A club of the New York Yankees to victory in their first game.


NEW YORK (AP) — Kyrie Irving had 34 points and 12 assists, Kevin Durant added 25 points and 11 assists, and the Brooklyn Nets took the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 115-108 Tuesday night in the game opener.

The Nets took a 20-point lead after one quarter and held off the Cavaliers time and time again to earn a matchup with No. 2 seed Boston in a series that begins Sunday.

Irving made his first 12 shots before a 3-pointer ended in the fourth quarter. He finished 12 for 15.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell combined for 59 points to help the Minnesota Timberwolves overcome a tough night for Karl-Anthony Towns and beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-104 in a playoff Tuesday night .

Edwards scored 30 points with five 3-pointers and Russell had 29 points and six assists to send Wolves to the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference and a first-round game with Memphis.

Paul George finished with 34 points after going 2 for 10 in the first half for the Clippers, who have a second chance to qualify for the playoffs with a home game Friday for the No. 8 seed against the New Orleans or San Antonio.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Brooklyn Nets held a moment of silence before their playoff game against Cleveland and said they were donating $50,000 to help those injured after at least 10 people were shot dead in a subway on Tuesday.

The shooting occurred at a station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, closest to the Nets’ practice facility, where they held their morning shootout on Tuesday.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday saying Washington commanders engaged in potentially illegal financial conduct, and the NFL expects to examine the most serious allegations.

The committee found evidence of deceptive marketing practices over a period of more than a decade, including the withholding of ticket revenue from visiting teams and refundable deposits from fans.

In the letter obtained by The Associated Press, the committee described, through testimony from former employees and access to emails and documents, a pattern of financial irregularities by owner Dan Snyder and executives of the company. ‘team. At one point in 2016, the committee said the team retained up to $5 million from 2,000 season ticket holders while hiding shareable revenue from the league.

An NFL spokesperson said the league has hired former Securities and Exchange Commission chairwoman Mary Jo White “to review the most serious issues raised by the committee.” She chaired the SEC from 2013 to 2017.

— By AP Sports Writer Stephen Whyno.


MONACO (AP) — Novak Djokovic opened his clay-court season with a surprising loss to Alejandro Davidovich Fokina at the Monte Carlo Masters on Tuesday.

Davidovich Fokina stunned the top-ranked Serbian 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-1 in the second round to hand Djokovic another setback as he tries to move on from the controversy surrounding his refusal to get a shot against COVID-19.

It’s rare back-to-back defeats for Djokovic, who hadn’t played since being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Dubai Tennis Championships in February – his only previous tournament this year after being banned from playing at the Australian Open. .

LONDON (AP) — Kim Clijsters, a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, has once again retired from professional tennis.

Clijsters, 38, who ended her second retirement in 2019 after a seven-year hiatus, announced on Tuesday that she “will no longer be playing official tournaments”.

Clijsters, who is already a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, won the US Open for the first time in 2005 and quit tennis two years later at age 23 shortly before getting married.

The Belgian player then took about two years off while having a daughter, but came back and won the 2009 US Open. She won another championship at Flushing Meadows in 2010 and then added an Open title of Australia the following season and returned to the top of the rankings.

WHITE PLAINS, NY (AP) — Lew Sherr has been selected as the USTA’s chief executive and executive director.

The U.S. national tennis governing body announced the hire on Tuesday, saying Sherr would start on May 2. He has worked for the association for 13 years, the last decade as Chief Revenue Officer.

Sherr will work with the USTA Board of Directors to set the growth strategy for tennis in the United States and to ensure the sport continues its trend toward an increasingly diverse player and fan base.


MADRID (AP) — Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho is unwilling to extend his stay at the English club to a 10th year and plans to return to his native Brazil at the end of the season.

The 36-year-old midfielder says his desire for more playing time was behind his decision to leave City.

“I want to play,” Fernandinho said on Tuesday ahead of City’s second leg against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals.

“I will return to Brazil for sure,” he added.


The Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association has decided to break off talks with rival Premier Hockey Federation, the latest blow to a growing rift between two factions that claim to want to develop the sport in North America.

The PWHPA board voted unanimously to end talks with the PHF about the collaboration, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity on Monday evening because the decision had not been announced.

Despite pressure from the NHL for negotiations between the two parties, it has become clear over the past three years that the PWHPA and PHF, formerly known as the National Women’s Hockey League, are out of sync in their goals. .

– By AP Hockey writers Stephen Whyno and John Wawrow.


JERSEY CITY, NJ (AP) — Saint Peter’s on Tuesday hired Jersey City native Bashir Mason to replace Shaheen Holloway as Peacocks coach.

Holloway left Saint Peter’s a day after his team was eliminated in the Elite Eight by national runners-up North Carolina to return to Seton Hall, his alma mater. Saint Peter’s was the first No. 15 seed to reach the Elite Eight. The Peacocks won the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament and went 22-12 with victories over Kentucky, Murray State and Purdue in the NCAA Tournament.

It’s also a homecoming for Mason, who spent the last 10 years at Wagner College in Staten Island.


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Shirley Spork, one of 13 LPGA Tour founders who learned two weeks ago that she would be inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame, died Tuesday, the LPGA announced. . She was 94 years old.

The LPGA said she died in Palm Springs, Calif., where she lived and taught until she was 90.

Although she never won on the LPGA Tour – her best result was runner-up to the LPGA Championship in 1962 at Stardust Country Club in Las Vegas – Spork’s impact spanned seven decades of beginning of the tour and teaching the game.

She was the driving force behind the creation of the LPGA’s Teaching and Club Pro Division, which started with six members and now has more than 1,700 female professionals.


More AP Sports: https://apnews.com/hub/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Why does Chelsea have a 3 on their shirt?


Champions League

Chelsea may have been one of the wealthiest clubs for a long time, but their situation has changed since Roman Abramovich’s assets were frozen by the government. Find out here why the Blues continue to have sponsor Three in their shirt.

Three Chelsea shirt sponsors.
© David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty ImagesThree Chelsea shirt sponsors.

When it comes to the richest clubs in world football, chelsea was perhaps one of the first teams to come to mind – until now. The Blues enjoyed a long period of wealth under the billionaire owner Roman Abramovichbut the outlook was different over the past few weeks.

Things have changed for the premier league club following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the British government sanctioned Abramovich in freeze his assets because of its links with Vladimir Poutine.

This move inevitably had an impact on Chelsea’s finances as well, as sponsors have tried to distance themselves from the Blues and their owners’ ties to the Russian government. Jersey Sponsor Three not only decided to suspend payments, but also asked to be deleted from the jerseys. But why do Chelsea continue to play with a 3 in their shirt?

The reason Chelsea wear 3 on their shirts

For those who need context, Three is a telecommunications company that sponsors Chelsea shirts in an agreement which, according to Goalbrings about $52 million per season to the club’s finances.

Like many sponsors, however, Three have decided to suspend payments as the club’s current owners are linked to Putin’s government. But Chelsea continue to wear 3 in their shirt as they don’t have the funds to change all of their uniforms.

The club is currently in a very delicate financial situation. he should prioritize spending on things that cannot be overlooked. So, although they don’t receive money for wearing the Three logo on their shirts, they can’t afford to take it off their shirts right now.

Definition, calculation how to lower it

  • The debt-to-equity ratio is a measure used by many lenders to determine the balance between your monthly income and the amount you owe to creditors.
  • A good debt ratio is 36% or less. Knowing your debt ratio (and keeping it low) can help you make the case for a better interest rate.
  • You can lower your debt ratio by paying down your balances.
  • Read more stories from Personal Finance Insider.

If you are applying for a loan or mortgage, one of the factors that lenders consider is your debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

Your DTI is an important factor in the borrowing process and shows lenders your ability to repay a loan.

What is the debt to income ratio?

Your debt-to-income ratio is the amount of debt you have relative to your income. This is an important consideration because when a lender approves a loan, they want to make sure you have enough income to repay the loan.

If you have a lot of debt that eats up a good portion of your income, this could be a warning sign.

How is the debt to income ratio calculated?

According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), “Your debt-to-equity ratio is all of your monthly debt payments divided by your gross monthly income. This number is a way lenders measure your ability to manage the payments you make each month to pay off debt. money you borrowed.”

Your gross income is the amount of money you earn before any tax deductions or deductions. Paying off your debts refers to the amount of money you spend each month on your loans.

Let’s say you earn $2,500 as gross income. Every month, you spend $200 on car loans, $250 on student loans, and $300 on credit cards. That means you’re spending $750 a month managing your debt repayments.

To determine your debt-to-income ratio, you need to divide your debt payments by your gross income:

$750 ÷ $2,500 = 0.3

Take that number and multiply it by 100 to get your debt ratio, which in this case would be 30%. In other words, 30% of your income is spent on your debts.

What is a good debt to income ratio?

If you’re heavily in debt and want to apply for a mortgage or other type of loan, you might be concerned about your DTI ratio. Each lender will assess your DTI, so you want to know what yours is and if it will prevent you from getting a loan.

But what is a good DTI ratio? A good benchmark is 36% or less. Many lenders use this metric to assess a borrower’s DTI. The smaller the number, the better.

Having a low DTI ratio can increase your chances of being approved for a loan. When it comes to mortgages, 43% is usually the highest DTI that will qualify you for a loan.

So if you want an accurate number, 36% or less is ideal. But the CFPB offers more specific DTI ratios for certain situations.

For example, he recommends that owners have a DTI of 36% or less (and absolutely no more than 43%), while renters should have a DTI of 15-20%.

Keeping your DTI ratio as low as possible will increase your chances of getting a mortgage, car loan, or other type of loan.

Lenders want to know that, given your current financial situation, you can afford to repay your current loans while taking out a new loan.

Your income plays a large role in what you can afford and the amount you pay each month significantly reduces your income. This is why your DTI is such an important metric for lenders when assessing your eligibility.

How to Calculate the Debt to Income Ratio

1. List all your monthly debt payments

Payments for car loans, student loans, mortgages, personal loans, alimony and child support, and credit cards are all considered monthly debt.

Notably, the calculation uses the combined minimum credit card payment of all credit cards, rather than the amount you actually pay each month. Utility bills, health insurance and

car insurance

the costs are not considered debt.

2. Find your gross monthly income

Your gross monthly income is the amount of money you take home before taxes.

3. Divide monthly debt by monthly income

When you divide all monthly debt payments by gross monthly income, you get a decimal number. Move the decimal point two places to the right and you get your DTI percentage or ratio.

For example, let’s say Amelia wants to buy a house for the first time. His gross monthly income is $5,000, and his monthly repayments include a car loan of $300, minimum credit card payments of $100, and student loan payments of $400. Amelia’s debt ratio would be 16% ($800 / $5,000 = 0.16). With such a low debt ratio, it would probably favor

mortgage lenders


Although the DTI ratio is not related to your credit score – and therefore does not affect your credit report – the two have a fairly symbiotic relationship.

The two most important factors that rating agencies use to determine a credit score are payment history and current debt balance – they make up 65% of your credit score. Although credit bureaus do not have access to a person’s income, they are still able to consider past behavior to assess the likelihood of on-time payments.

Mortgage lenders generally have the strictest debt-to-income ratio requirements. Generally, 43% is the highest ratio a borrower can have while getting a qualified mortgage. According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureaubut they should make a “reasonable and good faith effort” to determine their ability to repay.

How to lower your debt-to-income ratio

If you’ve done the math and your debt-to-equity ratio is above 36%, you’ll want to lower your DTI before applying for a loan. In order to reduce your debt ratio, you have two options:

  1. Pay down more of your debt
  2. earn more

The first option will require you to pay more than the minimum on your debt. Don’t take on any additional debt or reduce your current balances, so your debt doesn’t eat up as much of your income.

The second option is to increase your income. You can do this by negotiating your salary at your current job or by finding a side hustle to earn extra money.

Taking these steps to reduce your balances and increase your income will help your DTI go down. Once your DTI drops, you’ll be in a better position to apply for a loan.

Nebraska Athletics to Celebrate 75th Annual Jackie Robinson Day


Nebraska’s baseball and softball programs will honor the life and legacy of legendary former Major League Baseball player Jackie Robinson at their games on April 15, a day commonly referred to as Jackie Robinson Day in MLB.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the debut of Jackie Robinson, who broke the “baseball color line” and became the first African-American athlete to play in MLB.

“Jackie Robinson overcame significant adversity during his baseball career and life,” said Dr. Lawrence Chatters, Executive Assistant Athletic Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “We can all learn something from his steely determination and incredible ability to handle the pressure he faced. I encourage our Husker fans to reflect on the legacy of Jackie Robinson and his importance to the world of athleticism.”

The baseball program will honor Robinson by having former Husker Shawn Buchanan throw out the first pitch against BYU at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 15.

Buchanan played for the Huskers from 1988 to 1991 and was a second-team All-Big Eight honoree and captain twice. The Gary, Ind. native had 185 hits, 33 doubles, 21 triples, 24 home runs, 140 RBIs, 157 runs and 42 stolen bases in 212 games with the Big Red. Buchanan holds the school records for triples in a three-game against Wayne State on February 12, 1990. Buchanan is also the single-season and all-time school record holder with nine triples in 1990 and 21 triples in his Husker career.

The softball program will call on former letter winner and standout pitcher Peaches James to throw out the first pitch in Robinson’s honor in their home opener against Minnesota at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 15.

Inducted into the University of Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame in 2018, James was twice a finalist for the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award in her four seasons. A four-time team MVP, James was a key force behind Husker teams winning 149 games in his four seasons, the most wins in four years in program history. James accounted for 98 of those wins, compiling a career record of 98-38 with a 1.19 ERA. She finished her career with a school record 945 strikeouts and still holds the Nebraska record with 44 career shutouts. James ranks first or second in seven of Nebraska’s 10 all-time rankings. James also wore number 42, which is currently retired by Nebraska Softball.

Both teams will wear a special edition adidas warm-up jersey with the iconic number ’42’.

4,000 people go on an egg hunt in Hoboken: PHOTOS


HOBOKEN, NJ – Hoboken Grace Church held another successful Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday with over 4,000 attendees and 300 volunteers helping out. See the photo gallery above.

The non-denominational community church has held the event annually at Mama Johnson Field.

It featured over 35,000 hidden eggs, arts and crafts, games for kids and parents, and pictures with the Easter Bunny.

“Easter is absolutely our biggest holiday of the year and the Egg Hunt is all about bringing Hoboken families together to enjoy this special time of year,” said Chris High, senior pastor of Hoboken Grace. “We love hosting events like this in our community, and now that we’re moving into a permanent space, we look forward to welcoming and serving even more people in the future!”

The church moves to a more permanent space on 14th Street. READ MORE: Local church to buy movie theater

“You can tell how meaningful this event is for our region when you see how many people, partner organizations and volunteers are showing up to make it all possible,” said James Sproule, Community Impact Director at Hoboken. Grace. “It’s so important to us that everyone in the community knows they are welcomed and loved by Hoboken Grace.”

“As a representative of the town and a parent of young children, the annual Easter Egg Hunt is a fun and positive experience that Hoboken families look forward to every year,” said Hoboken City Councilor Emily Jabbour. “It’s a great event to connect with neighbors and enjoy a shared experience!”

With the hunt now over, Hoboken Grace turns to hosting Good Friday and Easter services.

Good Friday services will be Friday, April 15 at 6 p.m., in-person Easter services on Saturday, April 16 at 5 p.m., and Sunday, April 17 at 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. 1 Easter Sunday will also be available online via www.hobokengrace.com or the Hoboken Grace app at 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

“We seek to love and serve our city by celebrating all that God has done for us. Our mission is to help people find their way back to God,” the church states.

Hoboken Grace offers three in-person services on Sundays, at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 12:30 p.m. at 301
Garden St. Live online services are also available. To learn more about Hoboken Grace, visit
www.hobokengrace.com. Everyone is invited to celebrate Easter at Hoboken Grace.

Did you know? You can receive a free daily newsletter every morning at 6am with local news in Hoboken or your city, or receive news alerts: Sign up here with your postcode and you will receive an email asking you your preferences.

Receive a free morning newsletter with news from any city in New Jersey: https://patch.com/subscribe

EARidescent Shimmer Collection Shines at Disneyland Resort Featuring Spirit Jersey, Apparel, Travel Mug and More


The glittering EARidescent collection has arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found the shirts at Disney Cloutheirs in Disneyland and everything else at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

Reusable cup with straw – $27.99

This reusable Mickey mug has a blue Mickey Mouse design on a gold background.

Ball Cap – $29.99

A blue cap with a gold Mickey Mouse EARidescent on the front.

It has an adjustable sliding buckle.

Long sleeve shirt – $44.99

At World of Disney, we found a long-sleeved blue shirt with Mickey Mouse and the outline of the Fantasyland castle in the background.

Tie Front Tee – $36.99

For a more stylish look, a short-sleeved, tie-front t-shirt that says Disneyland rather than Mickey Mouse is also available.

Youth Long Sleeve Shirt – $24.99

The sweatshirt is also available in youth sizes.

Youth Spirit Swimsuit – $49.99

Or you can get a blue youth Spirit jersey with a Mickey head logo on the front.

The back has a Disneyland Resort logo and a Mickey Mouse EARidescent.

What item will you add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

For more Disneyland Resort news and information, follow Disneyland News Today at Twitter, Facebookand instagram. For news from Disney Parks around the world, visit WDWNT.

Harry’s game attracts widespread community support


WILMINGTON, North Carolina – Large numbers of community supporters were in attendance for the festivities for Harry’s eighth annual game between the UNCW men’s soccer team and High Point on Saturday at the UNCW Soccer Stadium.

UNCW won the match, 3-1, behind a hat trick from Jalen Anderson. UNCW moved to 4-0-4 all-time at the Spring Show with wins over NC State, Wake Forest, Appalachian State and HPU.

The Seahawks wrapped up their five-game spring schedule with Harry’s Game, which was played for the first time since 2019. A crowd of 619 was on hand to celebrate the importance of acceptance and raise funds for children with special needs.

A special pre-game clinic with Seahawk and Panther players featured kids of all ages laughing and playing together. UNCW Head Coach Aidan Heane spoke with children and families after the clinic about the need to treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of disability.

The charity event featured face paint, bouncy houses, music and an auction of unique adidas Harry’s Game jerseys worn by UNCW players during the game. All funds from ticket sales and the jersey auction go directly to local initiatives such as Special Olympics and TOPS Soccer.

Harry’s Game was named after Heaney’s son, Harry, who was born with Down syndrome. First played in 2013, the game is an opportunity to showcase the special abilities and personalities of each typical and non-typical child.

Man turns 375 in 2016 NJ Slayings of Woman, 2 Kids | New Jersey News


NEWARK, NJ (AP) — A man has been sentenced to 375 years in prison for the 2016 murder of three people, including two children, in New Jersey’s largest city that authorities say apparently stemmed from his anger over to a Facebook post.

Essex County jurors deliberated for less than two hours last month before convicting Jeremy Arrington, 31, of three counts of murder and attempted murder as well as burglary, criminal restraint and weapons.

On Friday, Judge Ronald Wigler imposed three consecutive life sentences for the murders as well as consecutive sentences for other counts, telling the defendant he had committed “perhaps the most horrific murders, hateful, cruel and depraved that this county has ever seen”.

Prosecutors said Arrington entered a Newark home in November 2016, tied up people inside and stabbed them with kitchen knives, killing 8-year-old Aerial Little Whitehurst and Al-Jahon Whitehurst, 11 years old, then shot and killed 23 years old. former student Syasia McBurroughs, who was visiting the family.

A 29-year-old woman, a 13-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were injured. Prosecutors said a young girl with autism was able to escape and called for help from a closet, allowing police to intervene before more lives were lost.

political cartoons

Authorities said Arrington was apparently angry that one of the victims reposted a Facebook alert from police naming him a suspect in an earlier shooting and sexual assault.

In addition to the three life sentences, the judge imposed consecutive sentences of 50 years for each of the three attempted murder convictions, prosecutors said. A life sentence under New Jersey law is 75 years, and a defendant must serve 63 years and nine months before being eligible for parole. Under the law, prosecutors said, Arrington would not be eligible for parole until he had served 281 years of his 375-year sentence.

Arrington, who did not take the stand during his trial, read a short statement during Friday’s sentencing hearing apologizing to the families. He described his actions as “crazy and unwarranted” and said he would switch places with the victims if he could, NJ.com reported.

The defense attempted to use an insanity defense at trial, but this was rejected by the judge because the defense attorney was unable to find an expert witness to testify that Arrington did not could not be held criminally responsible for his actions because of his mental state, NJ. com reported.

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How the pandemic-fueled Pokemon hobby led the South Jersey father-son to create a card-collecting app – CBS Philly


HADDONFIELD, NJ (CBS) — Sports card collectors can hit a home run with a new app. They can instantly know the value of their collection. It’s like going to a card parlor on their phone.

The Greek philosopher Plato is believed to be responsible for the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Well, in Haddonfield, a pandemic-fueled Pokemon hobby could lead to the next big app.

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Ten-year-old Charlie Mann is the one who started collecting Pokémon cards during the pandemic, but he soon ran into a problem.

“So my dad and I were having a really hard time figuring out the card prices,” Charlie said.

Enter the coolest dad ever, Ted Mann.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career running companies, all in the area of ​​image recognition and visual search,” Ted said. “And so it turns out the technology works extraordinarily well for trading cards.”

So they created an app.

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You take a picture of the card – front and back – and the current average price appears. You can then add the map to your Collection CollX and There you go.

“Charlie definitely gets all the credit for the idea,” Ted said. “We call him a co-founder because he really had the inspiration. He was the one who had the ah-ah moments and said, ‘Dad, you know how to do this.’ »

In two months of going online, the application already has more than 30,000 users who can follow and interact with each other.

“He can find baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer and we’re working on Pokémon right now,” Charlie said.

The business side of things isn’t the best part of the story for Ted.

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“It’s really special to be able to start a business that you can do with your family,” Ted said, “and it’s been a particularly great bonding experience with my two sons, really.”

Lex Therien adds another award, named ECAC Rookie of the Year


Courtesy of Loyola Athletic Communications

BALTIMORE — Postseason awards keep pouring in for Loyola University of Maryland’s freshman year of women’s basketball Lex Therien after being named ECAC Rookie of the Year today by the regional body.

The ECAC encompasses all schools in the America East, Big East, Colonial, Mid-American, Metro Atlantic Athletic, Northeast, Patriot League, Ivy League, and Atlantic-10 conferences, as well as some schools in other conferences such as the Big Ten , Atlantic Coast and more.

Last month, Therien was named Patriot League Rookie of the Year while earning a spot on the All-Patriot League Second Team after leading the conference in rebounds per game (10.9) and finishing ninth in points per game. game (12.6).

She was one of two freshmen nationwide to average a double-double, joining DePaul’s Aneesah Morrow. The two freshmen were two of 34 players nationally to post those averages in 2021-22.

Thérien ranked 19and in total in NCAA Division I in rebounds per game, and his 7.7 defensive rebounds per game was 16and.

She finished the year with 14 double-doubles, including 12 against Patriot League teams during the regular season. The Marlton, New Jersey native averaged 13.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game in conference play.

Therien put together one of the best rebounding years by a Loyola player in program history. She had 306 boards this season, good for second place in school single-season history and behind only Stephanie Karcz’s 317 in the 2017-18 season. Therien’s 10.9 rebounds per game set a school record over Karcz’s 10.6 during the aforementioned season.

She earned Patriot League Rookie of the Week honors six times in 2021-22, largely thanks to her penchant for double-doubles. She had six or more rebounds in all but one of the Greyhounds’ 28 games, and she had 10 or more in 20 games, and she scored 10 or more in an equal number of games.

Seahawks host Harry’s game on Saturday

WILMINGTON, North Carolina – One of the special events on UNCW’s men’s football schedule returns Saturday when the Seahawks take on High Point in the eighth Harry’s Game, a charity exhibition aimed at raising funds and awareness for children with special needs, at the stadium in UNCW football at 6 p.m.

Admission to the game is $5 for adults and free for children 15 and under. Prior to the game, a free kids’ clinic with current UNCW and HPU players will be held at 4 p.m. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ball.

Proceeds from the exhibit are donated to local initiatives such as Special Olympics, TOPS Soccer, as well as other charities that benefit children with special needs. Additional activities include bouncy houses, face painting, and music. A live auction will take place during the game for special adidas Harry’s Game jerseys worn by UNCW players. Free pizzas for children will also be available during this one.

Harry’s Game is named after UNCW head coach Aidan HeaneHarry’s son, born with Down syndrome. Like many families, the Heaneys weren’t sure what to expect from having a child with Harry’s kind of challenges, but learned that different doesn’t equal worse when it comes to a child with special needs. specials.

Springtime Staple was born out of a desire to get rid of the stigma around a child’s limit to having fun and interacting with others just because they may need a one-time help. It exists to show that every child’s personality and joy exist beyond the obstacles they may face when faced with a disability.

