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801 Open kitchen and bar

Belmar, NJ recently welcomed an exciting new restaurant to its dining scene. Whereas 801 Artisanal cuisine and spirits shares the Beach Haus brasserie building, the experience – from the food and drink to the decor – is unique. Serving main courses and craft cocktails, 801 Craft Kitchen offers a dining experience very different from the craft beer and pub fare menu at the Beach Haus. Any night, customers can come to 801 Main Street hungry and leave happy, whatever dining experience they’re craving.

Craft cocktails at 801
Craft cocktails at 801 Craft Kitchen & Spirits

Choice food and fine craft cocktails

If the Beach Haus Brewery is the destination for casual beers and saloon-style food, 801 Kitchen is a prime spot for the next intimate dinner date. Co-owner Dylan Kohan and executive chef Rob Tuzene set the restaurant’s menu, which ranges from charcuterie boards with charcuterie, to Florida red snapper in a smoked tomato broth and Haus butcher’s bacon appetizer with five-spice, brown sugar and fresh rosemary. , which is then struck with a torch just before being served.

a sample menu from 801 Craft Kitchen & Spirits
A sample of the range of options at 801 Craft Kitchen & Spirits

“On the dining side, you have families with kids playing Jenga and eating nachos, versus 801 where we have more of a date night scene,” Kohan said. The new place is “not fine dining, but it’s something nicer than an environment of shorts and t-shirts.”

801 Prosciutto & Burnt Peach Flatbread
Flatbread with prosciutto and burnt peaches

“My favorite right now is the flatbread dish. It’s prosciutto, roasted peaches, arugula, and garlic ricotta, all covered in a balsamic glaze,” Kohan said. “So good. Our rib eye is also very popular. There are great steakhouses all over the place, but I have a feeling our chef has some [superior] techniques and the way he treats the product is unique.

A bit about the chef

Executive chef Rob Tuzeneu has no interest in being in the limelight. He does not grant interviews and his name is not outside the establishment. None of that. Instead, he invites people to taste the results of his hard work. And they are invited to sit at the chef’s table to watch him prepare a meal – or 50 – if they wish.

“The chef will also be doing limited-run specials like a bison dish that could also join the full-time menu if we see customers enjoying it,” Kohan said. “The boss will say, ‘This is what I want to do, are you okay?’ I’m still on board because I know it’s going to be done the right way. Often you go out and have the same meal a thousand times, but if the chef is engaged, that’s what makes it special.

It also helps if these menu items pair perfectly with interesting yet easily enjoyable cocktails like Corpse Reviver #2 or Gentleman’s Companion, two unique gin blends.

“Another favorite cocktail is called ‘My Two Best Friends,'” he said. “There’s a tequila blanco and a reposado, with honey, fresh lime juice and grenadine. This is a smokier mezcal flavor that is pretty fantastic.

Every cocktail on the menu seems to have a little anecdotal story attached. When asked, Kohan and the team smiled and waved toward the bar—the place to sip and tell stories.

801 Haus Butcher Bacon
801 Haus Butcher Bacon

Good Ingredients Find a Great Home

The 801 Craft Kitchen team has always wanted to create an amazing environment. They wanted a place where the chef does everything from scratch. This allowed them to build a seasonal menu with many local products. The expected effect: customers are constantly “wowed” from the moment they walk through the door until they leave.

The 801 team offers a Happy Hour menu with food and drinks at reduced prices from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We want to show people that we are affordable, accessible and that they can come anytime. The way we have it set up, you can bar hop in the same building. We want this place to be the answer to everything you do. Whether you want to hang out in the Lobby Bar, the Beach Haus Dining Room, or dine more pleasantly with us at 801, we have an answer for every dining experience.

801 Dining room
801 Dining Room: perfect for private events

While details are still in development, 801 hosts private events and parties for guests who love the space.

“My business partner Chris McCallion and I purchased the old Freedman’s Bakery building in 2014 to repurpose our real estate property and also create one of the largest craft breweries in the state,” said Joel Brudner.

“Belmar was appealing to us because not only is it a busy coastal town bustling with visitors, but it also has a local, community feel that we love,” he continued. “With the launch of 801 Craft Kitchen & Spirits and our soon-to-open rooftop lounge, we look forward to being a place for everyone to gather over casual beers, a fabulous dinner or drinks. and a breathtaking view. We will also be able to host even more local fundraisers and events. We look forward to continuing to be an integral part of the growth and success of this community for many years to come.

801 Artisanal cuisine and spirits
801 Main Street
Belmar, New Jersey