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Indian American High School Junior in New Jersey Launches Platform to Connect Youth with Nonprofit Organizations | Indian of the world


An Indian American high school student in the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District in New Jersey has launched an initiative that promises to help connect the world’s most passionate young students with the world’s most deserving nonprofits.

In 2020, Aashi Chandna couldn’t help but notice the negativity that surrounded us and the detachment we had from society. She began to see students turn away from reading the news and noticed a general lack of involvement.

“I was initially looking for a way to fix this and thought it might be beneficial to have a way to get news summaries that meet user availability,” Chandna said. India-West. “However, there are several established news sources that people rely on and I didn’t think people would start to stray from established sources and start getting news from elsewhere,” she said. .

Seeing the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, but not being able to do much to help, has led to realizing the difficulty that students typically face when it comes to getting involved in organizations in the world. nonprofit and supporting causes they are passionate about, noted Chandna.

The other way she saw the students reacting to the movement was with a slightly more negative frame of mind.

“I remember someone expressing their irritation that the Black Lives Matter movement is all they see and hear on social media. I found it to be an insensitive reaction, however, when I tried to look at it from a different perspective, I started to see why this frustration could be present, ”she explained to India- West.

“While that doesn’t make the comment any less insensitive, I understand that during this time, Covid-19 was also at its peak. Because of this, there was negativity everywhere you went. At that time, many people felt helpless because we saw and heard about the state of the world, but were still unable to do anything about it. “

It got Chandna thinking about the fact that there are so many amazing causes that people can connect with personally, but they struggle to find ways to contribute. Being in high school, she said she always hears people talking about how they volunteer at one location or intern at another.

“I’ve always been very interested in helping and getting involved, but it’s been a struggle because I don’t know where these people are finding the opportunities,” she said.

“I really struggled with these things and wanted to create something to make sure that others don’t have to go through the same.”

The high school student has spent around the past 10 months working on a platform called Project Involve, which aims to make news reading more action-oriented and connect the world’s most passionate young students with organizations. nonprofits that support remarkable causes.

“The youth of today are more vocal and political than ever, but struggle to find the right avenue to direct their passion,” noted Chandna.

Project Involve is a cross-platform app that lets you read news and connect with relevant nonprofits in the most convenient way.

The platform allows a user to read daily news according to the time they have available, be it 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or more, according to a press release.

It really allows users to read the news in a way that fits their personal schedule.

“Young people today want to be able to directly help tackle the issues they read in the news. With the aim of making the news reading experience less passive and more action-oriented, Involve links each article read by the student to partner NGOs which offer opportunities for involvement in the same category. All of this can be accessed by simply clicking the “Help Now” button below an article summary, ”Chandna said.

The news is updated every day and there will always be news available in the categories Health, Climate, Politics, Science, Education and Arts. The news comes from the BBC’s and NPR’s public APIs, the statement said.

If a user wishes to explore partner organizations and access their opportunities but does not wish to read the news, they can do so by clicking on the “How can I help” button on the home page which is directly below the button. news. This gives access to all NGO partners in one place, he said.

The platform engages thousands of teens and adults in the news and also allows them to seek volunteer or internship opportunities and at the same time it will help non-profit organizations by creating a pool of students willing to volunteer or do internships in their organizations, Chandna says West India.

Project Involve currently has 25 partner organizations and over 4,500 individual users since its launch in June 2021.

The platform aims to reach a large number of students and others who will be motivated to seek volunteer opportunities, internships and ways to contribute to various causes with the aim of getting more involved and channeling their emotions in a constructive way.

By the end of 2021, Chandna expects to have 10,000 individual Project Involve users.

“In terms of long-term goals, I want to extend the platform’s impact to students around the world. I will work to connect with organizations in different countries and I will also try to form a team in order to work in the most efficient way possible, ”Chandna, who says she hopes to pursue a career in law and business.

More information on Project Involve by visiting www.aashichandna.com/involve.

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