“It’s the highlight of our spring program. We’re thrilled to have him back this year. It’s a great opportunity for our players to show off their abilities,” said Heaney, who is entering his 22nd season at the UNCW. “Most importantly, it’s a chance to reach out to some families and kids in our neighborhoods who may face different challenges.”

“The community turnout has become more and more important every year. We expect many families to bring their children to enjoy a competitive football game and share this feel-good experience with each other. others.”

Harry’s Game returns for the first time since 2019 to benefit children with special needs. The charity game dates back to 2013, the year of Harry’s first birthday, and has featured programs from across the state, including Appalachia State, Charlotte, Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest and Now High Point.

“It started as an idea years ago, but it turned into this amazing community event,” Heaney said. “The message of being aware and including children who may not be your typical child helps create understanding for families. Seeing all of these children interacting together is the most rewarding part of it.”

Everyone in life needs help in one form or another. The game shows that rather than what some kids can’t do, there needs to be more focus on each child’s particular abilities and personalities.

This year’s edition is special because of the UNCW ties of Panthers head coach Zach Haines, who served as assistant and then associate head coach on Heaney’s UNCW staff for six seasons. Haines was instrumental in creating the event and witnessed the benefits for both the community and the players.

“I was fortunate enough to be on staff at UNCW for several Harry’s Game events,” said Haines, who completed his third season with the Panthers last fall. “It’s been an incredible experience on so many levels. It means a lot to me personally and to our program to have the opportunity to support this great cause and to share this experience with High Point and UNCW.”

“Aidan is one of the closest people in my life. I love him and his family. I also owe him a lot in my career. I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now without his mentorship and the chance he took on me in 2012. I’m just incredibly grateful and excited to be able to do this with my guys.”

UNCW is 3-0-4 all-time in Harry’s Game. The event concludes a five-game spring schedule for the Seahawks as they prepare for the 2022 season this fall.

Harry’s game results
April 6, 2013 – UNCW 1, North Carolina 1
April 12, 2014 – UNCW 2, NC State 0
April 18, 2015 – UNCW 0, Wake Forest 0
April 16, 2016 – UNCW 0, Duke 0
April 8, 2017 – UNCW 1, Wake Forest 0
April 8, 2018 – UNCW 4, Appalachian State 1
April 6, 2019 – UNCW 0, Charlotte 0

Kraken increasingly concerned that they are the only team sitting in the penalty area


CHICAGO — No one was suggesting the Kraken start diving like a bunch of Oscar-seeking footballers.

But the Kraken have started to notice lately that they are the only ones spending time in the penalty area. The situation became somewhat critical on Wednesday evening in Saint-Louis, when the Kraken were penalized six times for only one for the Blues.

Kraken forward Jordan Eberle sounded the alarm after the game, saying his team needed to “find a way to move our feet to create power plays.” I think the last five games we’ve had like three power plays.

“So we have to find a way to create more offensive zone chances. And when that happens, with second opportunities, that’s where guys attack you and that’s where you create power plays. So we have to find a way to do it.

The Kraken actually had six power-play chances in five games heading into Thursday, but Eberle’s point remains that it’s not enough to win consistently.

Kraken coach Dave Hakstol agreed ahead of Thursday’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks that his team needed to start taking more penalties.

“We have to work a little harder in situations to shoot penalties,” he said. “We haven’t played much on the power play if you look at the last two weeks.”

Hakstol said it had little to do with the Kraken trading six players at the deadline, moves that matched the team’s lower draw penalties. He feels the Kraken have “moved the puck well the majority of those games” since those trades and that “for some reason” some tight, tight calls that could have gone against opponents weren’t called.

“I felt like we deserved a few last night,” Hakstol said of the Blues game. “There were a few hooks on the hands that were called against us. But I watch (Morgan) Geekie’s mini breakaway and he got shot (by Blues defenseman Nick Leddy). So we have to keep generating these situations. We have to be hungry and hard on the pucks and skate in other of those areas and work to get the power plays because obviously special teams make a big difference at this time of year.

‘Pride Night’ coming Saturday

The Kraken plans to celebrate “Pride Night” Saturday against the Calgary Flames, using non-binary artist Glynn Rosenberg to design warm-up jerseys that incorporate symbols associated with LGBTQ+ communities. Rosenberg’s design aims to convey the message that all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, belong in the game of hockey.

The use of colors for the jerseys involves a reinterpretation of the trans flag, where shades of blue represent the deep sea – home of the Kraken – while budding pinks represent a bright future for trans and non-binary people. The use of pansy flowers on jerseys aims to disrupt perceptions of hockey and gender norms by combining images of softness and femininity with the strength typically found in the sport.

During the match, the Pride Flag will be projected on the ice and tape panels of the Climate Pledge Arena and on the players’ tape. It will also be used on the rally towels that the team and sponsor Symetra are giving away to fans.

The Starbucks community star honored for the night will be volunteers from Lambert House, an LGBTQ youth center that cares for, advocates for and celebrates young people in the Greater Seattle area.

Hossa retires with the Blackhawks

During a television break midway through the opening period, the Blackhawks paid tribute to their former star forward and Hockey Hall of Famer Marian Hossa. The United Center crowd gave Hossa, 43, who quit playing in 2017 due to a progressive skin disorder, a rousing standing ovation that lasted more than a minute.

Hossa signed a one-day contract with the team on Thursday, so he could officially retire a member of the Blackhawks – with the team also announcing plans to retire his No. 81 jersey. He has played the last eight of his 19 NHL seasons with the team and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in November.

“It means so much to me because those were the best years of my life in Chicago,” Hossa, who attended Thursday’s game, said in a live Video Scoreboard interview.

The Slovak native played for Chicago from 2009 to 2017, taking part in three Stanley Cup titles with them in 2010, 2013 and 2015. He played in two other finals with Pittsburgh in 2008 and Detroit in 2009 and is the only player in NHL history to play in three consecutive championship series with three different teams.


  • Kraken prospect Matty Beniers, the second overall pick in last summer’s entry draft, is officially eligible to sign with the team for the final weeks of the season. Beniers saw his college season come to a heartbreaking end on Thursday when his University of Michigan was upset 3-2 in overtime by the University of Denver in the semifinals at the NCAA’s “Frozen Four” in Boston.
  • Hakstol changed his defensive pairings a bit on Thursday, placing Cale Fleury and Carson Soucy in the starting lineup for the game. Fleury, 23, had been paired with Jamie Oleksiak in Wednesday’s game at St. Louis, but Hakstol wants to see how he fares in various pairs.
  • Ryan Donato’s assist on Alex Wennberg’s first goal on Thursday earned him points in four straight games for the first time since December 2019. Donato has also scored points in seven of his last eight road games.

Syracuse’s new women’s basketball head coach begins her new role


Felisha Legette-Jack, the new head coach of Syracuse University’s women’s basketball program, held her now-retired Syracuse jersey March 28 after her introductory press conference at the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center . With Legette-Jack are Syracuse Director of Athletics John Wildhack (left) and Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud (right). (ERIC REINHARDT / CNYBJ)

SYRACUSE — Felisha Legette-Jack began her career directing Syracuse University’s women’s basketball program.

On March 28, Syracuse introduced Legette-Jack, 55, as the team’s 7th head coach at a press conference held at the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center.

She will coach a team that now plays its games in the Carrier Dome, unlike when Legette-Jack adapted to Syracuse’s women’s team in the 1980s and was a standout performer in games played at the Manley Field House.

“Coach Legette-Jack is the right person at the right time to lead this program,” John Wildhack, athletic director at Syracuse University, said in his remarks at the March 28 event. “She deserved and deserves this opportunity.”

The introduction comes just months after Legette-Jack became the first woman in Syracuse basketball history to have her jersey retired when her No. 33 jersey was hoisted to the rafters at the Carrier Dome on Nov. Last year.

Legette-Jack, a Syracuse native, returns to his alma mater after serving as head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University at Buffalo. The Bulls lost to Tennessee in the first round of this year’s NCAA Women’s Tournament. It was the fourth NCAA Tournament appearance for Buffalo under Legette-Jack.

She takes over as head coach from Vonn Read, who served as interim coach of the women’s team last season after former head coach Quentin Hillsman resigned following allegations of inappropriate behavior in the program.

“Coach Read is a great basketball coach and a good person,” Wildhack said at the press conference. Read led Syracuse to an 11-18 overall record (4-14 ACC) in his only season at the helm.

In his remarks, Wildhack said he was “smitten” when Legette-Jack told him she watched “every minute of every game” the Syracuse women played last season.

“I’m excited. I’m humbled,” Legette-Jack said while addressing the gathering inside the Melo Center.

She also laid out her vision in a press release from Syracuse University.

“My goal is simple: pursue championships in the classroom and on the basketball court. We will build our program with our CAB philosophy: character, studies and basketball. We will work tirelessly to help our team understand that character will always come first, academics will be up close and we will find the best athletes in the world to make you all proud,” said Legette-Jack.

About Legette Jack

She brings a resume of her basketball accomplishments to her new role as head coach of the Syracuse women’s team.

As a player, Legette-Jack led Syracuse’s Nottingham High School to two state titles before attending Syracuse University, where she was a standout player on coach Barbara Jacobs’ 1984 squads. to 1989.

During his playing days, Legette-Jack earned Big East Freshman of the Year honors after helping lead the Orange to their first Big East championship in school history. She finished her career as the program’s all-time leader in points, rebounds, field goals made and attempted, and free throws made and attempted, Syracuse said.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in child and family studies and psychology at Syracuse in 1989, Legette-Jack began her coaching career at Westhill Senior High School in suburban Syracuse in 1989.

She moved to the college level as an assistant at Boston College (BC) from 1991 to 1993. After her stint in British Columbia, Legette-Jack returned home to Syracuse as a staff assistant coach Marianna Freeman from 1993 to 2000. She left in 2000 to become an assistant coach at Michigan State for two seasons, before landing her first head coaching job at Hofstra in 2002.

Named head coach at Indiana University in 2006, Legette-Jack led that program for six years. She led the Hoosiers to back-to-back Women’s National Invitation Tournaments (WNITs) in her first three seasons, including a 20-win season and a WNIT quarterfinal appearance in 2009.

His time with the Hoosier program ended in March 2012 when Indiana fired Legette-Jack after a 6-24 season, according to a March 12, 2012 article on ESPN’s website.

Later that year, she returned to Empire State when Legette-Jack was named head coach at Buffalo.

In addition to his retirement from the Syracuse jersey, Legette-Jack is enshrined in several halls of fame, including the Greater Syracuse Hall of Fame, the Syracuse Urban Sports Hall of Fame, and the Orange Plus Hall of Fame. from Syracuse University. She was named to the Big East Silver Anniversary team in 2004, the school said.

” I thank you all. I don’t have many words to say other than…let’s get to work,” Legette-Jack said at the press conference.

This is the worst Sunday dinner episode in the show’s history.


viewers of both Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and the original jerseyshore the series often looked forward to watching episodes featuring Sunday dinner. These meals usually include Italian specialties including pasta, assorted meats, salad and vegetables. These meals are a moment of relaxation for the family roommates. However, there were times when these encounters turned into some of the show’s scariest moments.

In the story of the two jerseyshore and Jersey Shore: Family Vacationthere’s never been a more uncomfortable moment than dinner when Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick came to blows over an unresolved issue.

Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Paul DelVecchio, Deena Cortese, Angelina Pivarnick and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro | MTV/YouTube

The ‘Jersey Shore’ drama before Sunday dinner

Drama ensued for the cast before a dinner party held while on vacation in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

These included Farley, Pivarnick, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Vinny Guadagnino, Deena Cortese and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

The conflict arose after Farley’s boyfriend, Zach Carpinello, touched Pivarnick inappropriately during a night out with the housemates. Farley was drunk at the time of filming.

The women took different positions: Pivarnick proclaimed his innocence while Farley stood by Carpinello.

However, the situation quickly escalated beyond the initial conflict, creating one of the worst Sunday dinner parties in the series’ history.

Jenni and Angelina had a scary fight over dinner

” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aqOtE4IyxBs?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen >

As the cast gathered around a table laden with food, the conflict between Farley and Pivarnick began.

Everything seemed to be fine until Guadagnino noticed what he thought was a piercing under Pivarnick’s shirt.

Angelina said she had a piercing but refused to show it, prompting Jenni to accuse her of lying.

“How much do you commit to a lie? she asserted. “I would be the same if I felt guilty.”

The conversation quickly moved to the night with Carpinello as Pivarnick insisted she never tried to kiss him.

“I’ve been with him for six months and he’s never disrespected me,” Farley said.

She then told Pivarnick, “You, on the other hand, have been the f****** plague of 10 years.”

When Pivarnick claimed that Farley was “trying to get dirty”, Farley slammed his hands on the table, claiming that Pivarnick had failed in his divorce from Roger Mathews.

“You lied about me trying to kiss your boyfriend because you want to deviate,” Pivarnick shouted, again stating that Carpinello touched her inappropriately.

Things between the women got physical when Farley tried to shove Pivarnick’s finger away. Farley then picked up a bottle of wine and threatened Pivarnick with it.

Jenni Farley changed her mind once the Sunday dinner episode ‘Jersey Shore’ aired

After the episode aired where Farley saw for herself Carpinello’s actions towards Pivarnick, she posted a instagram statement claiming she felt “disrespected” by both Pivarnick and Carpinello.

“I feel disrespected by someone I called a friend and someone who said they love me,” she wrote.

“For five months I was kept in the dark about this. For five months I was naive, probably laughed at myself and made a scenario out of it that will haunt me forever. My my heart hurts on so many levels,” Farley continued. “One thing I learned from tonight’s episode is to know your worth. Never lower your standards.

Pivarnick and Farley later reconciled, as did Farley and Carpinello. The couple got engaged in February 2021.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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Zedvance changes the MoneyPal mobile loan app


By Dipo Olowookere

Zedvance Finance Limited’s mobile lending app, MoneyPal, has been reintroduced with some modifications aimed at making loans accessible to millions of Nigerians in a quick and convenient manner.

The new mobile app comes with a redesigned user interface, simplified application process and access to more nano loans. It’s part of an effort to redefine the app as a lifestyle product.

Managing Director of Zedvance Finance Limited, Mr. Ever Obi, revealed in a statement that the upgraded MoneyPal app comes with exciting new features that would deliver a top-notch and seamless digital lending experience to its existing and potential customers. .

“Zedvance Finance has always been at the forefront of providing the best financial solutions to its clients; we are very excited to relaunch the MoneyPal app to also serve millions of salaried and non-salaried workers in Nigeria.

“MoneyPal has been redesigned in response to extensive consumer feedback and changing user trends, with an emphasis on simplicity, security, availability and speed.

“We upgraded the mobile app to meet our consumer financial lifestyle as a customer-centric business. That’s why we’re rolling out the new app with the #MadeForMore campaign,” he said. he said, adding that the company intends to serve one million new users through the mobile app and other digital channels.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lukmon Oloyede, Head of Product Marketing and Brand Communications of the company, said that with the new app, new and existing customers can now get up to 100,000 nanoloans within minutes on the Internet. ‘application.

According to him, this is accessible to both non-employees and employees between the ages of 18 and 55 with an active bank account, BVN, email and phone number.

He also said that MoneyPal comes with a biometric login option to further secure the user account, with in-app notifications allowing users to stay more connected with timely product updates.

Mr. Oloyede also said that the user can now check their credit history and learn more about their loans through the updated app as new and existing customers can now repay their nano loans within 15 days. 90 days, depending on the selected loan amount.

He assured that the app is fully compliant with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) data privacy regulations while all users can now enjoy more benefits by referring their friends.

The brand expert described the referral program as a points-based system, where more points would be earned for referring more people. The points, he said, can be redeemed for an item in the company’s gift shop once the maximum number of redeemable points is reached.

Besides this feature, users can repay loans instantly through a unique and personalized account number created for each user on the MoneyPal app. The virtual account number can be found on the dashboard on the homepage.

“We will continue to develop our digital proposition even further over the coming months – exceeding our customers’ expectations while enhancing our customer experience,” Oloyede added, hinting that the company will announce a service data code loan. Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD). option and asset financing service (Buy Now, Pay Later) this year.

He advised Nigerians to download the MoneyPal app for free from App Store (iOS) and Android Play Store and apply for instant cash.

Secaucus, NJ: The suburban town with a suburban vibe


The Hudson County suburb of Secaucus, NJ, anchors the New Jersey Meadowlands, roughly 30 square miles of marshland, veined with estuaries and dotted with more than a dozen towns. There was a time when people who fished these waters would tell stories of a broken statue from the old Penn Station or the discovery of a body buried under the beach grass.

But no more: Today, the marshes are interspersed with walks and nature reserves. And the Secaucus factory outlets, which attracted bargain hunters in the early 1970s, were joined by many retail chains.

For many young families, however, it’s the suburban vibe that’s most appealing, along with the short commute to town.

“What makes Secaucus extremely desirable for buyers is above all its proximity to New York, as well as numerous bus stops and free shuttles between most apartment complexes and the train station,” said Michael Gonnelli. , a real estate broker who runs the Gonnelli Group at Re/Max Infinity, in Secaucus, and is the son of the town’s mayor (also named Michael Gonnelli).

This was true for Ling Dao and Jane Wang, who owned a home in Edison, NJ, and wanted easier access to the city as well as more activities for their two young children. “Edison also felt very crowded, with limited parks and playgrounds for children,” said Mr. Dao, 33, an information officer for a pharmaceutical company.

He and Ms Wang, 35, a stay-at-home mom, searched Jersey City, Hoboken and Queens before buying a three-bedroom house near downtown Secaucus earlier this year for $765,000.

“Ultimately, we fell in love with Secaucus because it’s so close to town, but it’s quieter and kid-friendly,” Dao said. “We use the many playgrounds. We also frequently visit the town recreation center to use the pool and track. During the summer we attend free concerts and movies at Buchmuller Park.

Bledar and Zlatina Brahimi moved from Edgewater to Secaucus last summer because “in Edgewater,” said Mr. Brahimi, 30, who works in finance, “there were great views of the city, but everything was cooperatives and condos”. They looked in New York, but found it too expensive.

The couple hope to start a family, Mr Brahimi said, and “what helped narrow down our choice was the school system and tax rates”.

In Secaucus, he and Ms. Brahimi, 28, who works in accounting, were able to find a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home with an in-ground pool and “a good-sized backyard” for $700,000.

Secaucus, a city with a median household income of $125,142 and a population of about 22,200, according to 2020 census data, occupies 6.5 square miles (of which about 10% is water) in the county of Hudson. It is bordered by the Hackensack River to the north, east, and south, and Union City and Jersey City to the east.

Housing inventory includes single and two-family homes in a range of styles, including ranches, capes, colonies, townhouses and luxury condominiums. Harmon Cove, a gated community with approximately 1,400 units that include townhouses and high-rise condos, sits on the Hackensack River in the western part of town.

Rental options include Harper at Harmon Meadow apartments to the east of the city, and Xchange, a complex of some 2,000 units aimed at younger tenants who want easy access to Manhattan to the south. (Secaucus Junction, the train station, is opposite the complex.)

Various chain restaurants can be found at the Plaza at Harmon Meadow, a mall in northeast Secaucus with a Panera Bread, Olive Garden, and Bonefish Grill. Retail options include chains and superstores – Walmart, Sam’s Club, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx. Construction is expected to begin soon on a new Hometown Market grocery story in the downtown area.

Secaucus is also home to the Meadowlands Exposition Center, a Kerasotes multiplex cinema, and the Sheraton, Marriott, Aloft, and Hilton hotels.

At $6,646, the average residential property tax in Secaucus is the lowest in Hudson County, according to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. In contrast, Weehawken residents pay an average of $12,138.

“Property taxes are among the most affordable in all of northern New Jersey,” said Mr. Gonnelli, the broker.

According to the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service, 52 single-family homes sold in Secaucus at a median price of $580,000 in the 12 months ending Feb. 28. During the same period a year earlier, 30 single-family homes sold at a median of $527,500.

In the 12 months ending Feb. 28, 107 condos and townhouses sold at a median price of $387,000, down slightly from the median price of $390,000 across 94 sales the year former.

In early April, the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service posted 41 homes for sale, from a two-bedroom condominium in Harmon Cove Tower listed for $235,000 to a two-family home with four bedrooms listed for $990,000.

Secaucus can look like a tangle of highways. The eastern spur of the New Jersey Turnpike hugs the southern and eastern city limits, while Route 3 cuts off the main thoroughfare of Paterson Plank Road from the rest of the city, with an overpass connecting the two sections .

Downtown, however, provides a stark contrast to malls, chain stores, and freeways. It is home to the public library, the municipal government center, a senior center, and small businesses like Filomena Deli, Lucky Nails, and Marra’s Drug Store, which has been in business for nearly a century. Other downtown attractions include the ice rink, city museum, and Buchmuller Park, which hosts outdoor concerts and Secaucus Little League.

It would be hard to find another municipality where visitors looking for a nature preserve are directed to Bob’s Discount Furniture. But just behind the store is Mill Creek Marsh, where visitors can see turtles, shorebirds, and other wildlife.

City parks include Schmidts Woods Park, Trolley Park (which offers views of the American Dream Ferris wheel in East Rutherford), and Laurel Hill County Park, which offers a boat launch, kayak rentals, cycle and walking paths and ball courts, including a cricket pitch.

The Secaucus Public School District serves approximately 2,265 K-12 students. In the 2019-20 school year, 33% identified as white, 32.1% as Hispanic, 29.3% as Asian, and 3.9% as black.

The district operates five schools: Milridge (for pre-kindergarten), Clarendon (for kindergarten through fifth grade), Huber Street (for kindergarten through fifth grade), Secaucus Middle (for sixth through eighth grade), and Secaucus High School. High Tech High School, a magnet school in Hudson County, serves ninth through 12th graders. On the 2019-20 SAT tests, students averaged 531 in reading and writing, compared to 536 statewide; their average math score was 544, compared to 536 statewide. The graduation rate in 2020 was 96.7%, compared to a statewide average of 91%.

New Jersey Transit trains leave Secaucus Junction station for Penn Station in Manhattan, Newark Liberty International Airport and other destinations including Atlantic City, Monmouth Park and Philadelphia. The trip to Manhattan usually takes about 12 minutes. A one-way ticket costs $4.25 and a monthly pass costs $126.

The bus ride can take around 15 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. Round-trip bus fare from Secaucus Junction to Port Authority is $7; a monthly pass costs $107.

In 1658, Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch governor of the colony of New Netherland, negotiated a treaty between European settlers and the Lenni-Lenape people which referred to what is now Secaucus as “Islandt Siskakes” – the first known mention of the region. At the time, it was an island surrounded by swamps and creeks, according to “History of Secaucus,” a 1950 book that devotes an entire section to “Jersey mosquitoes.”

Secaucus was not incorporated as a town until 1917, when it was a farming community known for its pig farms. In the 1950s, with the construction of the New Jersey Turnpike, it gradually became the suburban town it is today.

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Adidas has agreed to become title sponsor of the Manchester Marathon, the second largest marathon in the UK.

The deal will see the sportswear giant become the title partner of the adidas Manchester Marathon 2023, which takes place on Sunday April 16. The vision of the event is to continue to focus on equal opportunity and the growth of running communities and to assist runners of all levels with a range of training support and expertise.

The event has increasingly become a favorite for runners of all skill levels, ranging from some of the world’s greatest elite runners to amateurs. It’s the second biggest marathon in the UK by far, and one of the five most popular in Europe, with over 24,000 people registered to run in the recent 2022 edition.

CEO of event organizers Human Race Events, Nick Rusling, said: “We are delighted to work alongside the adidas team. It quickly became apparent that we shared the same values ​​and passions. The Manchester Marathon and adidas are standout brands in the world of running and so the partnership is very natural. Working together is a huge step forward in our goal of improving lives through mass participation events for all.

Added Chris Walsh, VP Brand, adidas North Europe, “We are delighted to announce our title sponsorship of the Manchester Marathon. We are passionate about providing access to sport and enabling more people to enjoy running. At adidas we believe that through sport we have the power to change lives and we look forward to celebrating the hard work and dedication of every runner as they face race day in April 2023.”

Tickets for next year’s adidas Manchester Marathon are available from midday on Tuesday 5th April. To celebrate the new partnership, a new registration type will give runners the option to register and receive an adidas Manchester Marathon training t-shirt at a discounted price.

Image: Shutterstock

Alessia Truden shines at No. 1 in doubles, Quinnipiac women’s tennis extends winning streak to six after sweeping Monmouth – The Quinnipiac Chronicle


The Quinnipiac women’s tennis team swept Monmouth 7-0 on Tuesday afternoon at Guilford. The Bobcats (8-7, 2-0 MAAC) extended their winning streak to six games and the Hawks (3-10, 0-2 MAAC) lost their seventh in a row. The Bobcats have won their last nine games against the Hawks.

Although the Bobcats are 6-7 outside of conference play, head coach Paula Miller said she deliberately set a tough schedule so the team would be ready for the MAAC game.

“We have seven losses because we played against very good teams,” Miller said. “It’s to prepare for MAAC and hopefully we can win all of our games.”

The Bobcats snatched the doubles point, winning all three games. Senior Kamilla Nella and junior Alessia Truden played the No. 1 doubles. After taking an early two-game lead, the next three games were tied 2-1 in favor of the Hawks.

Nella and Truden won the next four matches, winning the set 6-2. Graduate student Brittney Wilbur and junior Claire Koscielski played the No. 2 doubles. They won two of the first three games to make it 2-1. Much like the No. 1 doubles team, Wilbur and Koscielski won the next four matches, giving them a 6-1 victory.

The No. 3 doubles match, played by graduate student Dominique Vasile and junior Jordan Bradley for Quinnipiac, went back and forth until the end. The Hawks took a 2-0 lead before the Bobcats tied it 2-2. The two teams would then trade wins until it was 5-5, bringing the win-by-two rule into play. The Bobcats won the next two games and won the game 7-5.

Quinnipiac won every singles match. Truden moved into first place in the singles and easily won 6-0, 6-1. After winning his weekend games against No. 2 Niagara, Miller said Truden had proven himself after recovering from injury. Nella moved up to number 2 in singles and split the first two sets, losing the first 6-4 before winning the next 6-3. The next set was a 10-point tiebreaker which Nella won 10-3.

“Kam did a great job,” Miller said. “It’s not hitting her, she won by one. I think the best for the team and for winning is Lessi at one, Kam at two and Claire at three which gives us one, two and three wins. But again, that could change the next game, so you never know.

The remaining matches were not pushed to a third set. Koscielski (6-1, 6-2) is 10-5 in singles matches this year and 6-0 in his last six singles matches. Vasile (6-2, 6-0), Bradley (6-4, 6-1) and Wilbur (6-1, 6-2) all came away with straight-set wins. Wilbur showed exceptional defense when playing close to the net, as the ball was kicked back and forth without ever touching the ground like badminton.

The Bobcats travel to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, to face the Rider Broncs (3-4, 0-1 MAAC) on April 7, in their third of six MAAC matchups to end the regular season.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and wife Lauren of Jersey Shore slammed ‘photoshop’ in photo as she ‘misses a nostril’


MIKE Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren, are called in for an apparent photoshop failure.

The Jersey Shore stars each shared a photo of themselves dressed up and ready for a night out on the town.


Jersey Shore star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren, have been accused of photographing this photoCredit: Lauren Sorrentino/Instagram
The couple were enjoying a rare daring mom/dad night


The couple were enjoying a rare daring mom/dad nightCredit: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino/Instagram

The couple hugged and smiled in the photo.

Mike, 39, chose to wear black pants and a tight white t-shirt that showed off his muscles.

Meanwhile, Lauren, 37, chose a figure-hugging black dress that shone under the lights.

They co-captioned the photo: “Mom and Dad have a hot date.”

Jersey Shore's Angelina Reveals If She's Returning As Fans Fear She's LEAVING
Jersey Shore Fans Say Snooki and JWoww Are Different With Lips

But on Redditfans noticed some inaccuracies in the allegedly photoshopped images and called out the pair.

One noted: “Definitely Photoshopped. Lauren doesn’t look anything like this, they shrunk her face too much. You can see how the edges are blurry too.

“I don’t know what the going rate is for a professional photographer, but I imagine any of the distribution partners can afford one.”

Another person harshly added: “Luckily Mike is no longer on probation because there is cheat written all over the place… who do they think they are fooling with this photoshop?”

Most read in Entertainment

Others criticized Lauren’s facial features.

“Does she only have one nostril?” one person asked, while another speculated, “I smell something fishy, ​​from a nostril of course.”

And some fans just wanted the stars to cut their losses and get rid of the cliché altogether: “She just needs to delete that. Take the L and move on,” one said bluntly.


Mike and Lauren tied the knot in 2018 after first meeting in college nearly 20 years prior.

They announced the arrival of their first child together in May 2021.

The duo shared the news on social media, after announcing they were expecting during an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

“Romeo Reign Sorrentino,” they captioned an Instagram post featuring their baby boy.

The cub was born weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches tall.


However, shortly after his birth, Romeo had a fever spike and was kept in the hospital for monitoring.

During an episode of the popular MTV reality series last month, Mike and Lauren learned that their son would be under watch for a few extra days.

Although the new father held firm for his wife, he admitted during confessionals that he was struggling.

He told the programme, “It was the hardest thing I’ve been through.

I work at Aldi - we have a secret trick to get customers moving fast
Pentagon releases 1,500 pages of secret files on obscure UFO program

“I want to be strong for Lauren and strong for my family, I hope everything will be fine in the end.”

A few days later, Mike learned from the hospital that Romeo was cleared to go home.

Mike and Lauren got married in 2018


Mike and Lauren got married in 2018Credit: Instagram
They first met in college 20 years ago


They first met in college 20 years agoCredit: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino/Instagram
The two share a son, Romeo


The two share a son, RomeoCredit: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino/Instagram

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Absurd, Outrageous, Fully Covered Top Picks: 8% More Returns


Violeta Stoimenova/E+ via Getty Images

Co-produced with Treading Softly

Recently I remembered a motto I heard in the movie “The Patriot”. In it, a former war hero and now a farmer played by Mel Gibson ambushes a group of British soldiers in the woods with two of his sons. He reminds them of a principle of aim when it reminds them to:

Aim small, miss small

What does it mean? When it comes to accuracy, it’s best to aim for the smallest part of your target, that way if you miss it, you’re still hitting the target in general. So you aim the target at a target, that way if you miss you still hit the target.

When it comes to income investing, I suggest you aim high, miss high. This means that you set your income goal well above the annual income you need, that way if you miss your goal, you will still be well within the realm of a livable income in your portfolio.

Today I want to help you ambush two excellent high yields. They will help your portfolio to produce excellent income, even in small amounts. I like to think of them as revenue catalysts.

Let’s dive into it.

Choice #1: AOP – Yield 8.3%

Many of the finer things in life are extremely rare. Rare things are usually very expensive. People will pay massive bounties for a rare bottle of wine, an old bottle of scotch, a unique gemstone, or a limited-edition painting that is sought after by those with lots of money to spend.

I also like rare things, but you won’t find what I’m looking for at a Sotheby’s auction house, nor will you find me paying dearly for the rarities I seek. One of my favorite rarities to buy is a PIMCO fund that trades at a discount to NAV.

PIMCO Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund (PDO) is one of the newest members of the PIMCO family of funds. PDO is now trading at a 5.4% discount to NAV. Probably, his youth is part of the reason. The PDO in allocations is most comparable to the PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund (PTY), the best performing PIMCO fund of all time. PTY has been around for 20 years, and since its inception you can count the number of times it has traded at a discount to NAV on the one hand: shortly after its inception, during the Great Financial Crisis, end 2015, and very briefly in March 2020.

Discount PTY or Premium to NAV
Data by YCharts

Although PTY is a bond fund that has outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception nearly 20 years ago, there are still plenty of skeptics.

“But leverage!!!” is the most common rallying cry of bears. They claim it’s super risky, but PIMCO has operated with much the same strategy for 20 years. During the Great Financial Crisis, thanks to COVID, the leverage that PIMCO regularly uses has not had a crippling impact. Why?

As a percentage of assets, leverage is high, often over 40%. However, CEFs are legally limited to borrowing only 33% of net asset value. The key is that PIMCO primarily uses “repurchase agreements”. These are non-recourse bonds where the securities PIMCO buys are the collateral for the ‘loan‘, this is a very common method of funding bonds and mortgages.

The key is that in the event of default, the lenders only recourse is to take collateral. This is what prevents PIMCO from triggering the 33% debt limit, as PIMCO’s equity exposed to debt risk is quite low. Here is a screenshot of PDO semi-annual report:

AOP funds remaining contractual term of the agreements

PDO semi-annual report

There are two key numbers highlighted here. PDO owes $1.6 billion. This bond is secured by collateral with a market value of $1.9 billion. Then, in the worst-case scenario, the end of the world scenario, PDO returns the collateral. Lose $1.9 billion in assets and erase $1.6 billion in debt for a net loss of $300 million. A total impact of $2.72/share is caused by the leverage effect which is approximately 15% of the net asset value. Therefore, the fund is no more risky than any other bond fund with a modest leverage of 15%.

“What about the rate hike? is the next thing the bears will say. Well, what about them? Here is PTY and PDI (PDI) the last time the Fed started a bullish cycle. See that line at the bottom with the lowest total return? It’s the S&P 500.

Return of AOP funds
Data by YCharts

It turns out that selling PIMCO funds to invest in stocks because rates were rising wasn’t a very smart move.

Even seven years later, the market still hasn’t learned. He’s selling PIMCO funds because rates are going up and it’s supposed to be “bad.” It created a fantastic buying opportunity then, and it still creates a fantastic buying opportunity today.

I like several of the PIMCO funds, and it’s often hard to choose between them. Yet today PDO is trading at a discount to NAV, it is run by the same managers and has a very similar style to PTY but is trading at a steep discount. Learn from history. When quality PIMCO funds are trading at a discount to NAV, buy them.

Choice #2: OXLC – Yield 12.6%

Oxford Lane Capital (OXLC) is a CEF that invests in CLOs (collateralized loan obligations). At HDO, we have been extremely optimistic about the CLOs to come in 2022.

CLOs are pools of leveraged loans. These are loans, generally granted by banks to companies with B/B+ credit ratings. These are “senior secure” first rank loans. These loans are at the absolute top of the capital stack. They are superior to any other debt or capital of the borrower.

The CLO aggregates these loans and then sells “slices” based on repayment seniority. At each payment, the A tranches must first be paid in full, then the B tranches and so on. OXLC focuses primarily on the “equity” tranche, this is the tranche that receives whatever is left over.

Since equity cannot collect a dime until payments have been made on all the “debt” tranches, it is in a “first loss” position. If a borrower defaults, it is the portion of capital that is paid less.

So, when monitoring CLO equity positions, our main concern must be default levels. How many borrowers will be unable to pay? How many borrowers need to make their payments to have a good return?

Keep in mind that OXLC earns credit card-like returns. As they pointed out in their Fourth Quarter Investor PresentationOXLC’s cash return on its investments is 29%.

OXLC Cash Yield

Fourth Quarter Investor Presentation

In other words, if all borrowers paid as agreed, OXLC would return 29%! Like a credit card company, you should assume that payment defaults will occur. OXLC collected a 29% return last quarter, but some of that return will likely be offset by future losses should borrowers default. “Weighted Average Effective Yield” is a measure that reflects historical average default rates of just under 3%, which is the effective yield that OXLC can expect to receive if default rates are average over the long term.

Currently, the default rate among leveraged loans is minimal. There has not been a single payment default in 2022 and only three payment defaults in the last 12 months.

OXLC default rate


Default rates are at historically low levels, and simply getting back to historical averages would require a dramatic increase. This means that the odds are high that OXLC will earn much more than the “effective” return suggests, unless we see a significant increase in default rates.

Yet, despite incredibly strong cash flow, in February the values ​​of the equity tranches fell to $59.60. In other words, the underlying borrowers owe $100 in face value and OXLC pays less than $60. These are incredibly low prices in an environment of default rates close to 0%.

Over the past year, OXLC has grown its CLO holdings by more than 38%, recognized the incredible buying opportunity and supported the truck. He had retained excess cash flow to reinvest and sold stocks at a premium to net asset value to now buy back CLO stock positions as quickly as possible.

Last quarter, OXLC produced a GAAP profit of $0.29. GAAP uses the more conservative “effective return” described above. This covers OXLC’s newly increased dividend of 128%. OXLC’s base earnings were much higher at $0.44, covering its dividend by 195%!

OXLC has great coverage, although a very large portion of its portfolio is not yet generating cash flow. As of December, $382 million in investments, or about 30% of OXLC’s portfolio, had yet to make their first distribution. This cash flow will begin to arrive over the next two quarters.


Fourth Quarter Investor Presentation

OXLC today yields more than 12.5%, hedges its dividend 128% by GAAP net income and 195% by cash earnings, and its cash flow will grow at a double-digit pace in the first half. OXLC is an incredible opportunity to earn such a high yield, well hedged and with very high potential for dividend growth.

This is why the CLO sector is one of our favorite opportunities of 2022.

The time of dreams

The time of dreams


Both of these absurd and outstanding returns are available for you in the market today. It’s not often that I can present you with a 12% return or higher that has an extremely high level of coverage – OXLC is a real gem that you’re missing out on if you don’t have one. Don’t let OXLC be your anthrax and seize this opportunity.

With PDO, its coverage was so strong that we got a nice Christmas bonus via a special dividend. I expect PDO to continue to provide me with excellent income month after month. Many of my readers ask for good monthly picks, today I’m giving you two.

Monthly dividends are extremely attractive because most of our bills and expenses accrue on a monthly basis. Every cash dividend is an infusion of opportunity and flexibility into your bank account. I like having flexibility in my life and my wallet. You can have it too.

Aim big, miss big, still end with an exceptional retirement. Welcome to Income Investing.

Kansas Jayhawks National Basketball Championship Victory Jerseys, KU Hats: Where to Get More Limited ‘Rock Chalk’ Fan Gear


Whether you’re watching the game or watching the No. 1-seeded Kansas Jayhawks (34-6) men’s basketball team make history with a 72-69 win over the No. 1 seed 8 North Carolina Tar Heels (29-10) at the 2022 NCAA Tournament National Championship Game in New Orleans, you may be looking to pick up a new shirt, hat, jersey or other championship win gear national to savor the moment.

The official Nike brand The 2022 Kansas Jayhawks National Champions Tee is available now and sells for $35 (pictured above). It’s the same shirt the players will wear in the locker room after the game and during on-pitch celebrations and it ships free if you order within the next few hours (use code “24BOAT”). There is also a version of this t-shirt made for women ($35).

There is also a cheaper version of the Kansas national champions logo t-shirt with a different design that costs $25, which also includes free shipping if you use the code described above.

If you want the official Adidas brand 2022 Kansas Jayhawks National Champions Cap that goes with the T-shirt shown above, you can also get it for $29.99 and ship it for free (code “24BOAT”).

You can also search all the latest college basketball national championship gear as it becomes available on Fanatics.com, which has just put its entire collection online. If a National Championship-specific item isn’t your cup of tea, you can also search Kansas’ entire collection of basketball gear, including jerseys, shirts, hats, socks, hoodies hoodie and more.

In addition to Country and World, there are tons of other options for Jayhawks fans to get gear if one of these items doesn’t do it for you. Again, here’s a complete rundown of all the Kansas 2022 National Championship Victory Kits in case you want to look up other models.

A reminder: All orders over $24 ship for free from Fanatics with the code “24BOAT” at the register.

What is Philo? The cheapest live TV streaming service: cost, what it includes

How to watch DAZN on your TV: what is it, what does it cost and does it include? Boxing fights, MMA and more

How to watch ESPN+ on TV: what is it, what does it cost and include?

Milwaukee Bucks Foundation Week to Celebrate Statewide Impact and Partners April 3-8


Week offering fans opportunities to purchase limited edition items, bid on exclusive Bucks experiences and more

In an effort to highlight the work of community leaders and nonprofit partners across the state, the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation is hosting Milwaukee Bucks Foundation Week April 3-8.

Milwaukee Bucks Foundation Week will offer fans the opportunity to purchase limited-edition items, bid on exclusive Bucks experiences and items, and learn more about the Foundation’s work to help the Wisconsin community thrive .

“Milwaukee Bucks Foundation Week is an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on community leaders and partners who are doing impactful and incredible work to uplift communities across the state,” said Arvind Gopalratnam, Executive Director of Milwaukee Bucks Foundation. “As we continue to build our impact off the field in the areas of justice reform, empowerment, youth education, health and wellbeing, and civic engagement, we thank Bucks fans for their year-round support in making our mission a reality for millions of people across our state.”

During Foundation Week, Bucks fans can participate in an online auction open until Friday, April 8 at 10 p.m. Bucks Foundation. These auction items include:

  • Big 3 Jersey Package:
    • Signed jerseys of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday
  • Giannis Rookie training shirt:
    • A training shirt signed by Giannis Antetokounmpo from his rookie season
  • First round playoffs:
    • Lower Bowl Tickets and Parking for Two at a 2022 First Round Playoff Game at Fiserv Forum
  • Behind Bally Sports:
    • Package includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bally Sports Wisconsin broadcast truck at Fiserv Forum and a meet and greet with Bucks broadcasters Marques Johnson, Lisa Byington and Zora Stephenson for four at a Bucks 2022-23 game
  • Bucks Gaming galore:
    • Package includes Bucks gaming gear, gaming accessories and controller signed by 2022 Bucks gaming team

Additionally, during Bally Sports Wisconsin’s broadcast of the Bucks’ game against the Detroit Pistons this Friday, fans can purchase a special Mystery Box through the online auction platform. Each box includes at least one Bucks memorabilia item from the 2020-21 Championship season and one autographed item, while a limited number of boxes will include an autographed jersey of one of the Bucks’ current five starting players.

Bids can be placed on all items and Mystery Boxes can be purchased by visiting www.bucks.com/mbfweek.

During Foundation Week, fans can also purchase an exclusive item that will only be available that week. Available as a t-shirt or sweatshirt, the retail-exclusive item features the Bucks “UNDIVIDED” logo and is available now at www.bucks.com/mbfweek.

Fans can also support Foundation Week by visiting MECCA Sports Bar & Grill tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5, for a Bucks watch party as the team takes on the Chicago Bulls. A drink special will be donated by Tanduay, with all proceeds from the sale of the drink going to the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation. Additionally, a percentage of all sales at La MECCA tomorrow night will benefit the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation.

The Milwaukee Bucks Foundation is dedicated to improving outcomes for underserved populations in Wisconsin by providing financial grants, developing innovative partnerships, and supporting impactful ideas in education, health, and welfare. -being, empowerment, civic engagement and justice reform. Since its inception in 2016, the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation has awarded more than $2.5 million to nonprofits across the state of Wisconsin.

To learn more about Milwaukee Bucks Foundation Week, visit www.bucks.com/mbfweek.

Limited-edition CHPT3 women’s range aims for “femininity” without “stereotypical colors or patterns”


CHPT3, the brainchild of former pro cyclist David Millar, has collaborated with Garmin to create a limited-edition kit, produced “for women, by women”.

CHPT3’s Biarritz collection was imagined by the brand’s head of design, Ella Tomkins, and says the range is “set to prove that cycling gear can be feminine, technical and durable”.

The range – made up of women’s bib shorts (without bib), a cycling jersey and two base layers – is named after the town in the Basque country in France, which the brand says is “a unique town with style, attitude and made famous by royalty and the elite.”

AT weekly cyclingwe wonder if the construction of the jersey will be just as selective about its fit, especially since the chest size doesn’t always increase evenly with the rest of the upper body.

To me the design is slightly reminiscent of those very cute camisoles and sundresses that look great on the hanger but are only suitable for women who have exactly the right “bust to rest” ratio, with proportionately larger busts that have tend not to be encapsulated in the “breast pocket”. However, I noted in our recent issue’s editorial on women that female cyclists are not a homogenous group; we wouldn’t expect a range of men’s kits to please all neither do male cyclists.

CHPT3 sent us pictures of the kit on a range of body shapes, and commenting on the fit, Tomkins told us, “We tried and tested this kit on different body shapes, they all looked really good. “


(Image credit: CHPT3)

The product marketing images (above) are arguably reminiscent of the male gaze-influenced approaches used elsewhere in women’s fashion, which many brands – Assos being a prime example – have moved away from. However, there are also other bike-focused images (below).


(Image credit: CHPT3)

Describing the range, CHTP3’s press release says the kit aims to “inspire, empower and motivate” cyclists, stating: “The sportswear paradigm is changing. Slowly but surely, more and more female voices are emerging, paving the way for what it means to excel in a world that has until now been a male-dominated space.Our Head of Design, Ella Tomkins, is one of them.This capsule of 3 pieces is a material manifestation of his belief that cycling kit can be more.

Aiming to channel “femininity…not in stereotypical colors or patterns”, the collection uses “beautiful materials, the finest trimmings and carefully chosen accessories…woven together in Italy to create something that never not compromise style for performance or vice versa.”

The range, says CHPT3, uses “stripes creating the effect of a ‘cinched waist’ without changing the fit of the jersey or shorts”.

The waist shorts (£149/$205) come with a 60mm wide hem panel with a silicone print and women’s elastic interface pad, and use a wide waistband inspired by yoga wear , with 65% of the material coming from recycled polyamide (PA) and 35% elastane (EA).

The jersey (£149/$205) is made from 85% recycled PA and 15% EA and comes with UV protection, it weighs 115g and comes with three pockets.

There are two base layer models (£55/$75), and both come with a ‘sanitized antimicrobial finish to eliminate odours’.

Sizes range from XS to XXL, you can see the kit here.

Washington Nationals Set New Sales Record With City Connect Cherry Blossom Jersey


The rebuilding Washington Nationals may have a tough season this year, but off the field they are more beloved than ever. The proof comes from jersey sales.

On Wednesday, the Nationals released a stunning Cherry Blossom jersey design. The jersey set a new MLB City Connect Day 1 sales record, surpassing the previous seven teams that participated last year. These markets include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Phoenix.

The news was first reported by Darren Rovell.

Rovell wrote on Twitter:

The @Nationals set day one sales records for City Connect jerseys from any MLB team with the unveiling of their Cherry Blossom jersey.

Yesterday was the highest first day of sales for any City Connect jersey, beating the second best day of sales for a team by 58%.

The MLB store offered blank and Juan Soto jerseys online. The replicas went for $159 while the authentic ones sold for nearly $500. All sizes of the Soto Cherry Blossom adult replica jersey are sold out at midnight on the first day, except for XXL. Adult sizes of Nationals Cherry Blossom jerseys are now completely sold out although there are youth, toddler and preschool sizes available.

A representative for the Fanatics told RMNB that it is “difficult to give a definitive answer” on whether there will be future MLB store restocks of Nationals cherry blossom jerseys from Nike.

The Nationals also physically sold cherry blossom jerseys at their team store in Nats Park. They held a coming out party on Wednesday which included Clydesdale horses. The Nationals team store had other players available on cherry blossom jerseys, including Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg and Josh Bell.

Popular cherry blossom items still available online include fitted, flexible and adjustable hats. While the Soto jerseys have disappeared, a cherry blossom shirsey The Sporting Soto name and number 22 are available in plus sizes, XL and XXL. The are also cherry blossom hoodies, shirts and socks.

You can see what’s left of the Cherry Blossom merchandise in the MLB Shop’s online store here.

RMNB will receive a tiny percentage of everything purchased through the MLB Shop links in this article. These funds will be used to pay our writers, improve our infrastructure, and help us create more great content for you. This is one of the easiest and best ways to support the site.

Successful fintech companies: Pune has a new claim to fame


Long before fintech became a buzzword in the startup landscape, Ramesh Mengawade established five payment technology companies in Pune. It sold ElectraCard, a card processing company, to Mastercard and Opus Software, a digital payment processing company, to Western Union. Mastercard and Western Union used these acquisitions to enter India and have since expanded their presence in the country. Serial entrepreneur Ram Iyer, Founder and CEO of Pune-based Vayana Network, has facilitated $8 billion in supply chain finance on the Vayana platform. He previously co-founded payments technology company Cashtech Solutions, which was sold to Nasdaq-listed Fundtech. And recently, digital payment startup IZealiant Technologies was acquired by fintech unicorn Razorpay. IZealiant is in payment banking solutions with deployments in dozens of banks.

There are other entrepreneurs who have built their fintech business from the city. Lending app EarlySalary, founded by Akshay Mehrotra and Ashish Goyal, which offers cash loans, personal loans, BNPL and linked credit cards to young middle-income Indians, has become one of the biggest lending companies. consumer lending fintech, having disbursed Rs 5,400 crore of digital credit across 2.4 million loans in six years. Srinivas Kantheti, former chairman of Bajaj Auto, co-founded WheelsEMI, which is now the largest used two-wheeler finance company in the country. It paid out Rs 1,234 cr to 2,50,391 customers across 130 venues. It has now added against-vehicle lending and electric vehicle financing to its portfolio.

The number of successful fintech companies emerging from Pune has led to more entrepreneurs making it their home base, making the city one of the fastest growing fintech hubs in India. Abhishant Pant, founder of The Fintech Meetup, a fintech accelerator, said that within the next two months there will be a fintech unicorn of Pune, putting the city firmly on the fintech map.

In 2019, The Fintech Meetup partnered with a Pune-based tech startup incubator, Idea’s to Impact, to bring together all players in the fintech ecosystem. There were 29 fintech startups in Pune at that time. They met again on March 22 and found the number had tripled to 90, with many more working in stealth mode.

