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Layout: Keepin’ it 7500



This week, Scotti sits down with Ultiworld D3 Editor-in-Chief, THE Mike Ball, to talk all things D3 Nationals. What are the weekend matches? Which players to watch? We’re excited to see the action for all three days in Milwaukee, WI!

Layout: Keepin’ it 7500

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In the PS Zone: Subscribers get a full bonus episode this week — and a second part with the next episode! Pockets, acting as TD, collected and graded a whole slew of women’s D3 jerseys for Scotti and Mike to judge. Which Nationals participant will be voted best jersey? Who was looked down upon by the school’s strict jersey requirements? Tune in for round 1 of the bracket, let us know your thoughts, and see you in two weeks for the Quarters, Semis, and Finals!.

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