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Dua Lipa’s link with Liverpool increases as she poses with the club’s shirt and Jamie Carragher


Dua Lipa cemented her bond with Liverpool by meeting club legend Jamie Carragher backstage at a gig in the city.

The Grammy-winning singer’s song ‘One Kiss’ has become a firm favorite with the Liverpool faithful. The hit number was played several times before and after the Reds action.

Lipa’s song was to be heard after Jurgen Klopp’s side secured a 3-2 win over Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-finals. ‘One Kiss’ was also played at Anfield following the team’s 2-0 win over Villarreal in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final this week.

The pop star first bonded with Liverpool after playing ahead of the Reds’ Champions League final with Real Madrid in 2018. As the Merseyside-based club suffered a 3-1 defeat at Kyiv this that night, Lipa has since been a favorite at Anfield.

On Friday, Lipa had the opportunity to strengthen his ties with the Reds by performing a concert at the city’s M&S Bank Arena. The 26-year-old also met Reds legend Carragher behind the scenes.

Carragher posted a photo of himself with Lipa and his dad on his social media Friday night. The former defender also wrote: ‘Possibilities’, referencing a popular line in ‘One Kiss’.

Lipa’s father could also be seen holding a Liverpool shirt at Carragher’s post. The shirt bore the pop star’s name, with the number 1 also printed on the back. It should be noted that Alisson, who is the Reds’ undisputed first-choice keeper, wears the team’s number 1 shirt.

Dua Lipa sends a message to Liverpool fans at a concert

Having gained immense popularity in Liverpool, it was only fitting that Dua Lipa performed the song ‘One Kiss’ at M&S ​​Bank Arena on Friday. The singer followed up the number with a message for Reds supporters.

At Dua Lipa’s concert in Liverpool last night, she announced before performing the song ‘One Kiss’ that it was now Liverpool’s ‘unofficial anthem’ – before releasing red and white balloons into the crowd .

According to echo, Lipa said ‘One Kiss’ is now the Premier League giants’ ‘unofficial anthem’. Red and white balloons were then released into the arena audience.

The song could continue to gain popularity by the end of the season. Jurgen Klopp and Co, who have already won the EFL Cup, are looking for an unprecedented treble.

The Anfield side are just one point behind Manchester City in the Premier League. They also qualified for the FA Cup final, while coming close to reaching the same stage in the UEFA Champions League.

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