Pune’s proximity to Mumbai, the financial capital, has made it particularly attractive in this context, says Pant. “Pune is a welcoming city with a Bengaluru-like ecosystem, but without the problems that Bengaluru faces, such as traffic. It offers better infrastructure in terms of lower cost of starting a business, as well as HR and technology talent with an understanding of financial services,” he adds.

Gireendra Kasmalkar, founder of Ideas to Impact, said the city will soon build critical mass in the field. “We’re getting there quickly with a lot of pieces coming together,” he says. Talent and access to capital, customers and financial institutions have been driving the growth in the number of B2B fintech companies. In fact, Idea’s to Impact is launching an incubation program for early-stage fintech startups in Pune. According to Kasmalkar, fintech startups have often been asked to relocate to Bangalore or Delhi by investors for better access to capital. The aim is to attract more angel investors to Pune and make sure that doesn’t happen, he says.

Maneesh Bhandari, founder and CEO of GrowthPal, and one of the leading angel investors, says the city has the key ingredients of a financial services hub due to the presence of around 100 back offices of banks and institutions. financial. This has helped create an ecosystem where fintech product and service businesses can thrive. According to him, Pune and Chennai have the biggest fintech talent force in the country. “Pune also has a lot of tech talent with a startup mindset. And that makes the city a natural hub for fintech startups,” says Bhandari.

The Fintech Meetup and Idea’s to Impact team is confident to further develop the fintech ecosystem and increase the base to 200 fintech startups. Pune-headquartered Cosmos Co-operative Bank recently hosted the Pune Fintech Meetup, attended by the founders of successful Pune-based fintech startups. These included Vayana Network, EarlySalary, LoanTap, Sarvatra Technologies, Phi Commerce, One Card, Electronica Finance, PayGlocal, DocBoyz and Wrapped Asset Project.

Cougars Claw Back, Same Series


HOUSTON– Houston starter Nathan Medrano was off, supporting a rejuvenated offense as the Cougars bounced back to defeat Wichita State, 5-3 to tie the three-game series on Saturday night from Sanders Field at Schroeder Park.

Medrano (4-1) set career highs for strikeouts (9) and innings pitched (7.1). The right-hander worked about six hits, allowing only one run and two walks. The Gilroy, Calif., native held the Shockers (12-14, 1-1 Americans) off the board until the eighth inning.

After being held in check Friday night, Houston (18-9, 1-1 American) broke through with three runs, aided by four hits, in the second inning. Malachi Lott lined up an RBI single in center field and Ian McMillan smashed a two-run homer for his first of the season.

The Cougars added confidence in the seventh, taking advantage of a Brandon Burkel starting step. The second baseman went home on a Brandon Uhse sacrifice fly forward Zach Arnold hit a solo home run, his team-leading fifth long ball, just inside the left-field foul post.

Houston closer Ben Sear failed a runner at second in the eighth on a pair of strikeouts. The Riverside, RI native allowed a two-run homer in the ninth inning but left the tying run at home plate.

Wichita State starter Payton Tolle (2-3) allowed three runs on seven hits in 6.0 innings. Offensively, the Shockers were held at 3 for 17 (.176) with runners on board. Eight-hole hitter Xavier Casserilla (3-for-4) led the way with three hits and two RBIs.


The teams close the three-game series at 1 p.m. Sunday. The Cougars will send right-handed Derrick Cherry (2-1, 3.65 ERA) to the mound against right-hander Cameron Bye (2-0, 0.00 ERA).

As part of the 75th anniversary celebration weekend, tickets are priced at just $7.50. Come out on Sunday for Children’s Day and Family Day at the ballpark. Children (12 and under) get in free with their junior jersey and can run for the bases after the game.


Fans can help support the Houston Baseball program directly by joining the Dugout Club. To learn more about the Dugout Club, text UHBASEBALL to 71777, call Cougar Pride at (713) 743-GoUH or visit UHCougarPride.com.

Follow Houston Baseball onTwitterand Instagram at @UHCougarBB, and “Like” Houston Cougar Baseball on Facebook.

Kansas dons Title IX shirts ahead of Final Four game with Villanova


Adidas launched its “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign last week, which gave more than 50,000 student-athletes the opportunity to leverage their name, image and likeness (NIL).

Adidas’ new initiative furthers the brand’s goal of creating a more equitable and inclusive future in sport.

As part of the NIL campaign, Adidas honored the 50th anniversary of Title IX legislation with brand school warm-ups during the Final Four.

Kansas became the first Final Four men’s school to don the shooting jerseys during warmups.

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The front of the shirt featured text that read “More Is Possible” along with the Jayhawks logo, while the back featured the passage of Title IX legislation.

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation, denied benefits, or discriminated against in connection with any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance,” the shirts read.

The Jayhawks will have another opportunity to wear the jerseys Monday night if they choose, as the school advances to the national championship game with an 81-65 win over Villanova on Saturday night.

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Female Crew Races at Cayuga Duals



ITHACA, NY – The Ithaca College women’s team had their first opportunity to race this weekend for the 2022 Spring season at Cayuga Duals. The race featured opponents from Williams College and Williams Smith College. The Regatta also held races for the IC Men’s Team, Bucknell University, Hobart College and Cornell University.

The first event of the day for the Bombers was the women’s four. IC’s lineup featured older people Holly Rybnick and Kelsey Lavine as well as junior Katrina Pohlmann and sophomores Emma Anderson and Melanie Belmont. The four took the win against the Herons with a final time of 8:39.14 to Williams Smith’s 9:27.42.

The next race for the women was the second varsity eight. The range included Devi de Oliveira, Emilie Lighthall, Edie McRoberts, Carlie Wohlfahrt, Erika Elcsisin, Brenna Hanraty, Madelyn Farber, Erin Trojan and Emma Hammel. The Bombers fell to Williams College by a margin of about six seconds. The last times for the boats were Ithaca, 7:39.37 and Williams Smith, 7:33.75.

The Bomber’s third varsity boat raced next, led by seniors Rachel Valentine and Grace Collins as well as juniors Lauren Hitesman and paige pimental. IC was beaten by William’s College who finished in 7:51.20. Ithaca finished the course in 8:27.19.

The next race for IC was the Novice Women’s Eight. It was the first racing experience for all the athletes in this boat. Women fell at William’s College. The Bombers clocked 8:35.63 while William’s College finished in 8:02.77.

The last race of the day for the Bombers was the most anticipated event, the women’s varsity eight. The lineup included a coxswain Michele Hyland and rowers Allison Arndt, Eliza is worth, Dania Bogdanovic, Taylor Volmrich, Izzy Ozkurt, Glenn Hartley, Karley Whalen and Laura Trainor. The heat included entries from all three schools.

The Bombers placed second in what was the closest race of the day. Williams College took first place with a final time of 7:41.20, IC finished behind them with a time of 7:43.10 and Williams Smith finished in 8:12.90.

The Bombers will practice this week in preparation for the Knecht Cup in Camden, New Jersey, next Saturday. Next, the team will face RIT at home on Cayuga Inlet on April 16.

“I wanted to see a green jersey again because I didn’t want it to end like this”


FOR A TIME it looked like a Six Nations defeat to England in February 2020 would be Nicole Cronin’s last cap for Ireland. A sportsman’s life often takes unexpected twists and turns, but at the time, Cronin had no idea what was in store for him.

The talented scrum-half had been in and around Irish teams since the 2017 World Cup, but as Covid arrived and wreaked havoc on the sporting calendar, it also appeared to halt Cronin’s development as a rugby player international dead in its tracks. The phone stopped ringing when then-manager Adam Griggs decided to go in a new direction.

“It was unbelievably difficult,” admits Cronin, the player who can openly discuss that tough time now that she’s back in the squad, having been rescheduled to play in the semi-finals.

“I had conversations with coaches and they had their opinions. It was just about leaving, working on your game. I didn’t know, though, that I would change positions at this point! I left and I worked on what I was told to work on, which could potentially get me back into a team.

It hurt, but I think it led to me having probably one of my best seasons with Munster and Bohs (UL Bohemians), to be honest. The goal was probably to come back here. I wanted to see a green jersey again because I didn’t want that to be how it ended.

Last weekend, Cronin won his 17th cap for Ireland, and his first as a 10-year-old. We understand why her coaches saw fit to move her among the half-backs.

A player of great skill and a superb passer, Cronin brings energy and invention to the 10 shirt, a position that has become problematic for Irish teams.

Cronin’s move at half-time saw Stacey Flood move through the middle.

Credit: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

His move also allowed Stacey Flood to offer his playmaking abilities from the center, with the pair working well together in the loss to Wales. As with many areas of this Irish side, there are some creases to iron out in their relationship on the pitch, but early signs are promising.

“(It’s) incredibly nice because Stacey is also left-handed, so that gives us both options,” Cronin continues.

It’s not like a typical 10 is the only playmaker. We now have a playmaker on both sides of the ball, so if you’re in a position where you don’t turn the corner for some reason, then maybe Stacey will step in. She does a terrific job to be honest.

It will be interesting to see how this latest semi-final experience plays out for Ireland, with the move being overseen by new head coach Greg McWilliams and former Irish 10 Niamh Briggs. Briggs is a former teammate of Cronin, and the pair have been close ever since the relationship grew to one of player and coach.

Cronin also has extensive sports experience to draw on, UL Bohs featured a talented football player before deciding to focus on the oval ball.

“I played both rugby and football growing up and got to a position where you kind of had to make a choice, it just wasn’t doable because there were opportunities on both sides” , she explains.


Cronin and Briggs as teammates in 2018.

Source: Bryan Keane/INPHO

“At the time, football was where I wanted to go. I was tipping, getting involved with Irish minors and a video of a competition in Croatia [European U19 Qualifiers in 2010] obviously headed for America. I went to Kansas but the coach there was from Cork so I think he was watching…I ended up going to the US before I got my Leaving Cert results, my parents got them!

“I went to Hutchinson (Community College) for two and a half years, almost three. I had an amazing time, but I ended up falling in love with football. It had nothing to do with the United States. I have just, for some reason or another, reached what I would call an end point. I came home that summer, I had a year left in my degree, but I felt like it wasn’t for me anymore and I stayed here. I don’t have too many regrets about it, I still think it was the right decision for me.

Back in the squad and set to start their second consecutive game at half-time when Ireland take on France today, it certainly looks like that.

Cronin has played 10 at club level but admits she still has a lot to learn about the position. She hopes the footballer in her can help with the transition. She pulled off a great conversion from the touchline last weekend and in the remaining Six Nations matches in Ireland she will be looking to show more of her attacking threat with the ball in hand.

I never really thought football and rugby would work together, but I think it does at half time, it helps to know how flat I can or can’t be sometimes. It’s definitely speed, it’s not too different from getting the ball at your feet in the middle of the park in football and looking to reveal yourself. I see a bit of variation there, to be honest.

Its development as a semi-finalist will take patience and a lot of hard work, which is a familiar theme around this new Irish side.


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Having lost so much experience between the end of the Adam Griggs era and the start of the McWilliams era, it feels like Ireland are almost starting from scratch. In France today, 24-time capped Eimear Considine will once again be Ireland’s most experienced player on the pitch.

The team are also looking to implement a new game plan, based on open, attacking rugby that allows the players to be the decision-makers – much like what we’ve seen from the senior men’s and U20 teams over the past two last months.

These things don’t happen overnight, of course – again Andy Farrell’s side are an example of this – but there were encouraging signs against Wales at the RDS.

France promise to offer an even tougher test in Toulouse today, but win or lose, Ireland’s goals are longer term.

“It’s like anything else with a new group and it’s not just a new group of players, it’s also a new management group,” Cronin said.

Everything takes time. The pressure will rise, everyone wants to win, we are not naive but you just have to be a little patient, it will take time but there is something special in this group.

“We also have to understand that these Six Nations, five other teams have another goal, their goal is to go to the World Cup and play well with them, they qualified and we didn’t, so our goal is to be in a fairly good position early next year.

“That’s not to say we’re not aiming this year, but we just have to be very realistic about what to expect from the different teams that will be at a World Cup. They throw different shots and we’ll be prepared for that. this and will come out doing our best every week, but we’re just in a very different situation. There’s something good growing. We’re just asking for a little patience to be honest.

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How Massive Average Hourly Wage Gains Look Ridiculous Against the Reality of Soaring Prices


Rents, houses, used and new vehicles, gasoline, groceries, forget it, hahahaha

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

One of the consequences of the very tight labor market is the surge in hourly wages, particularly for workers in the category of “production and non-managerial employees” in the private sector, where the average hourly wage jumped by 6.7% for the third consecutive month in March, compared to a year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other than lockdown distortions in April and May 2020, this is the biggest gain since early 1982.

They are workers in all industries and all non-management jobs, ranging from waiters to Facebook coders and Goldman Sachs traders. In dollars, the average salary of production and non-supervisory employees increased by $0.11 from the previous month and $1.71 from a year ago, reaching $27.06.

The average wage distortions that occurred in April and May 2020 reflect the effects of the shutdowns, when many low-wage employers, such as restaurants and retailers, were closed and their employees were laid off. Their relatively lower salaries have fallen outside the averages, while many people in higher-paying service jobs, such as those in financial services, technology and other sectors, have shifted to working from home.

As millions of low-wage earners were laid off, high earners became a larger proportion of wage earners and drove up year-over-year gains in the average hourly wage. In April and May 2021, the weak year-over-year gains mirror the strong base a year earlier.

Average hourly compensation in the private sector as a whole rose 5.6% year over year in March. In dollar terms, the average rose $1.67 year over year to $31.73 per hour.

But these large wage gains have been overtaken by prices.

Despite the largest increases in the average hourly wage of production workers and non-supervisors since 1982, these people are worse off. They might feel better with their higher salary for a little while, until they try to buy something – and discover that prices have greatly exceeded these wage gains:

Rentals of apartments and single-family homes in the United States, according to the Zillow Observed Rent Index, which rose 17% a year ago, two and a half times the pace of wage gains.

Rents climbed 11% or more in the 14 largest cities, top: Miami (+32%, red line), Phoenix (+25%, blue line) and Atlanta (+20%, brown line). The smallest spike of the 14 largest metros occurred in Detroit (+11%).

The median house price in the United States jumped 15% from a year ago to $357,300, according to the National Association of Realtors. It was more than double the pace of wage gains:

Durable Goods Prices – dominated by new and used vehicles, but also furniture, consumer electronics, etc. to the 1950s (red line in the graph below).

This peak was more than two and a half times the pace of wage gains. It was fueled by the prices of used vehicles (+41.2% = 6x wage gains) and new vehicles (+12.4% = nearly twice the wage gains).

Prices of non-durable goods – led by food, gasoline, other energy and household supplies – climbed 10.7%, the worst price increases since July 2008 (purple line):

This is why inflation is an insidious force.

The biggest pay wins are happening at the top, with top corporate executives getting raises that run into millions of dollars, on top of huge equity compensation packages. And many of the highly paid employees of these companies are enjoying massive dollar compensation increases, as well as their stock compensation plans. Their holdings have exploded since March 2020, in line with the Fed’s money-printing orgy. These folks might complain about the higher costs and shake their heads at the gas pump, but they’ll be fine in this crazy inflationary environment.

But people who earn an hourly wage, they won’t do well. Their raises might help them feel better briefly — until they have to gas up their car, get groceries, pay the rent increase, or buy a car. And if they want to buy a house, well, forget it. Along with house prices that have eluded them, mortgage rates have now jumped. And that 6.7% salary increase is going to seem ridiculous compared to reality.

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Josh Harris and David Blitzer – ‘It’s the Premier League. You have to be brave’ – The Athletic


There are four shortlisted offers to take over Chelsea from Roman Abramovich, led by Todd Boehly, David Blitzer and Josh Harris, the Ricketts family and Ken Griffin, and Stephen Pagliuca.

Raine Group, the New York-based bank managing the sale process, aims to complete its part of the deal by the end of April, when it will present its preferred bidder to the government and the Premier League.

Athletic profile all four bidders. We started with the Ricketts and Griffin family, then the consortium led by Boehly. Turning now to Sir Martin Broughton’s offer and, in particular, his main backers Blitzer and Harris…

It should be recognized at the outset that the consortium set up by Sir Martin Broughton and led by Lord Coe, both Chelsea fans, is apparently appealing for financial support from all corners of the globe. It is made up of highly capitalized individuals from “four or five continents”, according to the former chairman of British Airways and, briefly, Liverpool.

They have presumably honored their promise to be “completely transparent” about the makeup of their investors in talks with Raine Group but, so far, they have publicly kept schtum on the sources of their money.

Women’s History Month | Camden County, New Jersey


As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we would like to take the time to recognize the extraordinary women who hold leadership positions in all of our Camden County municipalities. These women help ensure that our communities remain safe, active and enjoyable places to live and work. From newly elected leaders to experienced leaders, the women of this county continue to make a meaningful difference in our region. We know that many of them juggle multiple responsibilities, both personally and professionally, but still manage to get the job done! Let’s applaud these women for their leadership, strength and resilience.

We are proud to announce that Camden County is working to create an upcoming exhibit in March 2023 that will celebrate the county’s women past and present. We look forward to sharing this event with you for next year’s Women’s History Month.

Tribute to women in Camden County currently in local office

Download the commemorative poster

Councilor Jennifer Apell, Township of Cherry Hill
Councilor Nancy Randolph Baus, City of Gloucester
Mayor and Commissioner Colleen Bianco Bezich, Haddonfield Borough
Councilor Paula Bonamassa, Magnolia Borough
Councilor Shaneka Boucher, Camden City
Mayor Theresa Branella, Borough of Brooklawn
Mayor Jamila Bremmer, Borough of Chesilhurst
Councilor President Sarah Cairns, Oaklyn Borough
Councilor Karen Chew, Borough of Chesilhurst
Councilor Patricia Corry-Gaft, Borough of Pine Hill
Vice President Councilor Sheila Davis, Camden City
Mayor BettyAnn Cowling-Carson, Borough of Magnolia
Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, State of New Jersey
City Councilor Patricia Cummings, Borough of Berlin
Councilor Sangeeta Doshi, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Trisha Egbert, Borough of Haddon Heights
Committee Member Jacklyn Fetbroyt, Canton of Voorhees
Councilor Johann Fina, Borough of Bellmawr
Councilor Brenda Franks, Borough of Clementon
Alternate Michelle Gentek-Mayer, Camden County
Councilor Michele Golkow, Township of Cherry Hill
Councilor Carolyn Grace, Township of Gloucester
Councilor Linda Hall, Borough of Stratford
Mayor Patti Harris, Borough of Barrington
Councilor Linda Hess, Borough of Lindenwold
Councilor Monica Holmes, Borough of Chesilhurst
Councilor Rhonda Wardlow Hurley, Lawnside
Councilor Cathleen Jordan, Borough of Chesilhurst
Commissioner Melinda Kane, County of Camden
Councilor Christine Karcsh, Borough of Gibbsboro
Councilor Eleanor Kelly, Borough of Runnemede
Congresswoman Pamela Lampitt, State of New Jersey
Deputy Mayor Marie D. Lawrence, Township of Winslow
Councilor Pearlie C. Lee, Borough of Chesilhurst
Committee Member Evelyn M. Leverett, Township of Winslow

Councilor Maria C. Littles, Borough of Chesilhurst
Councilor Tina Lomanno, Borough of Stratford
Attorney Grace MacAulay, County of Camden
Councilor Nancy MacGregor, Borough of Oaklyn
Mayor Phyllis A. Magazzu, Canton of Berlin
Council Chair Mary F. Martz, Borough of Magnolia
Council Chair Julie McCleary, Borough of Brooklawn
Council Member Patricia McConnell, Borough of Brooklawn
Councilor Cindy Morales, Borough of Merchantville
Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, State of New Jersey
Deputy Mayor Michelle Nocito, Township of Voorhees
Councilor Shawn Parker, Magnolia Borough
Patty Passio, Council Chair, Borough of Runnemede
Councilor Odessa Patton, Borough of Lindenwold
Councilor Regina Philipps, Borough of Haddon Heights
Mayor Jessica Rafeh, Township of Pennsauken
Councilor Cheryle Randolph-Sharpe, Borough of Lindenwold
Councilor Felisha Reyes-Morton, Camden City
Deputy Mayor Nikki Roberts, Township of Pennsauken
Commissioner Morgan Robinson, Borough of Collingswood
Commissioner Carmen Rodriguez, County of Camden
Councilor Carole Roskoph, Township of Cherry Hill
Councilwoman Kate Russo, Borough of Haddon Heights
Sharon Earley, Council Chair, Borough of Woodlynne
Mayor Susan Shin-Angulo, Township of Cherry Hill
Councilor Sandra Sinon, Borough of Lindenwold
Councilman Nohemi G. Soria-Perez, Camden City
Councilor Holly Strobl, Clementon Borough
Councilor Andrea Stubbs, Township of Gloucester
Councilor Marilyn Torres, Camden City
Council Vice-Chair Tracey Trotto, Township of Gloucester
Councilwoman Dot Valianti, Borough of Oaklyn
Mayor Mry Ann Wardlow, Lawnside
Councilor Shelly Wilson, Borough of Magnolia
Councilor Michelle Winters, Township of Gloucester
Councilor Dawn Wright-McLeod, Lawnside

Masters 2022: Elements of style


The Masters at August National Golf Club is one of the most anticipated spring traditions. The play of the best in the game is captivating, but onlookers are also drawn to the colors – from azaleas and peaches to chili peppers and green jackets.

This year’s field will blend seamlessly into the many hues, sporting new collections of golf apparel and footwear, which run the gamut of fresh prints and colors.

Welcome to Masters Scripting 2022.

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Sam BurnsTravis Mathew masters scripting
Golf Macade |  Mastery Scenario
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Collin Morakawa Adidas Masters '22 Script
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Shahid Kapoor-Mrunal Thakur looks pissed for Jersey promotion, Tiger Shroff-Tara Sutaria glamorous for Heropanti 2


Thursday was a busy day for our Bollywood stars as many kicked off promotions for their upcoming movies. Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur made headlines as they started promoting Jersey again. On a few occasions, the duo have been caught on camera by the paparazzi amid promotions and on Thursday, the stylish duo once again turned heads with their on-trend looks. On the other hand, Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria also came out for the promotions of Heropanti 2 in a dance reality show.

Shahid-Mrunal promotes Jersey

As Shahid and Mrunal out, the paps caught up with them. The duo were seen showcasing their best looks for promotions for their upcoming film. Mrunal was dressed in a trendy look consisting of a white shirt with a matching jacket and pants with a colorful patchwork on them. She paired it with cool sunglasses. On the other hand, Shahid was snapped in a black shirt with pants and a brown blazer. The beautiful star added sunglasses to complete her fashion-forward look. Speaking of Jersey, the movie is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2022.

Shahid Kapoor promotes the jersey in town

Mrunal Thakur promotes jersey in town

Tiger-Tara kills in shades of black and red for Heropanti 2

Tara and Tiger promote heropanti 2

Tara Sutaria in a saree for the Heropanti 2 promotion

Tara Sutaria in saree for Heropanti 2 promotion 1

Tiger Shroff for the Heropanti 2 promotion

Tiger Shroff for Heropanti 2 promo 1

Another film slated for release next month is Heropanti 2. Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria have also been busy promoting the film and on Thursday they were pictured on the sets of a children’s reality show. While Tara opted for a red saree with her hair tied up in an elegant bun and dangling earrings, guarded tiger it’s chic in an all black look. The handsome star completed her look with some cool sunglasses. Heropanti is set to release on Eid Day 2022. It will collide with track 34 by Ajay Devgn.

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Suspected hitman caught on camera counting PPP money used in murder of TSA agent


A man allegedly hired to assassinate a TSA agent has been filmed counting the money he likely received as payment for the crime.

On Wednesday, the Florida State’s Attorney’s Office released video showing 29-year-old Javon Carter counting several hundred-dollar bills. Investigators believe the money Carter can see counting was money he received for the alleged murder of 24-year-old Le’Shonte Jones, according to WPLG.

The money allegedly came into Carter’s possession through Jasmine Martinez, 33, as part of a fraudulent loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, officers said. Martinez, WPLG reports, took out a $15,000 loan under the government program designed to help small businesses in April. Psychology Today says, “The masterminds of murder-for-hire can be richer than sin or poorer than dirt. They can be husbands, wives, exes, in-laws, business partners, or friends; their victims too.”

Authorities have released video of a suspected hitman counting money he allegedly received for the hire-for-hire plot of a TSA agent in Miami, Florida. Above is a wad of US dollar bills ($1), US, circa 1985.
Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images

About $10,000 of the relief funds, detectives said, was used by Martinez as payment to Carter for the May 3 murder of Jones.

Jones, who was with her 3-year-old daughter at the time, was fatally shot just outside her apartment in southern Miami-Dade County. WPLG reported that the child was injured but did not provide details of his condition.

In the 35-second video, which WPLG reports officers found on Carter’s phone, he can be heard saying, “Another day at the office.”

