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Limited-edition CHPT3 women’s range aims for “femininity” without “stereotypical colors or patterns”


CHPT3, the brainchild of former pro cyclist David Millar, has collaborated with Garmin to create a limited-edition kit, produced “for women, by women”.

CHPT3’s Biarritz collection was imagined by the brand’s head of design, Ella Tomkins, and says the range is “set to prove that cycling gear can be feminine, technical and durable”.

The range – made up of women’s bib shorts (without bib), a cycling jersey and two base layers – is named after the town in the Basque country in France, which the brand says is “a unique town with style, attitude and made famous by royalty and the elite.”

AT weekly cyclingwe wonder if the construction of the jersey will be just as selective about its fit, especially since the chest size doesn’t always increase evenly with the rest of the upper body.

To me the design is slightly reminiscent of those very cute camisoles and sundresses that look great on the hanger but are only suitable for women who have exactly the right “bust to rest” ratio, with proportionately larger busts that have tend not to be encapsulated in the “breast pocket”. However, I noted in our recent issue’s editorial on women that female cyclists are not a homogenous group; we wouldn’t expect a range of men’s kits to please all neither do male cyclists.

CHPT3 sent us pictures of the kit on a range of body shapes, and commenting on the fit, Tomkins told us, “We tried and tested this kit on different body shapes, they all looked really good. “


(Image credit: CHPT3)

The product marketing images (above) are arguably reminiscent of the male gaze-influenced approaches used elsewhere in women’s fashion, which many brands – Assos being a prime example – have moved away from. However, there are also other bike-focused images (below).


(Image credit: CHPT3)

Describing the range, CHTP3’s press release says the kit aims to “inspire, empower and motivate” cyclists, stating: “The sportswear paradigm is changing. Slowly but surely, more and more female voices are emerging, paving the way for what it means to excel in a world that has until now been a male-dominated space.Our Head of Design, Ella Tomkins, is one of them.This capsule of 3 pieces is a material manifestation of his belief that cycling kit can be more.

Aiming to channel “femininity…not in stereotypical colors or patterns”, the collection uses “beautiful materials, the finest trimmings and carefully chosen accessories…woven together in Italy to create something that never not compromise style for performance or vice versa.”

The range, says CHPT3, uses “stripes creating the effect of a ‘cinched waist’ without changing the fit of the jersey or shorts”.

The waist shorts (£149/$205) come with a 60mm wide hem panel with a silicone print and women’s elastic interface pad, and use a wide waistband inspired by yoga wear , with 65% of the material coming from recycled polyamide (PA) and 35% elastane (EA).

The jersey (£149/$205) is made from 85% recycled PA and 15% EA and comes with UV protection, it weighs 115g and comes with three pockets.

There are two base layer models (£55/$75), and both come with a ‘sanitized antimicrobial finish to eliminate odours’.

Sizes range from XS to XXL, you can see the kit here.