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Cabrini women’s field hockey knocks out College of New Jersey – Loquitur


Thanks to an overtime goal from senior women’s field hockey defenseman Maura Tumetly, the Cavaliers beat 11th-ranked The College of New Jersey, 2-1 in overtime at Edith Robb Dixon Field.

In the game, which took place on Tuesday, September 13, both teams were aggressive as the ball passed either side of the pitch in the opening seven minutes. Cabrini had three shots on goal against one from TCNJ. The quarter, however, ended in a 0-0 draw.

TCNJ had several scoring opportunities on the offensive side of the field to start the second quarter. Thanks to the efforts of Tumetly, senior midfielder Olivia Sims and second-year guard Courtney Keith, the Cavs got the ball out of their area. The first 10 minutes of the second quarter were all TCNJ; the Lions had three penalty corners and four shots on net.

Towards the end of the first half, TCNJ appeared frustrated with the Cavaliers’ stellar defense. The Lions became more aggressive, using their bodies against the Cavaliers. Despite the TCNJ’s dominance, the game was tied at zero before halftime.

Hope in the air as the Cavaliers meet at halftime

Junior striker Daly Ewing said: “After the first half I think we all believed we could do it.”

Caroline Gallagher dribbles the ball through the TCNJ defense. Photo by Thomas Ryan.

The second half started with a Lions possession. One minute and 40 seconds into the third quarter, TCNJ junior midfielder Sophia Foschini recorded a green card, giving Cabrini a player advantage. With 3:53 left in the third quarter, TCNJ senior midfielder Kayla Cichlar broke the shutout to give the Lions a 1-0 lead. With a minute remaining, the Cavaliers made a strong push into TCNJ territory, but couldn’t get the job done.

In the fourth quarter, with 8:44 to go, the whole momentum of the game changed. Cabrini had six penalty corners in a row and had six shots in 4:56.

After the sixth corner attempt, thanks to Ewing, the Cavaliers finally put one in the back of the cage. According to Morgan McClintock, second-year midfielder, she felt a change of momentum: “It was a crazy goal and got us all excited because there were three minutes left and that secured our chances of winning. I think that at the time of extra time, we were all fired up.

There was still time to play in the fourth, and the Cavaliers kept the ball on their offensive side for the final minutes of the game. At the end of regulation, the score was tied at 1-1 and headed for extra time.

Sudden death decided the winner and the loser

Maggie Cella causes a turnover from the defender of the TCNJ. Photo by Thomas Ryan.

TCNJ started with the ball in overtime. The Lions pushed into the Cavaliers circle, but the defense quickly countered the attack. At the other end of the field, Cabrini took back-to-back corner attempts, which resulted in two shots from Caroline Gallagher, junior midfielder and two-time attacking player of the week.

After a clutch flight by Tumetly, McClintock ended up with a yellow card in the far corner. A minute later, TCNJ graduate student Sophie Popp was shown a yellow card to tie the teams. With 5:11 left in overtime, Gallagher shot and was blocked by a defender on TCNJ. The shot was passed through the crease by first-year forward Maggie Cella, then hit in the air by Tumetly in the back of the cage. The crowd and team went wild as the Cavaliers roster ran onto the field to celebrate with their scorer.

The Cavaliers are 7-2 this season as they prepare for a game against Alvernia University on Saturday, Oct. 1 at 10 a.m.