The video was released on Wednesday, WPLG reports, because the alleged hitman, Carter, has been in jail since Feb. 3.

He faces several counts related to the crime, including first degree murder, first degree murder with a deadly weapon as well as two counts of tampering with a witness and two additional counts of possession of a weapon. by a criminal.

However, Carter is not the only person detained in connection with Jones’ murder. Since February 21, Martinez has been in prison. She, says WPLG, faces charges of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, two counts of tampering with a witness as well as intercepting communication.

Court records show Martinez and Jones had a violent history. In 2016, Martinez was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly punching Jones. However, the charges against Martinez were later dropped.

Then, two years later, Martinez was arrested again for an attack on Jones. Fast forward two years to 2020, Martinez’s ex-boyfriend was also arrested for a reported attack on Jones.

A third person, Romiel Robinson, 35, is also in custody for his connection to Jones’ murder. According to the police, Robinson acted as an intermediary between Carter and Martinez.

It comes after a 14-year-old girl in Louisiana allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

The girl, according to police, apparently visited “rentahitman.com, a satirical website, to fulfill her request. Someone with the website contacted police and she was arrested. And a 52-year-old woman was arrested for using the same website in November last year to kill her ex-husband.

In response to Newsweekthe state’s attorney’s office said, “As this is currently an ongoing criminal prosecution, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

Roethlisberger drops ceremonial puck during Penguins game


Paige Bueckers’ Rising Star


OTD 40 years ago, 19-year-old Michael Jordan hit a game-winning game against Georgetown to win the 1982 NCAA Men’s National Championship. Speaking of college thrillers…

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports/Design: John Regula

In the first multiple overtime game in Women’s Regional Final history, Paige Bueckers lifted UConn to their record-breaking 14th straight Final Four.

The reigning Player of the Year scored 15 of her game-high 27 points in overtime in UConn’s 91-87 double OT win over NC State on Monday.

Under league rules, Bueckers not be eligible for the WNBA Draft until 2023. But she’s already a superstar — and arguably the face of women’s college basketball — with the Null success to prove it.

  • The 20-year-old has become Gatorade’s first varsity athlete partner in November, and also has NIL deals with StockX and Cash App.
  • She at the highest earning potential per social media post ($62.9,000) among all the other March Madness athletes.
  • Last summer, the Wall Street Journal predicted Bueckers could make $1 million a year.
  • Under the current WNBA rookie ladder, she would be eligible for a three years, $226,668 deal — with a $91,181 club option for a fourth year.

Of course, Geno Auriemma’s team is bigger than a superstar: guards Azzi Fudd and Christyn Williams combined for 40 points on Monday, leading the offense before Bueckers’ late outburst.

UConn will need all of their depth with trusted forward Dorka Juhasz (wrist) likely out for the remainder of the tournament.

Huskies are second favorites (+250) for a national title and will have to overtake mighty Stanford (+350) on Friday, then likely championship favorite South Carolina (-125).

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports/Design: John Regula

After signing a one-year, $2.5 million contract Contract returning to the St. Louis Cardinals, Albert Pujols announced, “That’s it for me.”

In 2021 with the Angels and Dodgers, he hit 17 home runs in 109 games to bring it back less than 21 HRs from club 700.

The infallible Hall of Famer will already be considered one of the greatest hitters of all time – but can he end his career with a milestone achieved only by Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth?

  • Pujols is 42 and hasn’t hit more than 20 home runs since 2019; Baseball Reference projects 16 home runs in 2022.
  • He is actually fifth all-time in HR (679), 17 behind Alex Rodriguez.
  • East Pujols third all-time in RBI (2,150), just 64 behind Ruth, ninth in runs created (2,243) and 12th in hits (3,301).
  • He is a three-time MVP, 10-time All-Star, six-time Silver Slugger winner and two-time World Series champion.

In 2004, the Cardinals made him the league’s ninth $100 million player, and in 2011 he signed a 10 years, $240 million deal – making him the second player in MLB history sign a $200 million contract.

Pujols has earned more than $344 million during his career, and his net worth ($170 million) is the fourth highest among active and retired players.

Scott Utterback-USA TODAY NETWORK/Design: John Regula

Louisville rode the hot hand of its own sophomore superstar on Monday to clinch its ticket to the Women’s Final Four — the fourth in school history.

Hailey Van Lith — the first Cardinal player with four consecutive 20-point tournament games – finished with 22, three rebounds and two steals as the No. 1 seed outscored Michigan 62-50.

Van Lith continues to establish himself as one of the best players in the country – and one of the most marketable, who might be worth an estimate $1 million in fees NIL.

  • Van Lith, the first Louisville athlete with a jersey for sale, is averaging 14.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists.
  • In August 2021, she became the first female college basketball player to sign an NIL representation agreement with Octogone Sports and leisure agency.
  • She has deals with Adidas, Twitch, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Ready Nutrition, among others.
  • Of all the remaining March Madness players, she at the second highest earning potential per social media post ($44.2,000) behind Paige Bueckers of UConn.

The Cardinals are in the hunt for the program’s first title after reaching the title games of 2009 and 2013.

Of the remaining four teams, Louisville has the worst odds (+850) to win the titlealthough at Van Lith’s best – when she scores over 20 – the Cardinals are a perfect 11-0.

NFL: The league approved a proposal to change postseason overtime rules to allow both teams one possession, per multiple reports; the current system will remain in place for the regular season. Also: The league expanded the Rooney rule to include women and mandated all 32 teams to hire a minority coach as an offensive assistant this season.

NBA: Cavs center Evan Mobley (14.9 PPG, 8.3 RPG) is out indefinitely after spraining his left ankle on Monday; the 20-year-old is favorite for Rookie of the Year (-450).

Golf: Tiger Woods has arrived in Augusta for a scheduled practice round, according to Sports Illustrated, fueling speculation he will play in the Masters. The 15-time major winner hasn’t played in a PGA Tour regular event since being injured in a car accident in February 2021.

March 8 will be International Women’s Day in New Jersey.


NEW JERSEY — March 8 will be permanently designated as “International Women’s Day” in New Jersey, as signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy on Monday.

Murphy signed Bill AJR140 on Monday, which designated March 8 for that day. Here is a summary of the bill: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/…

The bill aims to address gender inequality in New Jersey and the fact that women have been disproportionately affected by business closures – often forced by the state government – ​​and the loss jobs during the pandemic. Statistics from the US Department of Labor showed that women nationwide lost 156,000 jobs while men gained 16,000 during the same period. According to the bill, women of color, single mothers and poorer women were among the largest groups who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The bill “guarantees the basic human rights of women and girls, promotes the meaningful and meaningful participation of women in all aspects of society, encourages equitable access to health care for all women and girls, and supports policy initiatives that seek to achieve gender equality and empower women around the world,” Murphy’s office said in a press release.

The main sponsors of the bill are Congresswoman Gabriela Mosquera (Camden County) and Senators Sandra Cunningham (Hudson County) and Linda Greenstein (Middlesex County), all Democrats.

However, the bill received support from an equal number of Republican lawmakers in the state.

Here are all of the bill’s sponsors: Rep. Gabriela Mosquera [D]Senator Sandra Cunningham [D]Senator Linda Greenstein [D]representative Eliana Marin [D]representative Nancy Munoz [R]Representative Beth Sawyer [R]representative Michele Matsikoudis [R]representative Claire Swift [R]Representative Bethanne McCarthy Patrick [R]Rep. Aura Dunn [R]Representative Kim Eulner [R]Representative Victoria Flynn [R]Representative of Anne DeFuccio [R]. Rep. DiAnne Gove [R] and Representative Marilyn Piperno [R].

No male lawmakers in Trenton have signed on to support the bill.

“It’s important to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight for gender equality and to reflect on the work we still have to do,” said Assembly Chief Patron Mosquera. “By designating March 8 as International Women’s Day in New Jersey, we can create a space to raise awareness of women’s issues, highlight the accomplishments of women in our state, and reaffirm our commitment to empowering women and girls. .”

Fighting Illini Softball Promotional Schedule Announced


The Fighting Illini softball team has announced the 2022 promotional schedule for games held at Eichelberger Field. Highlights include the return of the world’s largest softball tailgate for Illinois’ May 7 game with Penn State, which will be held for the first time since 2019 after the 2020 version was canceled due to COVID- 19 and the 2021 season was played without fans in attendance. Other promotions Illini fans can take part in include the annual Pink Game held on Saturday, April 9 against Wisconsin and the game show night surrounding the April 13 doubleheader against Northwestern.

All Illini home games are played at Eichelberger Field and are free to all fans. For more information on promotions for the 2022 season, connect with @IlliniSB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


To kick off Moms Weekend in Illinois, Illinois Softball will welcome all moms to Eichelberger Field and offer potholders at the entrance to the facility, while supplies last.


The Illini will kick off their Big Ten home season on April 7 against Wisconsin, with the first 150 fans receiving a free seat pad with Illinois white cursive script.


Illinois continues its annual Pink Game tradition to promote breast cancer awareness. Illinois players will wear special pink uniforms for the game, and a replica pink jersey towel will be given to the first 200 fans in attendance.


Come watch some great softball games and participate in game show contests throughout Wednesday night’s doubleheader against state rival Northwestern! With fan-favorite TV shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Price Is Right and other game shows, fans will enjoy an interactive experience throughout the night’s games!


Illini fans can bring their four-legged friends to enjoy a doubleheader at Eichelberger Field! Dogs will be allowed into the night’s games, and an Illionis Softball-inspired dog bandana will be offered while supplies last.


Fans of the hit TV series FRIENDS will be treated to a special experience on April 23 against Iowa! Videos and contest throughout the game will be tailored to the Friends TV show, and a special Illinois Friends t-shirt will be offered while supplies last.


Celebrating diversity and inclusion at Eichelberger Park, players will wear crests on their shirts and a special diversity and inclusion button will be given away to fans!


Illinois softball players will honor their “MVPs” in the Illinois vs. Western Illinois contest, inviting their favorite teachers to Eichelberger Field for recognition!


Returning for the first time since 2019, the Illini will host the annual “World’s Largest Softball Tailgate” encouraging all Illini fans to fire up their grills, get out their coolers and pack Eichelberger Field in celebration of Illinois softball ! Tailgating activities such as inflatables, makeup artists, balloon artists and music will take place during the tailgate.


Illinois Softball will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX and celebrating local Girl Scouts in the region by inviting them to enjoy the regular season finale for the Illini. Illinois will also celebrate its senior class that day.

The lifetime of giving leads to lasting impact


To say that Glenn and MiDori Allen have a love affair with the University of Tennessee Chattanooga basketball and football teams is an understatement.

To say the Allens have a love affair that began while they were undergraduates at UTC — and includes Mocs athletics — gets to the heart of the matter.

Shortly after graduating from UTC in 1979, Glenn made a financial contribution to the university’s athletics department.

Every year since then he has donated to the Mocs – a span that has reached 43 years.
A recent investment in the program that he and his wife, MiDori, have chosen to continue will ensure that the annual streak will continue indefinitely.

The Allens included the UTC athletics department in their estate plan, creating a substantial planned gift called the Glenn and MiDori Allen Endowed Athletics Scholarship.

As an endowed gift, contributions will continue to be made in the couple’s name, serving as a permanent tribute to the Allens and extending the value of the scholarship for future generations.

“It’s hard to put into words the selflessness and generosity of Glenn and MiDori, who have had a lifelong connection and impact on UTC,” said Mark Wharton, Vice-Chancellor of UTC and Director of Athletics. “Their act of ensuring UTC Athletics continues to move forward for generations to come is a humble gesture and one that will help shape the future of our student-athletes through their successes at UTC.”

The Allens’ philanthropic efforts were recently recognized by Mocs Athletics, with the pair joining Wharton on the basketball court during a break in the Feb. 5 Mocs contest against Furman.

“The Allens aim to change the lives of young people and their goal aligns perfectly with ours at UTC. We cannot thank them enough for their intention to provide student-athlete scholarships forever,” Wharton said.


* * * * *

While their time on campus overlapped as UTC business students—Glenn earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1979 and MiDori earned that same degree in 1980—Greek life brought them together.

That, and their shared interest in Mocs athletics.

They met in 1978; Glenn was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, while former MiDori Benton was in the Pi Beta Phi sorority and a darling of Sigma Chi.

During his fraternity days, Glenn’s little brother was David Hall; David’s father, Arthur, devoted a great deal of time and energy to fundraising for the athletic department and selling season tickets.

“Shortly after graduating,” Glenn recalled, “Art called me and said, ‘You have to buy season football tickets this year and you have to join the Mocs Club. Tickets will be half price your first five years to engage alumni. .’

“A group of us who had just graduated collected tickets and held them for several years at Chamberlain Field.”

That call came in 1979. The precedent for providing financial support for athletics was set.

Even early in their dating, MiDori joined Glenn in attending Mocs sporting events.
“We used to go out together, but he paid for everything,” recalls MiDori.

They married in 1985.

“He’s a good person he is,” she continued. “I wanted to get married when we were 23, but he wouldn’t ask me. All my friends were getting married and I felt like an old maid.

“Well, guess what? They didn’t stay married. We got married when I was 27, and we’re still together 36 years later.”

“Patience and perseverance pays off,” Glenn said. “It’s not a fast race, it’s a slow race. We’re here for the long haul.”

The long term has included many trips to campus for basketball games.

“We’ve had basketball season tickets since The Roundhouse opened,” Glenn said of McKenzie Arena, home of the Mocs hoops since 1982.

“I love it,” MiDori said.

MiDori had a 34-year career at CHI Memorial Hospital in physician relations. Glenn held various accounting positions before entering the automotive industry as a controller for an automotive dealership. He even returned to campus in the mid-1990s to take accounting classes and take the CPA exam.

Both had no children and said they kept their living expenses low.

“We’re not fancy people,” Glenn said, “except for cars and golf.”

“And pets,” MiDori added.

When they realized they were financially secure, the Allens began to think about ways to make a difference.

Leaving a substantial contribution to the University that started them seemed like the perfect gift.


* * * * *

The Allens are down to earth and private people. For them, the turnover of their donation should concern no one else.

When they chose to create the planned gift, however, they agreed to discuss “why”, as in “Why is this such an important thing?” »

It’s about helping others and paying for what the institution has done for them, Glenn said. They want to inspire others to follow their example.

“You may not be able to do what we did,” he explained, “but if you left money in your estate for an endowment with the University, it will multiply over time. Fifteen or 20 years later, you’ll win ‘I won’t be here to reap the rewards, but the children and grandchildren who come here will.’

“Why is this important to us? Midori asked. “We want to give someone else a chance to get started in life. Look at student loans and things like that; scholarships give someone else the opportunity to pursue a career without having a terrible debt after four years of college.”

There is also a cash component to the endowment, allowing the Allens to visit current students receiving the scholarship bearing their name.

“We hope this will give us the opportunity to mentor and help a young person get our scholarship,” Glenn said. “To meet them and have them say, ‘Glenn and MiDori, how did you get to where you are today? How can I get there?’

“Sometimes you listen to adults give you the same answers as your parents, but you don’t listen to your parents.”

The Allens will continue to explain to others why planned giving is important and how people can leave a legacy after they die.

“As the old saying goes,” Glenn said, “if you give it will come back to you 10 times over. I’ve definitely been through that in my life.

“MiDori and I have seen friends of ours experience this by sharing their chance to give gifts for educational purposes and we have learned this from them. Now we are trying to pass on these lessons learned to others.”

Kenny Pickett thanks youth soccer camp roommate Dwayne Haskins for creating a ‘competitive advantage’ in him


Kenny Pickett knew he was going to be here at a young age. He planned it from the start. On the eve of becoming an NFL quarterback, likely selected by a team in need of a first-round starter next month, he acknowledges the decade of sacrifice that brought him to this moment, starting with his involvement to annual football camps such as those led by Jim Cantafio when he was 11 years old.

“At 11, there was no question. Nobody could tell me otherwise. I was so determined on that,” Pickett recently told Adam Breneman in a high-profile conversation for his program, Breneman Shows Up, talking about his desire to be an NFL quarterback He talked about the sacrifices he made as a tween to dedicate himself to the pursuit of being an elite traveling quarterback hours with his father to attend the Cantafio camps.

“The first time I did that was kind of when I fell in love with the work, the process of becoming a good quarterback, going through all of his drills, listening to him teach,” said said Pickett. “There are videos of me talking in chalk at 11 and 12 that he used to do with us. I love that kind of stuff.”

And he was certainly not alone. In fact, another young man who was part of those camps could be a future teammate if he ends up being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would be 2019 first-round pick Dwayne Haskins, whom they picked last season.

“I knew where I wanted to go and there were a lot of great players there. Dwayne Haskins was there,” Pickett said. “I was obsessed with trying to be the absolute best, so it’s like I wanted to face Dwayne Haskins every weekend, and I learned a lot from him. We were roommates at Team USA , and our friendship really started there, and we’re friends to this day. And that’s where that competitive edge starts.”

Both young men are from New Jersey, although Haskins’ family moved to Maryland when he was in high school. Pickett went to Pitt, while Haskins went to Ohio State after initially committing to Maryland. Unlike his former camp roommate, Haskins declared himself early for the draft. His career hasn’t entirely gone to plan since then.

Of course, Pickett is hoping for a different career outcome after finally having his breakout season in 2021 for the Panthers. He completed 334 of 497 pass attempts last season for 4,319 yards with 42 touchdowns on seven interceptions and a quarterback rating of 165.3.

Many analysts believe he’s the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft class, comparing favorably in that regard to Malik Willis, Sam Howell, Carson Strong, Matt Corall and Desmond Ridder. But teams recruiting first-round quarterbacks are looking at the long term. How well will these competitive soccer camps against Haskins and others pay off in the long run?

Hughes talks Devils season, Brothers Quinn and Luke chat with NHL.com


NEWARK, New Jersey — Jack Hughes said he looks forward to the day when the New Jersey Devils are consistently in contention for a Stanley Cup Playoff spot.

“I’m in my third year now and I want to play big hockey by the end of it,” the 20-year-old center said. “It’s frustrating where we are, but at the same time we’ve faced a lot of things this year and I think we’ve still made positive progress. We’ve beaten some really good hockey teams and hopefully next year we can get back to that, but we still have some games left and we should keep trying to win them and keep pushing.”

The Devils (23-37-5) are last in the eight-team Metropolitan Division and are on course to miss the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. But Hughes said they were headed in the right direction.

“We work on the culture and try to create a winning environment,” he said.

Hughes is front and center for the rebuilding Devils. First pick in 2019 NHL Draft tied with forward Jesper Bratt first in New Jersey with 22 goals and second with 52 points in 45 games.

Hughes, who signed an eight-year, $64 million contract (average annual value of $8 million) on Nov. 30, 2021 that begins next season, scored three points (two goals, one assist) in the first two Devils season games. before missing the next 17 (Oct. 21-Nov. 28) with a dislocated shoulder.

He had 13 points (five goals, eight assists) in his last 10 games and his 100th NHL point when he scored twice in a 7-4 win over the New York Rangers on March 22. He scored 104 points (40 goals, 64 assists) in 162 NHL games and became the fourth Devils player to score 100 points before his 21st birthday (20 years, 312 days). He joins Kirk Muller (20 years, 12 days), Nico Hischier (20 years, 274 days) and Brendan Shanahan (20 years, 306 days).

NHL.com caught up with Hughes to discuss the season, his teammates and his older brother Quinn, a Vancouver Canucks defenseman, and younger brother Luke, a University of Michigan defenseman who was selected in the 4th rank by the Devils in 2021. NHL Draft and was recently named a top 10 finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, given to the player voted the best in men’s hockey in the NCAA.

When you returned to the line-up following your shoulder injury, did you consider doing a race like the one you did?

“I don’t know. It took me a while to get back into it. I had a serious injury, and I missed a lot of time and I had to reaffirm myself, find my timing and just small games where I can take bumps and take hits where, you know, you feel comfortable. So it took me a while, but obviously I’ve been on a pretty good run. I don’t know if I expected it. I was kind of just playing and trying to pick up the pace, push my game and here we are.”

Video: [email protected]: Hughes brings home a circle

How do you think you got better this season?

“I obviously finish games better. Not just make good plays, but finish them and turn them into goals. I probably create more and the more chances you create the more good things are going to happen. So it’s definitely been help my game.”

Which Devils forwards don’t get enough credit for what they do?

“I think we’ve got a bunch of good players. The guy everyone says is ‘Bratter’. He’s a guy who goes under the radar and was one of the best players in the Eastern Conference this year He’s got over a point per game (1.07) and he’s played 59 games, so he’s been hugely impressive He probably hasn’t been talked about enough as a household name, but it’s He’s a guy who drove our team. I think Nico Hischier is our driving force. His ability to drive the game with his 200 foot game, stop guys, play really well offensively and obviously just his character. he’s a real captain for us. He plays through injuries, plays through a lot of things and handles a lot of things. We’re lucky to have him. Everyone knows how good he is, but he is still under the radar, I think.”

What impresses you about the rookie striker Dawson Mercer?

“I love everything he brings to our team. He’s a huge player, a guy who chases the pucks, gets on the pucks and it’s hard to play against him. He’s a dog, he always hunts the puck, and he’s got really good sense skills. He’s got a drive, he’s got a drive, he can skate. As far as our locker room goes, he’s just a great boy, an innocent dude. He’s a rookie , you know, in his freshman year, so he’s thinking about things. We were all the same way our freshman year in the NHL, but all the guys here in New Jersey love him a lot.

Do you think younger brother Luke could be ready to turn pro next season after his first season at Michigan?

“I think he’s ready to turn pro. I’ve watched a bunch of his games. In my mind, he’s good enough to play for sure, 100%. But it’s not just hockey, there’s a bunch of other things that come with it So that decision will be up to him, but I’d love to have him in New Jersey next year I think he’d be a good fit for us, but we’ll see what will happen. tome.”

Video: JP Morosi sits down with Devils prospect Luke Hughes

Can you handicap the Calder Trophy race for NHL Rookie of the Year and the Hart Trophy race for NHL Most Valuable Player?

“They are both such draws. For the Hart, Auston Matthews (of the Toronto Maple Leafs) was amazing. His last 30 games, he may have been the best in the league. So you always have Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers), and Leon Draisaitl (oilers), and Jonathan Huberdeau (Florida Panthers) are there. There are so many guys there. The Calder is the same way. I feel like every week there’s a new chef. There are a lot of good recruits. Obviously, Moritz Seider (Detroit Red Wings), Lucas Raymond (Red Wings) and Trevor Zegras (Anaheim Ducks) were the early favorites and they all kept their pace. They have not given up and are still playing very well. Michael Bunting (maple leaves), Anton Lundel (Panthers) and even Mercer grabbed the peloton a bit. I wouldn’t say it’s a two-man race for either trophy. It’s more like a five or six guy race.”

What part of your game did your mother, Ellen, play a big part in developing where it is today?

“She was the one who taught me how to skate. So that was huge because that’s my whole game. You know, my skating. So I attribute a lot of that to her.”

How special is it to have his older brother, Quinn, as a roommate in your Michigan home? And what was the painting Quinn talked about before your showdown with him at the Prudential Center on Feb. 28 that you and he wanted to do for the house?

“Well, he’s a good roommate. He’s fun. We always have a crowded house and always people. It’s great fun having a house with your brother. The painting was a bit of a joke, so I am not I can tell you that this is a custom painting that we are hoping to have someone paint. We have no idea how much it will cost. We have not looked into it. It could cost a few hundred dollars or a few grand.”

When you found out that good friend Zegras was going to see an ode to the movie “Dodgeball” during the adidas NHL Breakaway Challenge during the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills in Las Vegas on Feb. 4, what were your first thoughts and did you do you think he would make it?

“Well, I had no initial idea. I was just laughing. I thought it was hilarious. He obviously has insane talent, and he’s really good at it, so I knew it was something “He was going to kill. I didn’t even see him live because we were in the tunnel but I knew it went well. He’s sick.

Video: Zegras scores a goal blindfolded in Breakaway Challenge

Women’s Lacrosse Tripped by Stevenson


HOBOKEN, NJ (March 26, 2022) –Stevens Institute of Technology scored three times in the fourth quarter but failed to beat Stevenson University 13-11 on Saturday in a non-conference game at DeBaun Athletic Complex.

Senior Camryn Rogers scored four times and senior Natalie Fitzpatrick and second Emilie Leiby each scored twice for the Ducks, who saw their season-opening eight-game winning streak come to an end.

Caroline Murphy scored five goals and Kara Yarusso and Kaitlyn Kozlowski each scored two goals for the Mustangs, who tied their record at 4-4. Stevenson leads the all-time series 3-2.

Junior Zoe Cook joined the eldest Morgan Westerby and junior Maddie Schmidt finding the back of the net for the Ducks, who saw eight different student-athletes find the scoresheet. First year Smart Emily and junior Julienne Murphy each recorded an assist to round out the Ducks’ score.

