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Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Policy Ties Payments to Severity and Location


Sexual Abuse Compensation Program Unveiled by Boy Scouts of America Would Pay Victims Based Not Only on the Severity of the Abuse They suffered, but also on Where It Happened, Including States where victims have had the opportunity to prosecute the perpetrators, regardless of when their abuse took place.

The proposal describes a range of possible payments, ranging from $ 3,500 for sexual abuse without touching to up to $ 2.7 million for sexual penetration by an adult abuser and other aggravating circumstances, according to court documents filed. Thursday in US bankruptcy court in Wilmington. , Of the. The longer the abuse lasted and the more serious it was, the higher the payments under the Boy Scout Settlement Plan.

Other criteria that will determine payments include whether an abuser has been accused by multiple victims or has been named in confidential internal files that Boy Scouts have kept on alleged abuse, according to court records. Victims whose claims would have a better chance of succeeding outside of bankruptcy will get more than those with a weaker legal basis.

The compensation proposal is the culmination of negotiations between the Boy Scouts and representatives of most of the approximately 84,000 men who have filed claims against the youth group for child abuse. The settlement program requires the approval of the bankruptcy judge overseeing the Boy Scouts Chapter 11 case and may undergo changes in the coming weeks.

Boy Scouts’ $ 850 million offer represents largest settlement in U.S. history of child sexual abuse complaints, said Ken Rothweiler, an attorney whose firm represents 16,000 plaintiffs . The Boy Scouts have also offered to surrender their insurance rights and those of hundreds of affiliated local councils for the benefit of victims.


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