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Lucozade steps into football fashion with an England shirt


Want a kick? If you’ve ever hung up your cleats and retired to a life of watching the game instead of playing, don’t worry; equipment is much better than sport, anyway. With the World Cup just days away, Lucozade is gearing up to earn his England cap with the release of a retro-inspired football shirt.

All right, guys, we’re sorry – we’ve fallen into World Cup fever. Maybe it’s the Brit in me, but I can’t contain my excitement. Whether or not the boys make us proud and manage to bring home that trophy, seeing the best players in the world compete with passion to inspire generations is a beautiful thing.

The World Cup, more so than the Premier or the Champions League, is a tournament of great pride, one that has given the world some of its greatest footballing moments.

On-pitch finesse aside, 2022 has been a class act in football style thanks to Kappa, Nike, adidas and Daily Paper. It’s been hard to keep your hands off the clutter, and when brands like Lucozade focus on what many would consider the golden age of kits, it only gets more complicated.

Three lions on the shirt. A motto to remember and a motto that inspired Lucozades’ own athletic endeavors. Born in time for the World Cup, Luco’s effort harkens back to the glory days of Umbro’s England kit, taking a wavy blue collared base as the basis for his remixed take on the iconic club crest. England team.

Available as part of an ongoing pro, fans can grab one of the retro-inspired sweaters by purchasing a bottle of Lucozade Sport from UK retailers before December 12. Well, boys.

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