Senior lauren cunniff made 11 saves in the cage for the Ducks. The Montgomery, New Jersey native has stopped double-digit shots in six of her last seven contests. Sophie Shucosky made eight saves to give Stevenson the win.

After lightning delayed the start of the game, it was the Ducks who fired. Fitzpatrick scored his 11th of the year after two minutes to give Stevens an early lead. Rogers doubled the lead less than a minute later, finding the back of the net for the 37th time. Between goals, Westerby kept possession for the Ducks, scoring the first of four draws.

A second flash alert halted play shortly after Rogers’ first goal of the day and the break in play proved to be a turning point in the competition as when play resumed the Mustangs scored a pair of goals 13 seconds apart. Murphy’s first goal of the game put Stevenson on the board and Kozlowski followed with his 10th of the year on the Mustangs’ next possession.

The teams traded goals for the remainder of the first half to enter the deadlocked intermission at seven o’clock. Murphy scored for the fourth time to open the scoring in the third quarter, before Rogers scored his seventh hat-trick 90 seconds later to level the teams again.

Stevenson scored four unanswered goals to take a 12-8 lead, but the Ducks scored the first three goals of the final period to cut their deficit to one. Schmidt kicked the scoring with his 11th of the year and was followed by tallies from Rogers and Leiby.

After Leiby’s free position goal, Fitzpatrick gained control of the ensuing coin toss to return possession to the Ducks, but a foul was called on the Ducks and Stevenson managed to clear the ball and added a goal key insurance with just over three minutes left in regulation.

Fitzpatrick again managed to control the toss to give the Ducks a fighting chance, but Shucosky recorded two saves in the final two and a half minutes to preserve Stevenson’s victory.

Ducks forced 11 Mustang turnovers, with seniors Meredith Colin causing two to lead the ducks. Kozlowski recorded three provoked turnovers to lead Stevenson.

The teams were closely matched in the draw, with Stevens holding a 15-13 advantage. Rogers and Westerby each had four draw checks to lead the way, while Fitzpatrick, Leiby and Conlin each had one. Murphy had three to direct Stevenson.

Stevenson had a 15-10 advantage on ground balls. Kozlowski led the Mustangs effort with three, while Cunniff had three to lead the Ducks.

The Ducks were perfect at clearing the ball, going 16 for 16. Stevenson was successful on 15 of 17 attempts.

A key stat in the contest was shot conversion from the free position, with the Ducks scoring on four of their 10 attempts, while Stevenson went 2-for-6. Rogers went 2-for-3 from eight yards, while Leiby and Cook in added one each. Kozlowski and Mary Marc had free position goals for the Mustangs.

following: Women’s Lacrosse hosts DeSales at the DeBaun Athletic Complex on March 30. The contest is the third in a four-game homestand. The teams have only met once in their history, with the Ducks outscoring the Bulldogs 18-3 at Center Valley last April.

Facebook: “Like” Stevens Athletics
Twitter: @stevensducks
Instagram: @stevensducks
#all rise

IPL 2022: Ricky Ponting’s catchy message to Delhi Capitals ahead of jersey distribution


Delhi Capitals (DC) head coach Ricky Ponting urged his team to form an unbreakable bond like steel during the franchise’s recent jersey distribution ceremony.

DC dominated the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) league stage under Rishabh Pant. However, they failed to qualify for the playoffs, losing both Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2.

Speaking to his players ahead of the 2022 IPL season, Ponting asked them to give their best. In a video posted on DC’s official YouTube channel, he said before showing the new jerseys to cricketers:

“When you come here and you’re presented with your shirt, that’s what you mean to the Delhi Capitals family. It means something to you and then when we get to the training ground tomorrow, and then we will get to the game against MI on day 1 we have done all the hard work they can’t beat us so [sic].”

The 47-year-old Australian legend, known for his inspirational speeches, added:

We’ll form a bond that’s like steel, we can’t be broken. But it’s up to you guys to accept that, to take that and really want to do it. If you want to do this, if you want to be the best you can be, if you want to be part of a successful team, it will happen. If you are shy. If you don’t grab it with both hands, you’ll be an average player in an average team and that’s not the Delhi Capitals goal.

The Delhi Capitals will start their IPL 2022 campaign by taking on the five-time champions Mumbai Indians (MI) at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai on Sunday, March 27.

“This team is a bit different” – Skipper Rishabh Pant to Delhi Capitals players

During the same feature, the DC Pant captain described the franchise as a family and urged all players to enjoy the journey. He said:

“I think for me it’s about (DC being a) family, but mostly it’s about enjoying the journey. You may have known 10 different teams, but I guess this team is a bit different. We would like to give everyone a feeling of coming home. Just seek to share love with one another.

Pant made an impressive debut as DC captain last season, scoring 419 points, including three halves, in 16 games at a 128.52 strike rate.

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Definition, examples, why it matters

  • A foamy market describes conditions where stock prices artificially rise based on market sentiment and not company fundamentals.
  • Excitement and novelty are the main drivers of market excitement as people invest out of fear of missing out on an opportunity to make money.
  • When demand becomes too much to bear, frothy markets can lead to bubbles that eventually burst.
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Wall Street is filled with all kinds of jargon that you’ll probably hear in news reports or in conversation, but might not fully understand. One such term you’ve probably heard is “sparkling market”.

What is a sparkling market?

When you think of the word foam, you probably imagine something like the foam that rises to the top of a cup when the beer it contains is spilled, or the dessert recipe with instructions for whipping egg yolks and sugar in a mousse.

In markets, foam occurs when investors are swept into such a frenzy that they ignore fundamentals and push stock prices far beyond their intrinsic value.

“Market scum occurs when there is enthusiasm for the development of new technologies or new products,” says Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America. “Developments like these tend to make investors feel like they’re entering the ground floor of the next big thing, or having a once-in-a-lifetime ‘get-rich-quick’ chance. This forces investors to think that they have to buy now before anyone else hears about it, which drives up the price.”

Sparkling markets are very volatile and unpredictable. The price increase they produce is also unsustainable. Foam often leads to market bubbles which, as history has shown, eventually burst, devastating investors and derailing the economy.

Although the concept has been around for a long time, the term market foam was popularized on Wall Street around 2005, when Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan described local real estate markets in the United States as showing “signs of foam”. “, but that a “bubble” in real estate prices for the whole country” was unlikely. He was right. But Greenspan’s prediction of a real estate price bubble turned out to be incorrect in a few years back, when mortgage companies found themselves with millions in foreclosures after more than a decade of subprime lending.

Demand for housing had grown rapidly in the frothy market as loans became more accessible to consumers, many of whom could not afford them. Prices soared and a bubble was created. When homeowners began to default on their mortgages in large numbers, the housing market bubble burst and lenders found themselves in financial difficulty. The ripple effect in markets and the economy has pushed the United States into its worst


from the Great



How foam works and how to spot it in the market

Overconfidence is often the driving force behind market scum. Trends, novelty, changes in market conditions, and speculation about the future value of products or technology can all cause a stir. Investors buy stocks, betting that their value will rise quickly and they can make a large profit. However, these investments are not made based on business measures that indicate an asset’s value, such as price-earnings (PE) ratios, earnings, and cash flow.

The most common cause of market scum “is an unjustifiable level of exuberance about an asset,” says Saumen Chattopadhyay, chief investment officer at OneDigital Retirement + Wealth.

A bubble can often be an unintended consequence of monetary policies such as low interest rates or large stimulus programs, or a product in the market that receives a lot of hype, Chattopadhyay says. “Usually one or more of these factors are at play and combine with investors who don’t miss (or can’t) miss the upside returns and/or inexperienced investors who don’t fully recognize the intrinsic value of a given investment asset.”

It can be difficult to spot market foam in real time, but there are a few indicators that can signal this type of market:

1. Excessively rich valuations

Stock prices rising to previously unseen valuations without any appreciable difference in company earnings, products or services can be a sign of market scum.

This happened in 2021 when the market value of GameStop shares went from $2 billion to $24 billion in a matter of days. The business had not gained in value. But a sudden and dramatic increase in demand caused the stock price to soar from $18.84 per share on December 30, 2020 to an all-time high of $347.51 on January 27, 2021. On February 18, shares were fell to $40.64. The bubble had burst.

2. Extreme investor exuberance

One of the main drivers of the GameStop foam was the extreme exuberance of retail investors to beat hedge fund investors at their own game. They banded together via social media to artificially inflate GameStop’s stock price so that hedge funds that bet on falling value lose money on short trades.

Cryptocurrency markets have also seen significant and rapid growth due to the novelty and excitement of this alternative to fiat currency. There is no intrinsic value to cryptocurrency, only speculation as to its future value. This market has grown incredibly fast, but has already shown that it can crash just as quickly.

3. Extended period of well above average returns

When markets or indices are posting returns well above their historical average, foam can be in play. returns more than twice their long-term averages. We now know that tech stocks were overinflated during this time and that was reflected in these unusual returns.

4. Media enthusiasm for the stock market

Media and analysts will report on the market


, especially when there are huge gains going on. This information is spreading very widely, especially via social media, and is helping to get investors excited about the fact that there are opportunities to make money quickly and easily, but you have to act fast to benefit from it.

“When ‘wow’ stories about newly created wealth in the stock market appear on the covers of non-financial news magazines, that’s a sign of a bubbly market,” says North. “When your UBER driver talks to you about his stocks, the foam boils over. When the UPS guy checks stock prices while you ride with him in the elevator and he announces out loud how he’s doing well on the stock market, look below.”

Market scum before the dot-com crash

One of the best known examples of market foam occurred towards the end of the 20th century. The advent of the Internet and e-commerce has rapidly changed the world, causing a wave of excitement among investors and venture capitalists about all the new technologies that come to market.

Investment in Internet-related technology companies boomed between 1995 and 2000. At the time, the Nasdaq listed many technology stocks, which quickly became overvalued as demand grew. Venture capitalists, lenders and investors poured money into the sector primarily based on speculation about how the companies they invested in would perform in the future, not on measures of traditional assessment.

“During the savage exuberance of the dot-com bubble of the mid-1990s through 2000, many new technology companies made no profit or, in some cases, no sales, but their stock prices soared” , says North. “These valuations were based on investors’ irrational sentiment that these companies had unlimited profit potential in an exciting new technology that would surely make them wealthy.”

The reality was that many of these companies were not built on sound business models and used metrics disconnected from real fundamentals such as revenue, earnings, and cash flow to drive investment.

This was not sustainable and the bubble created by this frothy market burst when companies could not produce enough profits. Nasdaq tech lost 74% of its value between 2000 and 2003 and took 15 years to fully recover. The S&P 500 lost 50% of its value over that same period and took about five years to recover.

“When those frothy bubbles burst, the results can be terribly painful,” says North.

Man Utd Women v Everton at Old Trafford | Tickets and matchday information for supporters | March 27, 2022



Please plan your route to the stadium in advance and allow more time than usual for your trip. If you are driving to the stadium, you can use the postcode M16 0RA.

To find out more about getting to Old Trafford by car, bike, taxi or public transport, please see our Getting Here page.

There is a complete motorway closure between Junctions 6 and 8 on the M56 this weekend, and so fans planning to travel using the M56 should plan ahead to avoid delays. Further travel information is available via www.tfgm.com/man-utd.


Old Trafford has a number of secure parking spaces on and off site which are always available for this fixture and can be purchased for £5 per space. Click here to buy your parking space. Please note that all parking spaces must be paid for in advance.

If you have a blue badge and require accessible parking, please send your membership number and a copy of your blue badge to [email protected], and we will let you know if there are spaces available .

Please note that passes for parking passes for men’s games will not be applicable for this game. All fans with a parking pass for the 2021/22 season will need to purchase a separate pass for that game.

Kerry Wade Clausen | News, Sports, Jobs


Kerry Wade Clausen, 37, returned peacefully home to be with Jesus on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at his home in Castanea after a courageous battle with mantle cell lymphoma.

Kerry was born at Jersey Shore Hospital on May 2, 1984, the son of Kenneth and Sharon (Knarr) Clausen. Kerry has never been the most timely person, and since the day she was born, Kerry has always kept her family (and friends) on their toes. He graduated from Central Mountain High School in 2002 and Pennsylvania College of Technology with a BS in Information Technology in 2005. Kerry met the love of his life, Jessica (Sanford) Clausen. They became husband and wife on October 12, 2013 in Avis.

Kerry’s love of computers and all things electronic started at a very young age. At first, he would tinker with electronic toys. As his deep knowledge of computers grew, he began to work with the community to solve many computer problems. Kerry was employed at KCnet, Faber Burner Company, where he worked as both an IT member and a sales representative. for 14 years, most recently at Allenwood US Penitentiary. He has often expressed how blessed he is with amazing colleagues and those he has met during his career.

Kerry was always looking to have fun, spend time with friends and family, and honor God. He was often extremely amused. In his spare time, he enjoyed 4x4s, watching recently released movies, and shopping for the newest gadgets and gizmos. He always looked forward to his vacations and trips with his family and friends. He especially enjoyed trips to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even the occasional trip to Disney World. Kerry’s loved ones also knew how much he enjoyed collecting cars and guns. Taking friends and family to the range was a fun pastime. He’s gone so far as to invest in nerf guns galore to practice and play with his nephews.

Although Kerry did not have “typical” as children he had several fur babies, Zowie, Milo, Daisy and Lucy, all of whom he loved dearly.

Kerry grew up attending Flemington First Church of Christ. In 2011, Kerry became a member of Grace Fellowship Church. He loved his two church families. He was a deacon from 2014 until the time of his death. He took great pride in working with young people and helping the church grow.

In addition to his wife, Jessica, and his parents, Ken and Sharon, Kerry enjoyed spending time with his brother, Chad (Cassandra) Clausen, two nephews Camden and Cade; an aunt, Kay Knarr-Fisher (Ted); as well as several cousins, extended family, and friends who were more like family. Kerry was predeceased by her paternal grandparents Harold (Bud) and Vera-Mae Clausen; maternal grandparents John and Claire Knarr; and his uncle Charles “Mandrel” Clausen.

A funeral service will be held Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 1 p.m. at Flemington First Church of Christ, 714 Canal Street, Mill Hall, PA 17751 with Pastor Drew Collins and Pastor Mark Riley officiating.

Friends and family will be received at church or on Saturday from 11 a.m. until time of service.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Kerry’s name may be made to the Clinton County SPCA or Grace Fellowship Church in support of their youth program, c/o Donald G. Walker Funeral Home, Inc., 231 High Street, Flemington, PA 17745

Online condolences can be sent by visiting www.donaldwalkerfuneralhome.com.

Where to Buy – Billboard


All featured products and services are independently chosen by the editors. However, Billboard may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain verifiable data for accounting purposes.

Justin Bieber has designed a one-of-a-kind hockey jersey for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The team sported the Bieber-designed kit in a game against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday (March 23), ESPN reports.

“My love for the Maple Leafs has always been a big part of who I am, and my passion for the team, and the passion of millions of fans, is stitched into this Next Gen jersey,” the Canadian crooner said in a communicated. “I’m grateful to the Leafs for the chance to team up again to create something so authentic for the team and its fans.”

To explore

See the latest videos, graphics and news

The “Peaches” singer, currently on tour, returned to Canada to watch Wednesday’s game. The Maple Leafs tweeted footage of Bieber’s visit Thursday, March 24. The reversible hockey jersey is the first of its kind to be released in North American professional sports and was designed in partnership with Adidas and the National Hockey League (NHL).

The jerseys cost $119 for women’s sizes and $169 for men’s sizes and come in sizes from XS to 5XL. They’re nearly sold out at the NHL Store, but we’ve saved you the time to search for them online. Click on the links below to purchase a reversible jersey or other NHL Maple Leafs jersey. You’ll get free shipping when you enter code NHLFAN1 at checkout. The promotion will only be live for a few more hours, so you’ll need to act fast to get the discount.

See the Toronto Maple Leafs reversible jersey and other options below.

Buy: Toronto Maple Leafs Fanatics Branded Black Alternate Premier Breakaway Mens Reversible Blank Jersey ($129)

Buy: Women’s Toronto Maple Leafs Fanatics Branded Black Alternate Premier Breakaway Blank Reversible Jersey ($119)

Buy: Toronto Maple Leafs Fanatics Branded Black Alternate Premier Breakaway Mens Reversible Blank Jersey ($169)

Buy: Adidas Black Authentic Toronto Maple Leafs x Draw House Alternate Custom Jersey ($250)

Cash offers, invisible buyers and 12-hour sales: real estate agents share the wildest stories of the local market


How crazy is the Traverse City real estate market? The ticker asked eight local real estate professionals to share their craziest pandemic-era boom stories, as well as their predictions for what the market might look like three years from now.

Brendan Davis, Five Star Realty
Craziest story: I received a call from one of my buyers regarding a condo. It had been listed just minutes ago, but sessions were already booked for the day. I managed to squeeze us in the next day at noon. I woke up the next day ready to head there – and learned that within 12 hours the condo had sold, in cash, for $200,000 more than the asking price.
Prediction: The market will surely swing as interest rates rise and our buyer pools shrink. However, more and more people are beginning to realize that this huge “inevitable crash” will only be temporary, as real estate is something that will forever be crucial to a functioning society.

Matt Dakoske, RE/MAX Bayshore
Craziest story: The Dakoske team listed a home south of Northport, right on the water. We put the house on the market on a Thursday for an asking price of $825,000. Nine offers were presented on Monday, all exceeding the list price. the [accepted offer] was a buyer offering $100,000 more than asked, blind, no inspection, all cash and closing in 14 days.
Prediction: The housing market in the United States is short of about five million homes. Even with rising interest rates, there will be a shortage of homes. The demand will be there for the foreseeable future, with the sellers on the winning side. As a result, the lowest interest rate most of us have experienced in our lifetimes has been missed by many buyers, who seem to think the housing bubble will burst and prices will drop. Since 2008, lenders have implemented [to avoid] what we went through then: no lying loans, lots of money in the market and equity at an all-time high. The only thing that will change over the next three years is that buying a house will cost more.

Shawn Schmidt Smith, Coldwell Banker Schmidt
Craziest story: At the start of the pandemic, a few of my selling clients considered taking their homes off the market and letting the time pass. It didn’t take long to realize that the property could still sell during this stressful time.
Prediction: Real estate valuations continue to rise at a rapid pace. As the region continues to gain national recognition, this trend will continue. However, the trend should start to pick up speed as inflation and rising inventories will help regulate things.

Debra J. Hall, Real Estate One
Craziest story: One of my most frustrating stories involves a buyer who purchased a waterfront home in the summer of 2020 for just under $1.1 million. He put it on the market in the fall of 2021 for 60% more than he bought it for — and way more than he could possibly value. Surprisingly, he received a full price offer and the buyer agreed to fill a valuation gap knowing the house would never be appraised. Instead of accepting the offer – and earning $665,000 in just 18 months – the seller took the house off the market.
Prediction: Nothing stays the same. I’ve been a full-time realtor for 22 years, so I’ve also worked in strong buyer markets. I remember buyers were “beating” sellers on price and terms – homes were selling for 10-40% below quoted value – and now the pendulum has swung to sellers. Three years from now we will still have a good seller’s market, but it will stabilize. I believe we will have a more balanced inventory and the appreciation rate will stabilize.

Kimberly Bork, Risk Properties
Craziest story: Pulling into a driveway for a registration appointment and moments later hearing the neighbor knock on the door. He told us to name our price and that his best friend would buy the house for cash. He gave me his friend’s number and encouraged me to call him. The neighbor’s friend bought the house and the selling price was over $3 million.
Prediction: It’s hard to say with so many factors – Ukraine, rising interest rates, etc. – but I see a massive influx of buyers with cash in their pockets, looking for a beautiful, healthy and safe haven full of farmland and fresh water. The problem? No one wants to sell, because Northern Michigan is a pretty awesome place to live.

Bridget Carefoot, Century 21 Northland
Craziest story: I’m putting a client’s house on the market, at an attractive price, on a Friday night. We ended up with 28 showings over the weekend, and on Monday night my salespeople and I got together and looked at 12 offers, all above the asking price. Over the next week I had other agents who hadn’t shown the house calling me, wondering if they could bid as a first aid station.
Prediction: It’s a crystal ball question. We don’t know where things will go, given Russia and a few other world event variables. But I feel like there are so many buyers and demand is so pent up that I don’t see the market slowing down. Even with interest rates rising a little, there are so many buyers that it may not be a factor. And there’s also the question of how much this interest rate hike will affect a monthly mortgage payment.

Sam Flamont, The Mitten real estate group
Craziest story: The last two years have been crazy. I have first-hand experience with homes that sell for $100,000 more than ask, people who pay ask cash and no inspection, and up to 30 bids on a home.
Prediction: Traverse City has gone nationally hip and ‘cool’, and when that happens it’s hard to predict the end [to a real estate boom]. Aspen and Jackson Hole have been racing for years now. I can not tell [the market] will continue at this rate, but I will not be surprised if it does.

Bob Brick, RE/MAX Bayshore
Craziest story: We listed three homes on a Wednesday, with all offers due by Monday 5pm. On Monday, we had 38 offers; 30 was cash and 20 was above full price with escalation clauses.
Prediction: This is the most intense real estate market I have seen in 49 years in real estate. In those 49 years, I’ve had seven real estate bubbles. Each of these bubbles burst, caused by a myriad of outside forces not always anticipated or predictable at the time. It’s all left some people upside down with little or no equity. This could easily happen again with the recent price spike – almost 28% in the last 28 months – creating an inflationary bubble. Keep in mind that there are still 30 million unemployed and we are already seeing a substantial increase in the number of overdue mortgage payments. My advice? Be careful and be careful before continuing.

Richmond Kickers Unveil Legacy ’93 Jersey Set


RICHMOND, Virginia – The Richmond Kickers today unveiled the ’93 Legacy Jersey Set from adidas featuring a primary green jersey and a red, white and blue secondary jersey that honors the club’s 30th consecutive season in business. Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods returns as front shirt sponsor and Bon Secours returns as rear shirt sponsor.

As the oldest and most active professional football club in American football, the Kickers honor the club’s history while inspiring future generations of Richmond football fans. The Kickers’ 2022 primary green jersey is a modern take on the club’s home jersey from the inaugural season of 1993 while the red, white and blue secondary jersey is inspired by the 1993 blue away jerseys.

The secondary red, white and blue jersey was also selected to show support for American football as the men’s national team prepares for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the women’s U-20 national team preparing for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2022. in Costa Rica.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the 30th year of the Richmond Kickers with Ukrop on the front of the professional jersey for a second year,” Kickers President Rob Ukrop said. “Ukrop’s was one of our first partners when the club was founded in 1993.”

Ukrop’s is a longtime Kickers fan. From its beginnings as a grocery store in 1937, to today’s beloved national food manufacturer and local market hall, Ukrop’s has always strived to nourish the lives of its customers and their communities.

“Ukrop’s support of football began in 1981 with Richmond’s first indoor invitational football tournament which attracted top youth teams from outside our region,” commented Bobby Ukrop, President and CEO of Ukrop’s management. “We are delighted to be helping to support the incredible growth of RVA football and sports tourism for over four decades.”

Women’s Health Diagnostics Market Size, Scope, Growth, Competitive Analysis – Siemens Healthineers, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Abbott Laboratories, Hologic


New Jersey, United States,- the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market is carefully analyzed in the report with a focus on market dynamics including key issues and challenges, drivers, trends, and opportunities. The report includes an in-depth analysis of key market players to understand the utilization of the key strategies adopted in the Women’s Health Diagnostics market. It also sheds light on the industrial value chain and its expected changes over the forecast period. Analysts have offered complete and accurate research on Women’s Health Diagnostics market prices, sales, and costs and their development in forthcoming years. The research study has been prepared using the latest primary and secondary research methods.

Get Sample Full PDF Copy of Report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart) @ https://www.verifiedmarketreports.com/download-sample/?rid=484312

The report includes comprehensive company profiles of some of the largest and most popular names in the women’s health diagnostics market. Each player analyzed by the authors of the Women’s Health Diagnostics report is studied in-depth on the basis of markets served, gross margin, production rate, product portfolio, market share, applications, and market share. other factors. The competitive landscape of the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market is analyzed thoroughly with an emphasis on the nature of market competition and future changes related to market competition. The effects of economic conditions, regulatory changes, changes in customer behavior and purchasing habits on the competitive landscape are also analyzed in detail.

Key Players Mentioned in the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market Research Report:

Siemens Healthineers, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Abbott Laboratories, Hologic, BD Medical, Acon Laboratories, Philips, GE Healthcare, bioMérieux, Mindray, Danaher, PerkinElmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, Urit Medical

Women’s Health Diagnostics Market Segmentation:

By Product Type, the market is primarily split into:

• Breast cancer screening
• Screening for infectious diseases
• Cervical cancer test
• Osteoporosis test
• Other

By application, this report covers the following segments:

• Hospitals
• Home care settings
• Other

Each segment of the Women’s Health Diagnostics market has been discussed at length in the report, majorly focusing on the market share, revenue, volume, future growth forecast, and other critical factors. Segmental analysis helps players to be aware of untapped revenue streams and explore new opportunities in the Women’s Health Diagnostics market. Likewise, the report covers major regional markets including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and MEA. Here, the regions are analyzed comprehensively to show their growth in the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market. Additionally, the report provides regional market growth and CAGR forecasts for all the years of the forecast period.

