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Enough talk. Let’s act.


This routine sounds grossly familiar. A shooter buys one or two or three legal firearms and decides to end the lives of people shopping in a grocery store or students sitting in a classroom. We are outraged. We are heartbroken. But we are not surprised.

How could we be? It has only been a few months since our last bereavement. So we walk again. We take out the orange T-shirt that we haven’t worn since the last tragedy. The chants are pouring right out of us, unchanged from the last time we did this: “Enough is enough.”

I’m tired of attending vigils and waiting for Congress to act. As an elected official, I have a responsibility to do more than that. We have the enormous privilege of living in a state where voters have elected Democrats who are not afraid to stand up to the National Rifle Association. With the partnership of gun violence prevention advocates, we’ve passed some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and seen firsthand how they’ve saved lives.

But our work is not finished. It’s time for Connecticut to finally ban the wholesale purchase of firearms. Did you know that handguns purchased together with other handguns are up to 64% more likely to be used for criminal purposes than handguns sold individually? Too often, people who pass a background check buy guns wholesale and then sell them back into the hands of people who wouldn’t pass a background check.

How can we prevent weapons from falling into dangerous hands? Well, we should follow the examples of Virginia, Maryland, California and New Jersey in allowing the purchase of only one gun per person per month. It’s a simple but effective policy that will reduce mass shootings and stem the daily cycle of gun violence in urban communities. And that wouldn’t impact the vast majority of legal gun owners, which may help explain why 65% ​​of Americans support a one-handgun-a-month policy.

Banning wholesale purchases will save lives in Connecticut and help end gun trafficking in our region. In Virginia, researchers found that their one-handgun-a-month policy resulted in a significant decrease in the number of firearms from Virginia being trafficked to other states. And more broadly, it will demonstrate to the rest of the country that what works here can work everywhere.

The shooter in Texas bought two guns just days before he entered Robb Elementary School and cut short 21 lives. While Congress may be stymied by partisanship, state legislatures have the opportunity to step in and ensure that these lives are not lost in vain. We have a responsibility to demonstrate by actions, not words, that enough is enough.

State Senator Will Haskell represents the 26th Senate District, which includes Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton.