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Celtic Launches New Adidas Training Line With 25 New Items Available For Pre-Order


Celtic today released a new Adidas training range available for pre-order, with a release date set for July 5.

Hoops supporters are enjoying the club’s partnership with their kit maker, and it looks like they’re in awe of the latest lineup as well.

The 2021/22 training clothing selection includes a stunning new mint training jersey available for £ 38. The most expensive item that has been unveiled, however, is the black winter jacket which will cost fans £ 130.

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Celtic added up to 25 new items to their practice pool today. Other items include a £ 70 mint training storm jacket, a £ 55 three stripe dark green track top and a new £ 65 away presentation jacket . You can see the full range here.

Celtic membership holders who received their £ 50 voucher in the club store will be able to use their gift card on all items.

Celtic and Adidas release another class line

There’s no denying the beauty of the training gear this year. The mint top, in particular, caught my eye, and it also clearly looks like the outside top from last season.

I cannot try Celtic to continue their marketing campaign. We do not know the details of their contract with Adidas. Even though there is still a lot of contempt for club soccer after last season, you can’t try them on to release new products for the new season.

Certainly, you may question the price of some of the products on offer. But that’s the price football fans now have to pay for their club’s official equipment at all levels. Celtic is not a special case in this matter.

In any case, supporters seem extremely impressed with the new range. There has always been a very positive relationship between fans and Adidas. Signing up with them was probably the only decent decision we made last season.

And fans were quick to rent the new gear on social media. Let’s take a look at some of their reactions:

In other news, a look at when Celtic must subdue their Champions League side to face Midtjylland.

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