Get a discount on the purchase of this report @ https://www.verifiedmarketreports.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=484312

Scope of the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market Report

UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, and more.
REPORT COVER Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free report customization (equivalent to up to 4 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.

Geographic segment covered in the report:

The Women’s Health Diagnostics report provides information about the market, which is sub-divided into sub-regions and countries/regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region over the estimated period.

• North America (USA and Canada)
• Europe (UK, Germany, France and rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region)
• Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa (GCC and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Answers to key questions in the report:

1. Who are the top five players in the Women’s Health Diagnostics market?

2. How will the women’s health diagnostics market evolve in the next five years?

3. Which product and application will occupy the lion’s share of the women’s health diagnostics market?

4. What are the drivers and restraints of the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market?

5. Which regional market will show the strongest growth?

6. What will be the CAGR and size of the Women’s Health Diagnostics market throughout the forecast period?

For more information or query or customization before buying, visit @ https://www.verifiedmarketreports.com/product/womens-health-diagnostics-market-size-and-forecast/

Visualize the Women’s Health Diagnostics Market Using Verified Market Intelligence:-

Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for market narrative storytelling. VMI offers in-depth forecast trends and accurate insights on over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a global overview and competitive landscape with respect to region, country and segment, as well as key players in your market. Present your market report and findings with an integrated presentation feature that saves you over 70% of your time and resources for presentations to investors, sales and marketing, R&D and development of products. VMI enables data delivery in Excel and interactive PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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Lifelong Raiders fan Davante Adams makes his dream come true by joining Las Vegas


Davante Adams has spent his entire NFL career thus far in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Now he’s getting closer to home – and he couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.

Adams was officially introduced as the newest member of the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday, and he knew exactly what to wear. Dressed in a black suit with a black shirt, the new Silver and Black star expressed his joy at embracing his new surroundings, which includes fulfilling a dream that dates back to elementary school.

“I grew up in East Palo Alto, California. I’ve been a Raiders fan my whole life, so it’s a dream to be a Raider, man,” Adams said. “It’s a dream come true. In the yearbook for third year, I said I wanted to be an NFL star or an NBA star, and I was wearing a Charles Woodson jersey at the time. C It’s been documented forever, so I guess you could say it’s meant to be.”

Adams’ new reality is one that includes moving his belongings to the Raiders’ new headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, which offers a facility that is “like a spaceship.” It also means a reunion between Adams and his former college quarterback, former Fresno State teammate Derek Carr, who Adams has long maintained close contact with and has begun discussing a potential joining forces this offseason. .

Teaming up with Carr will be like reuniting with a long-lost sibling for Adams, whom Carr began publicly wooing last summer. With their pairing now a reality thanks to a blockbuster trade, their next task will be to rekindle a relationship that led to first- and second-round selections in the 2014 NFL Draft. This time, instead of propelling them at the top level, Adams and Carr hope to ride their relationship with a Super Bowl coming out of a division that has quickly become incredibly competitive.

“It’s the best division in football right now, and it would be hard not to say that even if I was still in Green Bay, honestly,” Adams said of the challenge presented by AFC West. “It’s loaded. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to, I’m always looking for a challenge. The Chargers have added a few more pieces. Obviously we We’re stacked here so it’s exciting to see what’s to come, I can’t wait to be there.”

FOS PM: Anta announces a turnover of 7 billion dollars


Little-known English football club Colchester United are gaining recognition after donating all ticket sales revenue from a game against Forest Green Rovers to refugees fleeing Ukraine from the Russian invasion.

Anta Sports, the “Nike of China”, showed growth across all of its business activities in 2021 in the company’s latest earnings report.

The Chinese sportswear company has generated $7.7 billion in revenue for the 2021 financial year, an increase of 39% compared to the previous financial year, thanks to the strong results of its Anta and FILA segments.

  • In fiscal 2021, the company’s Anta segment reported revenue of $3.7 billion, up 52% ​​year-over-year.
  • His FILA The segment generated $3.4 billion in revenue in 2021, up 25% from fiscal 2020.
  • All other Anta Sports brands reported revenue of $548 million in fiscal 2021, up 51% year-over-year.
  • Shares of the company rose more than 5% on Tuesday after the report.

Anta is is getting bigger in its country of origin, while brands like Adidas and Nike have taken a hit in the world’s biggest fashion market. Anta has benefited from a partial boycott of Western brands in China after some raised questions about forced labor in the Xinjiang region.

Nike saw revenue in the Greater China region hit $2.2 billion in the fiscal third quarter, a 5% decrease compared to the same period the previous year. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Adidas announced a 24% decrease revenue in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

New business sector

Anta is taking advantage of its popularity in China to launch a FILA branded hotel in Shanghai. Designed in collaboration with Hyatt Hotelsit is expected to open in 2024 and will be part of Anta’s new Shanghai headquarters, which includes office buildings, shops and restaurants.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports/Design: Alex Brooks

Lawmakers in York County, South Carolina, passed an “alternative financial package” on Monday in a bid to resume work on the Carolina Panthers’ new $800 million facility project.

Construction at the venue was put on hold earlier this month, reportedly due to Rock Hill, South Carolina falling behind on its bills to Tepper Sports and Entertainment. News 19 WLTX 19 says the city owed $225 million in infrastructure loans.

In a 4-3 vote, the city council agreed to a “tax in lieu of tax and incentive”, in which the county will help fund the project through income credits. The team would then pay them back with tax credits.

  • The Panthers have yet to agree to the trade but have been involved in the deal discussions.
  • A real estate firm run by Panthers owner Dave Tepper is said to have invested over $170 million in the project.

“It’s immediate credit,” Councilor William Bump Roddey said. Previously, the City of Rock Hill would have issued $225 million in bonds.

What’s at stake

The project, which includes the team headquarters and a new practice center, was originally scheduled to open in August 2022 but was stalled until 2023 due to the pandemic. It is now unclear when the project will open or construction will continue.

Ahead of the city council’s vote, a source with knowledge of the city’s thinking told Front Office Sports the back and forth between the entities potentially puts the completion of the development at risk.

Jenna Watson/IndyStar/Design: Alex Brooks

During last year’s NCAA Division I basketball tournaments, the National College Players Association launched an NIL advocacy campaign. This year, they are pushing for schools to pay their players beyond scholarships.

On Tuesday, the NCPA filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, alleging compensation limits for athletes in Division I schools. violate the civil rights of black students. It calls for the removal of these ceilings.

The complaint, reviewed by Front Office Sports, claims that Black FBS football and Division I basketball players in particular receive far less than their market value. “Because a high percentage of black students are also varsity athletes,” the NCPA said, “the industry-wide compensation cap has a disparate impact on black students.”

The complaint alleges that an athlete is denied the following amount each year:

  • Division I women’s basketball player — $24,000.
  • Division I men’s basketball player – $164,000.
  • FBS Football Player – $185,000.

Another study from 2021 found that between 2005 and 2019, Black Power 5 football and basketball players could have won $17.3 billion.

Multiple avenues

There are currently several other efforts to help athletes obtain salaries.

As part of a broader campaign, the NCPA previously filed a lawsuit with the National Labor Relations Board seeking the right to collective bargaining for athletes — the second of its kind in the past year.

The Third Circuit also considers whether athletes are employees.

  • In The Leadoff, Nike beats expectations with $10.9 billion quarter, Saint Peter’s earns millions in advertising with a Sweet 16 berth, Endeavor may be forced to sell its minor league baseball teams and CVC Capital Partners is in talks for a $1.7 billion stake in French football media rights. Click here to listen.
  • Members of the Kaiser domain have appealed a district court judge’s ruling that the right of first refusal between current Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and former owner Edgar Kaiser was “no longer valid or enforceable in all respects.” The appeals process could overlap or delay the looming sale of the Broncos.
  • Tom Brady is back – and now one of the key weapons of his last Super Bowl run has improved. Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-signed running back Leonard Fournette to a three-year, $21 million contract ($9 million guaranteed) worth up to $24 million, per multiple reports. Subscribe to Dashboard for more on Fournette’s new contract and his role with the Bucs.
  • Ohio’s quality of life is unbeatable. According to CNBC, Toledo and Cincinnati are among the top 10 major US cities where it’s the easiest (and most affordable) to buy a home. Learn more.*

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The Atlanta Hawks (35-36) face the New York Knicks (30-41) this Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

How to watch: 7:30 p.m. ET on TNT

Betting odds: Hawks -3 || ML-155 || O/U 226.5* (Bet on DraftKings)

Take: Expect the Knicks to bounce back from Sunday’s loss. Take New York to cover.

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Company Raises $7M for Construction Finance Market: CEG


CoFi, a Lindon, Utah-based construction loan marketplace that provides debt financing to developers and builders across the country, recently announced that it has raised $7 million in seed funding. as he sought to transform the construction finance experience for all stakeholders in the construction industry.

These funds will allow CoFi to process billions of dollars in active loan applications nationwide, helping builders finance more projects by paying workers faster. With the new funding, CoFi will help builders address the current housing supply crisis across the country and particularly in rapidly growing Utah, by helping builders finance more projects faster and by helping them retain workers by paying subcontractors in days, not weeks.

The company works with a network of partner lenders who provide capital for construction projects, mainly multi-family and residential. The company’s software platform facilitates extremely fast payments to workers on construction sites.

“Paying subcontractors quickly is not the norm in the construction industry,” said co-founder Mike Lacey “We are contractors. We know how important it is to pay people quickly. We have therefore reduced the payment period from an average of 74 days to an average of every four or five days.”

Co-founders Cam Harris and Mike Lacey sat down with TechBuzz and described how they were both construction management majors at BYU, became contractors, and, by chance, met on a construction site. “

“Working together on construction sites, we compared notes on the painful process of paying subcontractors,” Harris said. “We each had stories of subcontractors and contractors not being paid on time; they ended up having to stop work, drop everything, drive for hours to pick up checks and hastily pay their bills. workers and their suppliers. It was a problem that Cam and I fell in love with and became passionate about. We said, “Hey, let’s try to solve this problem,” maybe naively. But now we see that it’s starting to resonate, and it’s actually changing the lives of contractors and sub-contractors who need to be paid for their work.”

They explained how the platform he built is organized:

  • Construction Loan Marketplace: By engaging multiple partner lenders in a hand-picked and strategically developed pool of lenders, CoFi can secure the best rates and terms for construction loans. CoFi was designed as a construction lending marketplace with lenders specializing in acquisition, development and vertical construction so that builders could spend their time focusing on construction.
  • Digital Lending Platform: Construction has one of the highest failure rates of any industry and the main cause is slow payments. Subcontractors and suppliers live off cash flow and their prompt payment gives builders leverage, loyalty and sets them apart in the industry. Cofi’s digital lending platform offers users a networked in-house inspection strategy, allowing builders to streamline money on the jobsite so everyone can get paid quickly.

Having been entrepreneurs, Harris and Lacey said they know what builders need to finance their projects. They came up with the idea for a market after experimenting with being a more traditional SaaS provider. They wanted to approach the loan process more completely.

“So instead of builders having to go through the process with multiple lenders to see what potential term sheets they’ll get, they come to us directly,” Harris said.

“We get all of their information,” Lacey added. “We basically underwrite the project. We don’t just have a local network, but a nationwide network that can allow the right lending partner to work with the builder to find the right loan product. We’ve integrated CoFi into the type of tool I wish I’d had as a builder – one where we replaced dispatching inspectors to a job site with technology-driven remote inspections to capture project progress and allow developers to approve distribution of funds.This flexible payment schedule significantly improves on the industry standard of an average pay cycle of 74 days.This can make all the difference to a builder who might otherwise lose good workers because they cannot be paid quickly enough.

Kent Hughes adds flexibility and youth on first trade deadline as Canadiens GM


Kent Hughes played hard to beat his first trade deadline as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

Hughes and the Canadiens front office didn’t make calls to make trades, instead letting the trades come to them. Despite this passive approach, Montreal entered seven draft picks before the 3 p.m. deadline on Monday.

This included three moves in the hours leading up to the close of trade. Forward Artturi Lehkonen was sent to Colorado in return for defenseman Justin Barron and a second-round pick in the 2024 draft. Goaltender Andrew Hammond went to New Jersey for center Nate Schnarr. Defenseman Brett Kulak was sent to Edmonton for compatriot William Lagesson, a conditional second-round pick in the 2022 draft and a seventh-round pick in 2024.

“We weren’t active. We haven’t made any calls about Lehkonen or Brett Kulak,” Hughes said. “But we got calls throughout yesterday and today the trades that were offered got better and finally we made those decisions.”

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Call Of The Wilde: The Montreal Canadiens dominate the Ottawa Senators

Montreal’s seven new draft picks include a 2022 first-round pick and one in 2023 in trades for Tyler Toffoli and Ben Chiarot last week. Along with the young prospects added to the pipeline, Hughes said he likes the flexibility his team will have on draft day.

“We also now have a significant number of choices and we can decide at that time if we use them or if they are part of a business process in the future,” Hughes said. “We will assess. We could draft and use each pick, we could trade picks and it could be a different pick and a different draft or it could be for a player or a prospect.

“We will continue to move forward. At any time, we can advance the schedule here to put a team in playoff contention on the ice. We will do it.”

Hughes, a former players’ agent, said he was mildly harassed by rival general managers over his former job.

“There were a lot of jokes about the salary cap and comments from many general managers that ‘for the first time in your life, the cap matters,'” laughed Hughes.

The Canadiens’ post-season experience was up for sale, with their run to last season’s Stanley Cup Final adding value to some of their players.

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Lehkonen, whose overtime goal in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final sent Montreal to the NHL Finals, appealed to the Avalanche. In return, the Canadiens got 20-year-old Barron. He got his first taste of the NHL this season, but mostly played with the Colorado Eagles of the American Hockey League, where he had seven goals and 21 assists in 60 games.

“He’s a big guy who skates well,” said Hughes. “I’ve always said skating is important, but it’s even more important with the way we’re playing right now. He’s not just a good prospect, he’s a good candidate for us.

Click to play the video: 'Call of the Wilde!'

The call of nature!

The call of nature! – March 11, 2022

Vincent Lecavalier, Montreal’s new special adviser for hockey operations, said Barron has an undeniable advantage for a rebuilding team.

“A guy like Barron, a 20-year-old right-hander, is in high demand throughout the National Hockey League,” Lecavalier said. “Being able to have a guy like him is really good for the future of the Canadiens.

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It was also Lecavalier’s first day at the Habs’ trade deadline operations center, meeting co-directors of amateur scouting Nick Bobrov and Martin Lapointe for the first time. He was asked his opinion on a few prospects and said that he might scout Europe in the near future.

“I’m here to help the scouts and I’m glad I met Martin and Nick,” Lecavalier said. “Kent and I talk a lot and he asks my opinion on players and certain situations that come up.”

Kulak was traded to the Oilers for a conditional 2022 second-round pick, a 2024 seventh-round pick and Lagesson. If the Oilers reach the Stanley Cup Finals, the second-round pick will carry over to the 2023 draft.

Read more:

The Montreal Canadiens add Vincent Lecavalier and Nick Bobrov to the front office

Hughes said Montreal was involved in trade negotiations for Shea Weber’s contract, which has an average annual value of US$7,857,143, but could not find the right solution.

“It came close, but in the end we couldn’t agree on the right trade for both teams,” Hughes said.

He added that the trade between the Winnipeg Jets and the Arizona Coyotes that sent Bryan Little’s contract to the desert “may have” affected the negotiations, but did not want to go into details. .

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Veteran Jeff Petry’s name swirled throughout the deadline day, but the defender stayed put. Hughes argued that “the things that are discussed in March aren’t always necessarily there in June or July,” but the good trade just wasn’t there.

“I’m relatively optimistic about our ability to do something, but again, I’ve always felt in this industry that nothing is done until it’s done,” Hughes added.

Hughes ended his day by sending Hammond to the Devils for Schnarr. The rookie general manager said it was emotional for him because both teams wanted to keep Hammond in the NHL.

“I thought at this point in his career he deserved the chance to continue playing in the NHL,” Hughes said. “When the offer came up for us to give him that chance, we accepted.”

© 2022 The Canadian Press

WRSU to replay AIAW Women’s Basketball Championship on March 28


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — WRSU-FM (88.7), Rutgers’ student radio station serving Central New Jersey, today announced that it will rebroadcast the 1982 AIAW Women’s Basketball National Championship game between the Texas Longhorns and the Rutgers Lady Knights in full at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 28 – exactly 40 years to the day since the game was held at The Palestra in Philadelphia. Rutgers won what would be the last AIAW women’s basketball championship, 83-77.

The full WRSU broadcast aired for the first time since 1982 five years ago on Rutgers Day 2017 as part of a documentary written and produced by WRSU General Manager Dom Savino (SAS ’18) with help from broadcast administrator Mike Pavlichko (RC ’00) as part of the team’s 35th anniversary tribute. This special interviews coach Theresa Grentz, star players Mary Coyle, Patty Coyle, Patty Delehanty and Chris Dailey, as well as sportswriters Paul Franklin and Mel Greenberg.

The 1982 WRSU broadcast features WRSU’s Jim Berman (RC ’82) and Jeff Gerstenblatt (RC ’84) managing play-by-play, as well as postgame interviews with the president of Rutgers University of the time, Dr. Edward Bloustein and athletic director Fred Gruninger. , as well as Nancy Mitchell, who was instrumental in shaping women’s athletics at Rutgers. There’s also post-game commentary from Theresa Grentz and Chris Dailey, as well as some of the original Knightline that followed the game, which was hosted by Jon Newman (RC ’82) and Geoff Sadow (RC ’84) from WRSU.

Then, from approximately 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., following the original post-game coverage, Geoff Sadow will pick up where he left off 40 years earlier, hosting a special edition of Knightline live from WRSU Studios with Jim Berman and Dom Savino, with Jon Newman joining remotely. Rutgers Athletics Hall of Famers Theresa Grentz, Patty Coyle and Mary Coyle are also expected to be in the studio as part of the panel. June Olkowski, the team’s co-captain and the first player in Rutgers women’s basketball history to have her number retired, will join remotely. Hall of Famer Jennie Hall as well as Mary Pat Nespoli, who captained the Lady Knights from 1983 to 1985, are also expected to appeal.

Fans are invited to call and share their memories of the 1981-82 season by dialing (732) 932-8800. Listeners outside of the Central New Jersey area can listen online at WRSU.org.

“We are excited to rebroadcast this game…again,” said WRSU Broadcast Administrator Mike Pavlichko. “We found the AIAW tape almost by accident in the winter of 2017, and we thought that 35 years later, we had to do something with it. At the time, we only had a tape of the second We had planned to air just that as part of a “From the Archives” series that we air occasionally, so we thought we could do some interviews as well, so we started with Mary Coyle-Klinger, who’s just up the street at Rutgers Prep. She hooked us up with her teammates and coach Grentz. Then we got back to the first half of the game, and it turned into a full-scale project with Dom Savino doing all the interviews and writing the whole thing, and – of course – he just knocked it out of the park. And that led to something bigger: a video documentary produced by Geoff, Jim and Jon.”

This is one of many tributes to this Rutgers Championship team. This fall, the 1982 Rutgers AIAW Women’s Basketball Championship team will be honored before a special event at the New Brunswick Center for the Performing Arts. This event will feature the premiere of the film, “Forgotten Champions: How an Underdog Rutgers Squad Made Women’s Sports History”, as well as panel discussions on the team, season and also the 50th anniversary of Title IX. The film is co-produced by Rutgers and WRSU alumni Jon Newman and Geoff Sadow.

More details on the event and the “Forgotten Champions” movie itself will be released at a later date.

PNC Financial Services Group, I – Consensus indicates 17.2% upside potential


PNC Financial Services Group, I with ticker code (PNC) now have 21 analysts covering the stock. Analyst consensus points to a buy rating. The target price ranges between 260 and 207 by calculating the average target price we have 226.34. Now, with the previous closing price of 193.07, this indicates that there is 17.2% upside potential. The 50-day moving average now stands at 203.21 while the 200-day moving average is at 197.48. The company has a market capitalization of $80,791 million. Company website: https://www.pnc.com

The potential market capitalization would be $94,713 million based on market consensus.

You can now share it on Stocktwits, just click on the logo below and add the ticker in the text to be seen.

The PNC Financial Services Group operates as a diversified financial services company in the United States. The Company’s Retail Banking segment offers brokerage, insurance, investment and cash management services; checking, savings and money market accounts; certificates of deposit; and lending products, which include residential mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, auto loans, education loans, and personal and small business loans, as well as consumer credit cards and to small businesses through a network of branches, ATMs, call centers, and online and mobile banking channels. Its Corporate & Institutional Banking segment provides secured and unsecured loans, letters of credit and equipment leases; cash and investment management services, receivables and disbursement management services, funds transfer services, international payment services and access to online/mobile information management and reporting services; foreign exchange trading, derivatives, fixed income securities, securities underwriting, loan syndications, mergers and acquisitions and equity capital markets advisory services; and commercial lending services and technology solutions for the commercial real estate finance industry. The Company’s Asset Management Group segment offers investment and retirement planning solutions, personalized investment management, credit and cash management solutions, private banking, and management and administration solutions. trustees; and multi-generational family planning products, such as estate planning, financial, tax, fiduciary and personalized performance reporting services. This segment also provides outsourced investment manager, custody, private real estate, treasury and fixed compensation, and pension trust advisory services. As of December 31, 2021, it operated 2,629 branches and 9,523 ATMs. The PNC Financial Services Group was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New Balance, Asics or Adidas? How SAF selects running shoes and other personal gear for the military


Once these evaluations are completed, the final factor is the cost of the shoes.

“We will then open the price envelope and do a comparison,” said ME6 Tan, stressing that the procurement process does not depend on price alone.

“With a good price mix and our assessment, we make sure that, as a baseline, everything meets our cardinal requirements. Then, through certain measures, we will then select the product that offers the best value for money.”

New Balance and Asics shoes cost S$43.55 and S$35.90 respectively at the SAF e-mart. While service members may choose to wear other brands, SAF-selected models are sold at less than retail prices. They can be paid in cash or on credit.


The same panel then makes the final decision on the shoes selected. Current practice is to select two models — for high-arch and low-arch feet — to cater to two “distinct” groups of runners, ME6 Tan said.

“(The decision is made by) a full board…so it’s definitely fair. We have a report that we also file to make sure that everything we say is backed by data and that the things are done in a transparent and fair manner,” he added.

ST Logistics will then enter into a buy-on-demand agreement with the supplier, which means they will buy the shoes in bulk based on a “steady flow of demand”, such as when new recruits enlist each quarter. .

“It basically reduces the need for storage,” said ME6 Tan, pointing out that it minimizes the storage space needed.

“You have to know that running shoes have a lifespan. If we buy too many of them (without people using them), the rubber (on the soles) will deteriorate and all that.”

The procurement process, from issuing the call for tenders to delivering the product, takes about a year.

Doug Edert’s journey to the folk hero of St. Peter


INDIANAPOLIS – We have to start with the ‘stache.

Because that’s who Doug Edert is. The mustache defines his personality.

The 22-year-old junior guard at St. Peter’s, the Cinderella story of the NCAA Tournament after his shocking overtime upset against the Kentucky Blue Bloods on Thursday night, doesn’t care.

Not in a bad way. In a productive and confident way. Edert, a proud native of Nutley, NJ, is confident enough – without displaying a hint of off-putting arrogance – not to care what people think of him or his appearance, which at the moment is a 1970s chic porn star.

It all started with teammate and housemate Matthew Lee, who happens to be the team’s hairstylist, giving Edert a grooming of his scruffy look a few weeks ago. While Lee was doing his job, he left the mustache for a goof. Then everyone involved thought it was a good look, one that made Edert look tough.

Edert came out and had a big game, then had another one and the Peacocks kept winning and…here we are.

Even though Saint Peter’s put Jersey City on the college basketball map following their remarkable upset, Edert became the face of Cinderella. A face with that dodgy mustache.

Edert doesn’t even start, but he’s the deadliest shooter for the 15th-seeded Peacocks (20-11), who face No. 7 seed Murray State (31-2) Saturday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse with Sweet 16 berth in trim.

Doug Edert scored 20 points against Kentucky.
Doug Edert scored 20 points against Kentucky.
Getty Images

Edert, who starred in Saint Peter’s run for the MAAC Tournament title, scored 20 points off the bench against Kentucky, ensuring the Peacocks – and the ‘stache – would live to see another high-profile NCAA Tournament moment. .

A win over Murray State and a spot in the Sweet 16, and the ‘stache could have its own Twitter handle.

