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‘Men’s uniforms have been sewn up for women players’: Former BCCI Board of Trustees Chairman Vinod Rai


Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Vinod Rai, has expressed regret over the situation of women’s cricket in India in a recent interview with The Week. Mr. Rai made late headlines because of his book “Not just a night watchman”in which he wrote about his tenure and stint in cricket administration.

Speaking about women’s cricket in India, Mr Rai said he had to call kit makers Nike to ask them to design women’s shirts separately because previously men’s shirts were ‘cut and sewn’ for women .

“I don’t think women’s cricket has been given the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, women’s cricketers weren’t taken seriously until around 2006 when Mr. [Sharad] Pawar took the initiative to merge the men’s association with the women’s association. I was appalled to know that the men’s uniforms were cut and sewn for the female players. I had to call Nike and tell them that was not the case and that their design would be different.

“I sincerely believe that the girls deserved much better [when it came to] training, practice facilities, cricket equipment, travel facilities and finally match fees and deposits. It was missing and we tried to fix it,” Rai said.

He also added that women’s cricket caught the eye after India reached the final of the 2017 ICC World Cup, in which Harmanpreet Kaur played a 171-pitch shot to propel India to victory. final.


“It’s an alibi for not doing things. Unless you support them, how are they going to win a trophy? If they couldn’t win in Australia or England, [then] the main thing was mental conditioning. Every team has these mental trainers and sports psychologists.

“My regret was that I had not given due attention to women’s cricket until the match in which Harmanpreet [Kaur] scored 171* at the 2017 Women’s World Cup [against Australia]. She said to me, “Sir, I had cramps, so I had to do sixes because I couldn’t run much!” They were told at the hotel that they couldn’t get the food they were supposed to have, so they had samosas for breakfast that morning!” Mr Rai added.

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