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Adidas prepares to launch its World Cup football kits to Gen Z audiences


The kit maker takes to manga and influencers to reveal the shirt designs for this winter’s competition in Qatar.

Adidas is gearing its World Cup football kits towards the Gen Z audience

Adidas is taking a highly targeted approach to its 2022 World Cup kit launches, eschewing the glare of a traditional high-profile reveal in favor of secretly hiding kits in cultural hotspots.

The Easter egg approach is designed to tickle Gen Z’s fancy by allowing specific fans to experience the kits for themselves instead of being presented as a broad public release.

Aimed at giving a sense of belonging to privileged Gen Z audiences, the approach was orchestrated by TBWA/London, who crafted a pacing accompanying video to unmask Adidas as the mastermind of the launch after two months of secrecy. .

Building anticipation ahead of the sports spectacular kicking off on November 20, the release was coordinated around the world and saw Japanese fans unearth the kits in special manga comic editions while their Argentinian counterparts discovered their kit on the wall of the national team’s favorite barber. store.

Matt Davidson, head of global football brand marketing at Adidas, said: “Culture has become our secret weapon. Gen-Z is Gen-Z first, national identity second. They don’t follow the rules set by the generations that came before them, so we’ve used the world stage to shine a light on the culture they’re shaping at the crossroads of football.”

Cultivating hype and anticipation during two months of prolonged silence, Adidas kept their lips sealed even as speculation swirled as to the identity of the shadow kit mastermind within the football fraternity. This was further fueled by the recruitment of influencers from each of the seven regions chosen to reveal the hidden kits.