“Once people started calling him a ’70s porn star, calling him Ted Lasso, he was like, ‘Okay, bring it on, let’s go,'” said Edert’s father, Bill, told the Post on Friday. “He called me and said: ‘There are children in Saint-Pierre with mustaches on their faces, what’s going on?’ I’m like, ‘What’s going on? You did. You created it.

“Most people are a little afraid of what people think of them. He’s over there with that crazy hair and that mustache doing his thing. It’s who he is. He almost reminds me of Will Farrell.

Edert laughed when The Post relayed his father’s words to him on Friday.

“It’s just my personality,” Edert said. “The way I grew up, I didn’t really care what people thought of me, and I try to accept that, so when I’m on the pitch I try to do my own thing. It helps me stay relaxed.”

Bill Edert said that when Saint Peter’s coach, Shaheen Holloway, recommended his son shave his mustache, Doug’s response was, “‘Coach, why don’t you grow a ‘stache?’ There were referees who talked to him and said, “You look like a porn star from the 70s”. Are you gonna keep this thing? And he said, ‘You should let your mustache grow.’ This is his response to everyone. He has this little way about him.”

What exactly is this “way” about her? Consider the conversation Doug Edert had with his dad hours before the Kentucky game.

“If I see one go through the net, I’m telling you I’m going to do it tonight,” Doug told his dad.

Betting on March Madness 2022?

“OK, I hope you don’t lose by over 40.”, Bill replied.

“I just try to be real with him,” Bill said. “And he’s like, ‘No, I’m just telling you, I’m going to own the land.’ It’s a state of mind.”

Mike Byrne, Edert’s JV coach at Bergen Catholic and a linchpin in recruiting him to New Jersey’s high school powerhouse, knows the mindset. He first met Edert when he was in seventh grade and saw something special.

“He’s like a complete freak with his shooting, the way he dissects the shot,” Byrne told the Post by phone from Jersey as he scrambled to find a flight to Indianapolis to be in the building on Saturday night. . “The level of detail with the time and effort he puts into it is amazing. He’s just a competitive freak. He’s just wired right. He can play any sport. He’s going to win a lot of money in business.

Doug Edert
Doug Edert
Getty Images

“The kid is amazing. Balls of steel, big hit after hit, just amazing. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen something like this. He is now a New Jersey basketball icon. Everyone knows who he is now. It has become national.

“The child is the commodity.”

The moustache?

“The ‘stache is money,’” Byrne said with a laugh. “It looks hideous. He looks like a porn star from the 1970s. He shoots shit out of the ball, so we have to deal with it. ”

Marty Higgins, the all-time leading scorer at Nutley High School, who ran a youth basketball team called “Suburban Elite,” recalled his first meeting with Edert when he was in second or third year. Edert was playing flag football and Higgins immediately noticed his athleticism and thought, “I wonder if he’s good at basketball?

Higgins introduced himself to Bill Edert that day, suggested basketball, and the rest is history.

“All he wanted to do was shoot and make sure he shot well,” Higgins recalled Friday. “He was watching YouTube videos on how to shoot, how to spin the car, how to dribble between the legs.”

Fast forward to the Kentucky game.

“You saw the balance,” Higgins said. “You see deer moments in the headlights of a lot of kids who get caught up in this big game, and he never has that. If you really watched Doug the whole game, he said, ‘I belong here. , this is my moment.’

The genesis of Edert’s exquisite outside shot that stung Kentucky when it mattered most Thursday was born in a sidewalk hoop on Durant Place in Nutley, where he grew up.

“It all started when I was on my street where I grew up, with a hoop on my sidewalk,” he said. “I live on a quiet street so I was able to take pictures all the time. That’s all I wanted to do as a kid, go out and shoot. My dad was always there to bounce back for me.’ ‘

The hoop is still there, where his parents still live.

“As soon as I get home after that,” he said, “I’ll probably be back out there shooting again.”

Bueckers remains UConn’s biggest question for NCAA Tournament


STORRS, Conn. (AP) – UConn star Paige Bueckers is physically fit again as her Huskies enter the NCAA Women’s Tournament seeking a 14th straight Final Four appearance and 12th national title .

Last season’s national player of the year has been off the bench in five games since returning from the broken left knee tibia plateau and torn meniscus she suffered in early December. The second has averaged less than 14 minutes per game since returning and has scored 30 total points, including 16 in the Huskies’ Big East quarter-final win over Georgetown.

But coach Geno Auriemma said there will be no minute restrictions for Bueckers in the tournament and he hasn’t ruled out starting her when the Huskies (25-5) take on Mercer (23-6). ) Saturday.

All strength and conditioning metrics indicate Bueckers is physically back to where she was before the injury, Auriemma said. But the mental aspect, he says, is a “horse of a different color.”

“When you come out of an injury as bad as Paige’s, that’s the last thing to come back,” he said. “But every day I see her more and more being her old self physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Bueckers, who averaged 21.2 points, 6.2 assists and 5.5 rebounds in the six games she played before the injury, admits it’s been tough getting back to that level of play and to trust your body.

“Sometimes I’m just not as comfortable, or when I was coming back for the first time, comfortable doing the same moves or doing the same readings and doing the same cuts or moves as before. my knee surgery,” she said. “My strength is there; my healing is there. So being able to be confident enough to use it again is the most important thing for me.


Mercer enters the tournament as the 15th seed but makes his seventh NCAA appearance and fourth straight.

The Bears lost last March as the 16th seed to top-seeded South Carolina 79-53, but fell just five points to Iowa in 2019, the last time they were seeded No. 15.

“This is not a team that came out of nowhere and snuck into the NCAA Tournament,” Auriemma said. “It’s been one of the best teams in the country year after year.”

The Bears have allowed only one opponent to score more than 70 points this season and that ended in a 71-70 overtime loss to Tennessee State in early December.

Senior guard Amoria Neal-Tysor said the program respects UConn’s history, but that doesn’t mean Mercer will be intimidated by the name on the jersey.

“We are a championship program,” Neal-Tysor said. “Coach (Susie) Gardner and her staff, we know how to win.”


The Florida and UCF campuses are only about 126 miles apart, but each team traveled more than 1,000 miles to face off Saturday for the first time in six seasons.

“I guess they wanted a challenge to see who the best team in Florida was, so we’re going to give them a show,” Florida guard Zippy Broughton said.

The 10th-seeded Gators (21-10) mark their first tournament appearance since 2016. They are 25-0 all-time against the 7th-seeded Knights (25-3), but enter in that game as underdogs after losing star player Kiara “Kiki” Smith (14.9 ppg) injured her right knee in the Southeastern Conference tournament.

“Kiki will be missed on the court, there’s no doubt about it,” coach Kelly Rae Finley said. “But we prepare like we prepare every day. We have an amazing group of student-athletes who strive to be their best in any role that is asked of them every day.

UCF is making a third consecutive tournament appearance, improving its ranking from a No. 12 in 1999 and a No. 10 last year. The Knights are looking for their first tournament victory.

UCF has the best scoring defense in the nation, allowing 47.5 points and forcing 20 turnovers per game.

The teams are among six from Florida to participate in the tournament. 12-seeded Florida Gulf Coast upset Virginia Tech on Friday and Miami beat South Florida in the first round. Florida State lost to Missouri State in the top four.

“Florida teams, we feel like we don’t get enough respect as a state of Florida, so seeing Florida teams competing against each other, that appeals to us more,” Diamond said. Battles, UCF senior.


More AP Women’s College Basketball: https://apnews.com/hub/womens-college-basketball and https://apnews.com/hub/ap-top-25-womens-college-basketball-poll and https https://twitter.com/AP_Top25

Dan Biggar: Test centurion embraces unique pressures of being Wales number 10

Captain Dan Biggar will become the seventh man to earn 100 caps for Wales on Saturday
Location: Principality Stadium, Cardiff Dated: Saturday March 19 To start up: 2:15 p.m. GMT
Blanket: Watch live on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and online from 1.45pm GMT; listen to BBC Radio 5 additional live sports, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru; text commentary on the BBC Sport website and mobile app.

For all its legendary luster, Wales’ number 10 shirt can weigh heavily on the shoulders of those who wear it.

The jersey’s history and symbolism can be thought-provoking, but the scrutiny that comes with it can be overwhelming.

Barry John was a genius fly-half, to some the greatest, and yet even the man known as King couldn’t bear the constant stare of a demanding Welsh rugby crowd and took his retired at 27.

His successor Phil Bennett was another maestro, Lions captain and playmaker extraordinaire. None of this mattered when it was abandoned during Wales’ Golden Age in the 1970s.

Decades later, Neil Jenkins was criticized for not playing like John or Bennett despite being the best kicker in the world, when it took a move to France for Test centurion Stephen Jones to be appreciated, and even then one could say that it was not appreciation. enough.

“You have to develop your mental resilience,” says Jones. “It’s an integral part of the number 10 shirt.

“You fully realize the responsibility that comes with playing for Wales.”

Jones’ teammate James Hook – a dazzling talent and fellow Leo – had a similar experience, while Rhys Priestland sought help from a psychologist after a particularly turbulent fall.

They are all good players in a long line of fly-half who have represented Wales with distinction – but there is something about wearing 10s for this country that invites particular pressure.

The man currently in possession of the shirt is Dan Biggar, who will make his 100th appearance for Wales in their final Six Nations game of this year against Italy on Saturday.

A Test Lion with nearly 600 international points to his name, Biggar’s numbers only hint at his contribution to the Welsh fly-half canon.

And yet, whatever his success with Wales – from the Grand Slam to the World Cup semi-finals – Biggar has always had his detractors, those who think he is too pragmatic, too sensible. You can never please everyone, Biggar noted with a wry smile.

At 32 and with 99 caps to his name, Biggar has been around long enough to know that comes with the territory as Wales’ number 10.

As he has often said himself, he is not Barry John. Biggar is built differently, a world-class kicker and warrior who throws himself into tackles as willingly as he barks orders behind his back.

This is not enough for some. Those who long for the carefree rugby of bygone amateur eras can become consumed by nostalgia, blind to the qualities of the titular half-butterfly.

And it’s not that Biggar just takes the criticism in his stride or ignores it, he thrives on it.

“I’ve had it for 10 years and enjoyed the challenge of being written off,” he says. “In Wales, number 10 always gets the baton.”

Jones, now his backs coach for Wales, describes Biggar as “a winner”, a player who “every year improves his game”.

Wales head coach Wayne Pivac said: “He’s a champion, isn’t he? He’s everything you’d expect from a leader and a good number 10 in terms of management and game management.”

In the field, you’ll probably hear Biggar before you see him. When he’s not demanding the highest standards of his teammates, he’s often on the referee’s ear.

Some people misunderstand it. They see the abrasive competitor on the field and dismiss them as arrogant or overly talkative. This perception could not be further from the truth.

Far from the heat of the competition, Biggar is considerate, accessible. He’s generous with fans and an engaging, articulate, and open interviewee.

Ask Biggar anything and you’ll get an honest answer that’s straightforward without being harsh. He is not interested in platitudes that allow some of his peers to avoid certain questions, as he is not afraid to speak his mind.

Six Nations 2022: Welsh fly-half Dan Biggar hopes for ‘special’ day to score 100th cap

Biggar won’t hide behind a cliché and claim he doesn’t consider the importance of winning 100 caps for his country.

He’s not going to use his intelligence to insult ours. It goes without saying that the team comes first and the result is of utmost importance – but moments like these matter.

“It’s going to be very special. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have it in mind,” Biggar said.

“I got to 90 at the Six Nations last year and I hadn’t given it too much thought but, when you get there, it’s very hard not to consider reaching 100.

“It’s not a countdown, but it was a good time to arrive and hopefully we can make the day really special for Al [Alun Wyn Jones] as well, for his feat which is unbelievable.”

Biggar is happy to change the subject for team-mate Jones, who will become the first player in the world to earn 150 caps when Wales take on Italy. The fly-half jokes that both players will plead with the other to lead the team down the field, eager to avoid the limelight.

It was due to Jones’ injury that Biggar captained Wales at this Six Nations Tournament, and it is commensurate with the esteem in which he is held that the fly-half will retain the job. of captain at the Principality stadium on Saturday.

Whether it’s him or Jones leading the team out of the tunnel, Biggar will take a moment to savor the opportunity before taking to the field – as he did ahead of his Lions Test debut last summer.

It was just a few months after the death of his mother Liz, his biggest supporter and the first person he called on team selection day. She will be in his thoughts on Saturday, as will his wife Alex and son James in the stands.

It will be a time for them to cherish as a family and a chance for a nation to show their appreciation for Biggar. Wales are lucky to have him.

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Jail roof repair recalls stalled NJ youth incarceration reforms


A new roof for a state building is the kind of ho-hum thing most New Jerseyans would ignore. Even New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy didn’t think the rooftop – of a juvenile prison in Bordentown – was worth mentioning in the proposed $48.9 billion state budget. ‘he unveiled last week.

The roof of the women’s secure care and admissions facility is one of 31 capital improvement projects, worth a combined $114.5 million, that has only been worth a paragraph in Murphy’s 101-page budget plan. At $900,000, the plan for the new roof represents less than two-thousandths of a percent of the state spending proposed by the governor.

But for juvenile justice reformers, the roof represents a failure — the state’s failure to close two youth prisons as officials pledged four years ago, failure to protect taxpayers’ money and failure to protect black youth.

“Rebuilding or fixing a prison that has ineffective outcomes and is pillars of trauma for our young people just doesn’t make sense to me,” said Fred Fogg, Newark-based national director of violence prevention for youth advocacy programs. “These dollars are a bad investment.”

New Jersey has three youth prisons: Girls’ Prison, known as Hayes; the New Jersey Training School for Boys, known as Jamesburg; and the Juvenile Medium Security Facility, another boys’ prison that is also in Bordentown. Former Governor Chris Christie announcement in 2018, the state would close Hayes and Jamesburg — and even borrowed $160 million to do so and rebuild replacements.

Instead, none of that happened, leaving New Jersey taxpayers forced to repay the money — plus $151 million in interest, in payments scheduled through 2047 — with nothing to show for it. , at least so far.

Andrea McCrian is director of law and policy at the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, which has pushed the state for years closing its three youth prisons. This should be an especially urgent mission for the state, she said, given that New Jersey has the largest black and white youth incarceration gap in the nation, with black youth 17 times more likely be detained or incarcerated than white youth.

“We think it’s a horrible waste,” McChristian said. “We were thrilled with the news that Hayes and Jamesburg would be closing in January 2018. Hearing that there is anything other than plans to close these facilities is going in the wrong direction, especially at this time, where we have had a racial calculus that really called for New Jersey to make meaningful investments in black lives.

She added: “By not closing these prisons four years later, they say it doesn’t matter. This investment shows that they don’t care about black children.

Closures are still ongoing, according to the state

Plans to close Hayes and Jamesburg and replace them with “smaller regional rehabilitation facilities closer to youth homes are still active,” the Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) spokeswoman said. , Sharon Lauchaire. She didn’t provide a timeline, or details on what the replacements might look like.

The Hayes roof replacement is needed because it is leaking and has exceeded its lifespan, Lauchaire said.

“Until the JJC vacates a building, the JJC is responsible for maintaining the facilities and protecting the health and safety of JJC residents and employees,” she said.

The Hayes roof isn’t the only costly repair planned at a public building slated for closure.

As part of Murphy’s budget plan, Jamesburg will receive $1.1 million to decommission a sewage treatment plant, mandated by the state Department of Environmental Protection, Lauchaire said.

And Edna Mahan’s Women’s Correctional Facility is set to receive $7 million for repairs, even though Murphy last year announced its closure after an abuse scandal there. Liz Velez, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman, said a timeline for that closure has not been decided. The state in December hired a consultant to recommend next steps.

The planned closures come as New Jersey’s adult and juvenile inmate population has plummeted in recent years, part of a decarceration trend. Prison census numbers fell even faster during the pandemic, when Murphy implemented a early release program to curb the spread of the coronavirus behind bars.

With the number of adult inmates half that of a decade ago, the Department of Corrections has closed or consolidated several adult prisons in recent years, Velez said.

As for youth prisons, Lauchaire did not explain why the state has not closed them yet, four years after Christie announced it.

Christie intended to replace the closed youth prisons with three new ones in each region of the state. But juvenile justice reformers fought these plans, advocating instead for repurposed, home-like facilities, like old churches or schools, that focus on rehabilitation and allow young people to stay in their communities. This model is considered best practice in juvenile justice, McChristian said.

Concerns have also been raised that the closures will lead to job losses and that the state’s bond financing agreement requires the $160 million it borrowed to be spent on new construction.

Retha Onitiri, program manager at Salvation and Social Justice, acknowledged the concern about the displacement of workers.

“But we cannot continue to keep open facilities that are not conducive to our young people and their growth, and which are not profitable to operate,” Onitiri said. “We urge the state and governor to come up with a comprehensive, holistic plan to move young people to services and places where they can heal and rehabilitate in their own communities, while screening workers and helping them transition to the next phase. ”

McChristian said the state could retrain workers and place them elsewhere.

“We want to make sure that we don’t maintain a broken youth justice system that perpetuates harmful racial disparities just for jobs,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Murphy did not respond to questions about Murphy’s position on the closures.

Youth prisons are operating well below capacity, prompting reformers to wonder why the state would spend nearly $1 million on Hayes, a 48-bed facility where only five girls are currently incarcerated. status data shows.

“I can’t understand and I really need some justification why you are going to put a new roof on this building for five girls,” Onitiri said.

The two boys’ prisons can accommodate around 320 young people, but less than 100 boys are currently detained. Recent state budgets show that facilities operate with a ratio of three to five employees working for every miner.

“We have about 100 young people incarcerated, at a cost of almost $500,000 per young person, in youth prisons that are basically empty,” McChristian said.

Fogg thinks New Jersey should follow the lead of states like new York and California, who have decided to completely close their youth prisons to focus instead on community rehabilitation programs for wayward young people. The state’s failure to do so is “definitely disheartening,” Fogg said.

“At the time it was agreed to close New Jersey’s youth prisons, the number of young people incarcerated there was higher than it is today,” Fogg said. “The numbers do not support the continued existence of these facilities, nor any expansion of these facilities. There should be an intentional strategic plan to get rid of prisons and invest in communities.

Community programs have proven more effective than prisons in rehabilitating young people, he added. About 77% of minors released from youth prisons are re-arrested and a quarter are re-incarcerated within three years of their release, according to state data.

Slow progress

New Jersey has taken steps to shift its focus from punishment to prevention and rehabilitation when dealing with young offenders.

Last summer, the state launched a new program of $8.4 million over two years to fund community services aimed at resolving conflicts before they lead to incarceration and healing childhood traumas that could lead a child to commit a crime or get into trouble, such as abuse, illness mental health and poverty.

As part of this program, “restorative justice centers” will be set up in Camden, Newark, Paterson and Trenton, the cities that send the most young people to prison.

Lauchaire said the JJC additionally spends millions a year on community programs and services to keep children out of the criminal justice system. Murphy’s proposed budget includes more than $20 million for such programs that will serve 12,000 to 15,000 young people, she said.

Onitiri applauded the moves, but said closing youth prisons should be the next step.

“We are very grateful to the governor for investing money in the restorative justice pilot program and in the violence intervention programs,” she said. “Now is the time to start getting young people out of these mostly empty prisons.”

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice has for years called the state to invest $100 million in communities most affected by youth incarceration.

“What’s so tragic is that when we say that $100 million number, people always say, ‘Where are you going to get the money? We don’t have that money. Yet at the same time , we’re paying back $300 million for new prisons that weren’t built,” McChristian said. “It’s such a waste of taxes.”

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Irishman James Lowe relishes his time in the green jersey


There’s something infectious about James Lowe in an Irish shirt.

His straight-line sprint down the left touchline at Twickenham, head back, ball in hand, face strained, was almost reminiscent of a schoolboy’s try.

His smile after touching the ball for the score certainly was!

Yet behind the flash, there is the bottom and prepare to be bombarded throughout the week by the statisticians concerning his ball-in-hand run during Saturday’s match.


His 177 yards gained is almost certainly a Six Nations distance record – all the more impressive considering he has completed 13 carries and with five defenders beaten and three clean breaks.

For his part, Lowe regrets not having added 23 additional specific meters…

“I thought for the test that I should have run under the posts, to start,” he said of stopping before the 200-meter mark.

“I should also have put the ball down with both hands, that’s what I always tell all the kids, to put the ball down with both hands!

Irishman James Lowe scores a first try despite Englishman Max Malins’ efforts (©INPHO/Dan Sheridan)

“We worked on our game the whole time we were together.

“I think Sheeno (Dan Sheehan) threw an inside ball to Josh and Josh went through a hole he pretended to go inside but went outside and I got the lucky to be at the end, I didn’t do too much.”

It was enough to put Ireland on the right track, although it was worrying when Marcus Smith leveled the game at 15-15 just after the hour mark.


“It was a brilliant start in a tough environment and then we put ourselves under pressure, gave them a few piggybacks on the pitch, it felt like we kept them in the game.

“And credit to them, they took their chances and it was like we were playing the whole game of rugby and it was 15-all and it was like, ‘how did that happen?’.

“But it’s a credit to them, they’re a fantastic team. We were happy to finally break them down.

All’s well that ended well, with Ireland adding a penalty and two late tries from there to close out a 17-point win.

At this point, victory keeps Ireland in contention for a championship – although England are set to beat the Grand Slam by chasing France in Paris next Saturday.


“It was a test match at Twickenham. England weren’t going to leave, which is a huge credit for a fantastically well-trained team.

“We knew if we stuck to what we were doing well, playing early in space, getting ready, our forwards playing square, our backs turning corners, we could create chances.

Irishman James Lowe celebrates his victory against England at Twickenham (©INPHO/Dan Sheridan)

“We created a lot of chances. We also wasted a lot of chances, me too.

“I’m quite frustrated with some things that have happened and on Monday we’ll be back at the drawing board with a different play around the corner, Scotland at home, and I can’t wait to be there. .”

The next trick is to beat the Scots at the Aviva on Saturday (4.45) and hope England have a winning night later in Paris.

“I hope so, that’s the plan. We’ll do our job, hopefully England will do theirs – man, who knows what might happen.

“The beast France is at home, it will be hard. But England is healing its wounds, it will not go half-armed.

“If they can do the job there, fair play, we couldn’t do it, then that opens the door for us. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

“If it happens, it happens. If it’s not, it’s not.

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Business loans have a similar perception, and businesses that accept cash advances from merchants provide new opportunities for the right business.

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Companies offering products and services aimed at the general public will use the many consumer mailing lists available. They cover a wide range of geographic and demographic marketing requirements. Whether a business is B2B or consumer-focused in general, databases are available for more accurate targeted marketing.

The Beginning of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was the brainchild of a disabled veteran considering the next steps. After fulfilling the obligations of military duty, the next step was not more conflict but growth. This growth would come in the form of helping the economy by helping businesses better find the customers and customers so critical to revenue. A small start-up began advocating for this, and today this company is proud to have staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing entered the marketing industry just before a major change during the lull. Traditional marketing techniques still dominated the field, but digital was already attracting attention as a potential driver of change, as it had in other fields. The company focused its efforts on direct mail, which had the happy side effect of imparting critical expertise in data acquisition, management, and analysis. When digital marketing exploded as a highly sought-after new platform, the company enjoyed a leading edge through its experience, realizing significant gains for itself and its customers.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing initially served only a small operating range, its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now it covers the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. It also serves the rest of the North American continent with databases for the Canadian and Mexican markets. Ads are also available for companies ready to internationalize, cross the Atlantic and enter European Union markets such as France.

All business strategies are viable

As the name suggests, a cash advance is not a typical loan. Yet it is a transfer of funds based on an estimate of the profits a business will eventually make from transactions such as credit card purchases and other metrics. MCAs are given based on a valuation of a company and its earnings. An assessment of daily credit card receipts, for example, would be one of the factors used to decide whether or not to grant an MCA and how bad that MCA could potentially be.

A merchant cash advance, once approved, results in an immediate injection of cash into the applicant’s business account. However, this advance must be repaid, and this is usually done by collecting a small percentage of future receivables and credit card transactions. Interest rates are usually around 20-40%, so this is a significantly higher amount than a conventional loan would expect.

An investment opportunity
Companies that have taken the time to apply for and obtain a merchant cash advance are already showing many indicators of receptivity to certain types of products and services. An endorsement from an MCA shows that an appraisal has already viewed a business as a stable profit generator that can be relied upon to generate sufficient revenue to repay an advance.

These are companies that make sound business decisions and seek to expand their business beyond their current level. For B2B businesses, this is a wealth of different opportunities to provide financial products, services and other offerings for expansion, growth and investment. Granting an MCA is further evidence that a business is at least producing steady income in credit card transactions and other accounts receivable.

Reach the right companies

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has comprehensive listings from cash advance recipients to merchants across the United States. Databases can be scaled up or down to meet any need,